After 'finishing' website by Microsoft Word and upload to iPage, how to update the contents?

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First off, After 'finishing' website by Microsoft Word and upload to iPage, how to update the contents? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Hi everyone,.

Where do you register your: .hk ? .

And does anyone know the honk kong market..

Do they really use there own tld or are they more .com users?.

King regards,.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I have

But dont know what to do with it..

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I have - seems like a great keyword/extension combo, but so far no offers...

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They use (restricted to locals) and .hk (unrestricted).

I do not agree that .com is the prefered TLD everywhere. ccTLDs are the prefered ones inside the countries. But in a lot countries you have restrictions or the ccTLDs are to expesive. Like in HongKong x-times more as a .com..

I have only 1 it's, it has some traffic......

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I sold at Sedo - for some reason it wasnt listed in the sales chart...

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How was the traffic?.

(I am still wondering if people in Hong Kon really use the .hk tld)..

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The traffic wasnt great - infact it was minimal..

Yes people in Hong Kong do use .hk...

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There's only 3 sales listed at -

Casino hk $15,000.

Green hk $3,000.

OnlinePoker hk $4,450.

I must admit I would try typing in domainname.


First for some reason ! probably because hong kong is so well known as hk too..

I lived there for 3 years a long time ago - Nice place.


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Nice place until China got hold of it. In theory there's the "two systems, one country" system which guarantees the inexistance of capital punishment (which I find very important), which guarantees freedom of speech, and which guarantees a certain special semi-independent status. But I don't trust it enough if China will actually respect these agreements 100%..

In the same way I have my doubts about the .HK extention:.

- who guarantees it will remain in existance for many more years and that it won't be swallowed by .CN soon?.

- who guarantees that the Chinese government doesn't do censorship and controls on sites using .HK ? .

I would be a bit sceptic, but maybe I'm over-paranoid..

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This sounds surprising to me , I guess the ASIAN countries dont have casinos or poker, but still the HostGator TLD's sell .....

What is the CATCH ?

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There are still very few .hk active websites. As .hk is relatively newer than

Local companies prefer more. While international companies prefer .com..

They use subdomain instead of

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I am the owner of.

Please let me know if you interested in it..


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The idea that HK was a democracy paradise until 1997 is just plain silly. There are no guarantees in life.HK domains are fine as long as they have some direct relationship to the HK economy so it is useful to have some direct knowledge of the place (.......yes I have)..

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You mean Asian places like Macau /Macao that has a bigger turnover in gambling revenue than Las Vegas..

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Yes, macau is already bigger than las vegas. But macau does not use .hk..

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Nice names Wot. I am not sure if everyone here understands the impact Macau will have. You do and I do..

This year I have sold:.

OnlinePoker dot hk.

OnlinePoker dot sg.

Online-Casino dot hk in escrow at the moment.

Each for mid X,XXX to high X,XXX USD..

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Umm !.

Where are these places in Asia ?

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How much to register a hk HostGator name? Are generic hk HostGator worth anything if you have a good one? Can people in the US register one?..

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Try a search, I hear the internet is a great way to access information...

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The only thing I can say is that your knowledge on HK and China is very limited..

HK was not even close to the current status before 1997 when it comes to democracy. It was a COLONY. The governors were designated british 1843-1997, not even a Chinese speaking Cantonese. Don't, please, justify colonization..

Anyways, politics aside, I don't see .HK will go anything bigger than now. HK has passed it's glory and it's status is being replaced by Shanghai gradually. But I also don't think the government will stop using .hk. There's simply no need to make HK the same as other cities in China. Can you see any benefit by stopping using .hk for Hong Kong?.

The reason .hk will be "swallowed" by .cn is the economic reason that Hong Kong economy will be swallowed by Chinese Innerland Economy, not by any changes in HostGator extension policies...

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So You Can Live In America And Register A HostGator Name With No Problem? Do You Need A Hk Address?..

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China already have their own version of Hong Kong domains with etc..

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My Hongkong domains:.

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I think it's a better place now then it's ever been. I enjoy the food, culture, arts, architecture, dynamism and chaos. The public transport is one of the best in the world. The South China Morning Post is one of the best newspapers I have ever read. The crime rate is low. And the locals are not killing each other over religious issues.

On the HostGator issue it's a mixed bag of .com, and .hk (newest). The .hk ext is the least used but has been fairly heavily speculated...

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