Anybody have iPage hosting their website?

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My question is Anybody have iPage hosting their website? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of is a good extension for a one-worder end user who does not want to spend any money in the resale market trying to reg a .com equivalent and where the .biz extension does not appear to detract from the perceived seriousness of the business......................

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Reasoning:. - $2,000 has meaning. - $7,800 has meaning. - $140 simply an acronym. will eventually have value in business as is somewhat narrower in scope to make the name fit the extension. "info" means the same thing in many languages, "biz" is primarily an English term..

Biz is a buy and hold type TLD as it's day hasn't come yet. I think it will though when the other extensions get saturated..

Also, even the registrars tend to list in this order:.







Therefore, people tend to think of biz as very low on the totem pole...

Comment #2 just sold at Moniker's auction. I'd have to double check, but I believe the selling price was $590..

PS I actually got a C&D from a company wanting a Notwithstanding their arguments being off-base, I chuckled that for the same price they paid a lawyer to draft the letter they could have had the HostGator if they just made me an offer...

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Some xlnt points Mark. I just checked and found I have only 37 dot biz names,.

But almost all fit the ext well..

None are the one word powerhouse type names that will fetch the High Dollar,.

But they will work in a developed setting..

And that I think is is the key..

As cera mentioned, in the beginning dot biz was a spam and scam paradise..

With many reg houses offering them at discout rates a ton were bought up with one purpose in mind.....

And it wasnt pretty..

Now however, I see a future in these names from both sides of the fence....

Maturation, and development..

You want to increase the value of the dot biz ext... bottom line, start building real sites..

Of course, thats true with any ext... and I could follow my own advice as well,.

Because looking down the spread sheet... all mine are parked..


I believe that is just about to change..

Thanks to the OP for starting this thread and rep given where due..



EDIT: I just saw this.....

That is toooooooo funny!!!!!..

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I willl launch my 1st .biz iPage site in a few days. Not sure would be welcome or not, but would try my best..

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Whats this?.

Now I'm confused....

Hang on folks, I might be om to something here... some lists, words mixed with numbers and places...this very well may be a pattern of some kind... like a clue....

A clue?.

Hmmmm... I'll ask, stand back tho... he might be.


... and we wouldnt want to get any of that on us.....

Carlton, are you trying to tell us something? Really, if you have some kind of insight here please share and stop confusing us with all these obvious SALES of dot biz names... Its some secret code isn’t it? Or a trick... yes that’s what it is... a trick....

OMG, quick sell all your dot biz names NOW!, as they are obviously worthless... reg fee at best..

I know a real lamer that will by this junk off of you....


<<< he’s really a dumba$$.

So dump it all!!!!.

And Carlton, man what are you doing bringing in FACTS and actual SALES?.

39 second ban for intelligent posting... don’t let this happen again..



Imagine ... bringing true facts to a thread... the nerve...

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, and ....

For $1730 USD (Sedo), not bad for a dotBIZ hyphen..

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If the dot-biz were only one of two or three domains in circulation, it might have become more popular. I'ts resulting popularity, however, might be due in part now to there being so many other more appealing TLDs to choose from...

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There is obviously no doubt that sales are happening, that is true of pretty much any extension. The thing is the sales are in low volume and not particularly high priced, a dozen or so 4 figure sales over a period of months isn't saying much when we are talking about an entire extension. Of the newer extensions, .info, .us, .biz, .mobi, I think this one has done the worst by a wide margin...

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It's also supposed to have duplicated the same use as .com for business and commercial use. I think it will become more popular if they will hold off with more new TLD's for a few more years. Look at some of the new releases that have or will have stolen from it's potential: .us, .eu, .asia, .pro, .travel, .jobs. Each of these has taken a little piece or niche of what could have ended up on .biz...

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Not sure what your point is. You seem preoccupied with a glass half empty. All the alt's have been slow relative to .com ... but are finding greater acceptance/use everyday. dotBIZ sells...

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Some parked .biz domains have EPC of more than 1$..

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You could say that about .com too. Yes there are considerably more .com sales reported each month, but there are probably over 20 million registered for resale compared to maybe less than a million each for .biz, and twice that for .info. That would be maybe 20-40 times the amount of .biz or info. I'd guess at a ratio of sales to names registered they may not be as far off as one might initially think..

Agreed. One point I make is that all the others try to set themselves apart in doing at least something specialized differently than was strictly devised as a .com replacement and hasn't been well accepted because of that limitation. I believe strongly in .biz for very strict generics (i.e., or Because .com will always trump .biz I think brandable .biz are just not really feasible, and that is a big limitation to available and sellable names...

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Take a look at the sales being reported by dnjournal, I think the ratio is very different. The number of .com regged compared to .biz is 40:1..

Dnjournal seems to be reporting around 300 .com sales over 2k each week, in .biz the number is generally 0-1...

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... $2250 (DNJ listed).

... (Private sale/undisclosed)..

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.biz is a good extension for a one-worder end user who does not want to spend any money in the resale market trying to reg a .com equivalent and where the .biz extension does not appear to detract from the perceived seriousness of the business......................

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I have the HostGator name which is equivalent to tits.tit as biz means tit in Arabic slang..

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You learn something new everyday..

Great name for an ornithology site...

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My impression has been that .biz is "trying too hard", kind if like someone who wants to sound hip, so they use words that were cutting edge one too many years ago..

Yet, regardless of the extension, there always seems to be a market for top tier keywords. "" doesn't sound professional, IMO, but I imagine that HostGator would fetch a scintillating price..

Although I might argue the value of domains in that extension, I can't argue that the demand for top keywords isn't there...

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