Anyone had any luck with email forms on Yahoo! iPage?

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My question is Anyone had any luck with email forms on Yahoo! iPage? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... Can anyone tell me why and are getting SO much traffic?.

I'm getting alot of type-in traffic for these two domains but little click through, so I'm obviously NOT presenting the content they are looking for..

But it's been REALLY consistant and growing for the past 3 - 6 months.., for instance, has seen 202 Uniques in the past 2 weeks, nearly 400 visitors for the month.. has had 458 visitors in the past 2 weeks and over 600 visitors last Month..

Both of these sites have seen a steady growth curve over the past 3 months..

The questions here is.


??? Obviously, I want to capitalize on the traffice but I'm at a loss as to what this traffic expects to find when they arrive..

Any help?.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Ripley, they were parked at namedrive, now at Fabulous..

I didnn't know ND has a feature to see search terms... I'll have to look into how to use that. Any help?.


Years ago, I had developed RCRally as a Radio Controlled Rally website. But, it's been down for a very, very long time. Maybe it's the video game sites you mentioned or the Radio Controlled racing taking off again. It died so suddently way back when, which is why I pulled the site..

I've optimised the iPage site for the radio controlled car racing right now... we'll see if that's it. If not. I guess I'll try something different..

Maybe put the old iPage site back up and Adsense the snot out of it.

Thanks for your help, guys!.

No thoughts on Gravel Spray?.


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GoPC, look them up on the Wayback Machine at and see what was on them before. I've had some names where the content that was on them before was almost completely unrelated to the name...

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Just an idea, RC means remote controlled, like these small race cars or small helicopters or boats that amateurs and professionals like..

Great niche, thats why maybe people still look forward to it..

Wayback machine is.

Or something like it...

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I'll save you the trouble: GravelSpray had no results, and has.



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GoPc said he already had his own developed iPage site on it previously - which he took down..


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So then gravel spray is getting ALL it's traffic from the website? If it were redirected, Fabulous wouldn't be couting it as Uniques, would it? I thought it was type-in only that was couted there. Or am I missing something..

Still, I can't imaging tht 100s of people a month are coming in from just one link..


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I had out RCRally.comn up for sale to see what it would get... have several discussions and offers between $300 and $500 at this point..

I've decided I will take the best offer over $500 and make that call by today's end..

What do you think? Should I hold out for more? iPage site is growing.... $25 per month revenues suggests I should be asking around $750... Is $500 obo costing me?.

Just curious..


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