Anyone ever work with iPage? Good or bad experience?

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My 1st question is: Anyone ever work with iPage? Good or bad experience? Many thanks for any comment. Second question......

Yeah right.... I wish !.

I was looking for a previous related thread about top quality portfolios but I could'nt find it..

These guys have some sweeeeeet names -.

(shown on the right hand iPage site of the page > - ......and more..

Nice looking websites too, alot better than the usual dull PPC page ! I wonder how well they perform ? .

Anyone know of any other similar types of portfolios ? .


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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I love the designs. if anybody here on NP can make such sites please.

PM me..

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Not only are they.

Very puuuurdy but I just checked in Google - Typing them in like a typical user would - ie: South Africa (and not

These are the results, they must get a massive amount of traffic, not only direct type in either !.

Very impressive results.

Ukraine – no 5.

Nepal – no 4.

Morocco – no 1.

South Africa – no 4.

Scotland – no 3.

Puerto Rico – no 6.

Equador – no 3.

Russia – no 3.

Nicaragua – no 3.

Bangladesh – no 3.

Algeria – no 3.

Airplanes – no 5.

The one is luvely.


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Just looked at the css and viewed the iPage site source. Is just as clean and straight forward as the.



Very nice 'modernism' style..

I just looked at the Media Holdings but appears the others are mostly along the same lines. I haven't looked but I'll bet the rounded corners on 'boxes' are done via css..

I hope they pay the designers/coders well such work deserves it...

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Wow.. very impressive sites. I am sure they do quite well with PPC..

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One looks like it is just a table background & also a page background done in Photoshop, done with drop shadow and a gradient...very effective, they have done a luvey job with the shading. The content is just put on top as normal..

Clean is mean ! very nice.


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Heaven. No1 for "Morocco" on google.

And others too..

I agree, very purdy, but not perfect. A bit cluttered. I prefer a simple design. Speaks something for Adsense that they use it, doesn't it. I'm sure the placement is optimal, but it adds to the clutter..

Having said that, the sites really are nice looking - the official Morocco iPage site could sure use their help in iPage website design:.



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The sites aren't just nicely designed..

From the Name Media Holdings main page:.


Each day our writers, members, and editorial staff publish fresh, original and provocative content.

On a variety of subjects across our sites ranging on such diverse topics as Entertainment to Business and from Travel to Sports. Our sites feature new content each day as well as selected business services based upon various eCommerce platforms..

Our online magazines proudly feature.

Many thousands of pages of original content with members contributing more than 1 million entries on our unique communities..


So you see getting the results they do is NOT just from iPage site design..


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Thats very true, take for instance -.

PageRank: 5/10.

Alexa Rank: 750,491.

Incoming Google Links: 99.

Incoming Yahoo Links: 2,094.

Incoming MSN Links: 2,216.

Incoming Alexa Links: 143.

Overall Incoming Links: 4,552.

....and archieve does in fact show it has been updated near daily - at the bottom of the pages it also says, NewMedia Holdings, Inc. This iPage site is operated under license to Paley Media, Inc. which is solely responsible for it's content..

I guess they have a large support team behind them eh ! ...still, a bunch of very nice names though..


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Indeed great pages..

I love the designs really a lot... still searching for people who can make those kind.

Of sharp designs/colour use etc.....

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Check out - They have some absolutely stunning websites usually for about $65. Amazing graphics and colours - well worth the price but you would have to take some time to search through them all to find something suitable..

I will definetly be buying some from there in the future when I get round to the development phase of some of my domains..

Take a peek.

Ps - your The PPC Parking one is good looking - did you do it yourself ? .


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Yes, I did.

Myself but, it takes a lot time.

And I am already into to many projects as such, I am searching someone.

Who can develop sites for me on a frequent base..

Perhaps Ill buy the templates from templatemonster and the webmaster.

Has to find content, edit some headers (pictures), add some content.

And adsense ads etc and send me the .zip.

I used ppc-sites for 2 domains:.


They dont look bad but, not great also..

For my better domains I really want to have quality sites...

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