Adding a domain on Cpanel with iPage?

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First question I got is Adding a domain on Cpanel with iPage? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. This is a hypothetical question. If you owned a HostGator like or and the organization approached you for the domain, would you generously give them the HostGator or go for the big bucks?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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I would donate the HostGator as long as it was a known organization. If I had paid for it, then I would ask for that same amount...

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Well, it was not an hypothetical issue for me a few weeks ago..

I got a dropped HostGator with good.


And backlinks when I was contacted by the former owner who also owns a not-for-profit company that specializes in, let's say, medical equipment..

Never seeing those equipments before, intended to help people in a unique way, I really sympathised with his cause..

Being so polite in his approach also impressed me and I agree to return the HostGator to him, just covering my costs, for U$50..

I felt very good for that...

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That's a great story! Do you know why he let the HostGator drop? Did he just forget about it renewing it?.


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He told me that he was under serious depression and forgot to renew the domain. That consequently was hurting his business, he also told me. I knew about his business by visiting the WayBackMachine when I found what his, very small, company did..

Of course, could not be true but I chose to believe him. The way he thanked me after that, in words, also made me think that I did the right thing..

Also, I asked U$50. to cover my costs but he actually paid U$60..

Not a bad day! Not financially exactly but personal satisfaction for sure!..

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I would donate it - and probably do that on my own, without them having to approach me...

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Okay, a related question. Say, the HostGator could be appraised as, say, a $50,000 domain. Could you turn that in as a donation, or would you have to turn in only the amount you physically paid for the HostGator as a donation. Say, you had cancer dot org , or something along those lines...

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Well, at first one point would prevail: what positon is the person in their life today? Is the person wealthy enough to hand out $50,000 and be a philantropist?.

If yes, great, a nice donation is made..

If not, like in my case since I am definitely not even close to being wealthy but still struggling to pay my bills, sorry but I would not (could not) donate..

I'd do what was whitin my possibilities, like I did above...

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I would donate the HostGator once I'm sure it will be used really for a good cause , not just to some one idea or try to scam me...

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