Anyone have any ideas for a 7 course dinner (American) Medifast menu?

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My first question is Anyone have any ideas for a 7 course dinner (American) Medifast menu? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... My name is John and I am new here. I was always the "jock". I was always the guy who could do anything. 20 years later I have discovered FOOD.

Now I am 5'11 inches and 305 lbs.

But I am in the morbidly obese side of the scale according to my BMI. I don't know what to say about that..

I never saw myself as obese. That word just sounds evil. I am in a certain depressed state right now when it comes to myself..

I work in the operating room as a surgical assistant. I have assisted with a little over 100 bariatric procedures. I see these people and I would think to myself.....Why.


? Go to a damn gym.....I now know. I have been struggling with my weight for over 10 years. I now know..

I am now waiting on a call from the.



I am extremely proud of all of you who have gone through this and who are thinking of doing it. It means you are taking a step to better life. So good luck and I look forward to hearing from you...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Hey John.. Welcome to the Madness.. hehe..

I had my.


Almost a year ago and was a little heavier than you are now at 315, and the same height. I can't tell you how much better the quality of my life is now compared to year ago. I am down to 165 pounds and feel amazing.. words can't really describe it. There has been a few bumps in the road but I'd do it all over again. There is lots of information to be found here and tons of support..

The search feature on here is great so take a look through previous.


Posts as well.. it's a great way to get answers....

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HI John.

Welcome it is a very hard decision to make so welcome and ask any questions or concerns you have cause we will answer them no matter what they are. The boys of this group will welcome you they are a bunch of characters that is for sure!! right Andy aka Buzz, Brett aka "Lucifer" and "brenda", Jerry and Ron who already responded?.

Take care and good luck.


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You have now taken control. You are making a decision that will make your life so much better. The process may take awhile but when you do have your.


You will feel awesome. Good luck!!! Melinda..

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Hi John and a jolly good welcome to you......

As a surgical assistant you probably know the procedure better than the rest of us, but do you ever get to see the end

Beating up on yourself and saying why cant I excercise is all how we are programmed to think after becomming obese, with or without realising we become big fat messes who have little or no control over foods. Its so very hard not feeling the way you do about yourself.....

We all ask ourselves why is it necessary to have.


When we see the pre op Medifast diet and it's weight loss... I can do this without surgrery I hear newbies say..... lol... I was that person not so long ago..

Bur in reality, we cant. Not longterm. Its only a matter of time before we would be back into old habbits and gaining again....

So what is different?.

A smaller pouch, a bit more focus, not feeling hungry... a combination of things....

Im not saying it is easy, it's far from it, but you have a chance to learn a new lifestyle, a new way of eating, if dumping does not get you then the depression of plateaus will. Everytime you falter, you just pick your self up and move on.....

Having a good support group is so very important, just somewhere to come to rant, give advice and support others going through the exact same thing makes us realise we not alone, someone has been through what we are about to do.... SOmeone has some advice or inspiring words....

Dont beat yourself up, enough people have probably done that for most of your life....

Make the most of.


, and if you feel anywhere near as good as I do most days, your be in heavan..

Your certainley not a failure, your not taking the easy option.... your doing what is necessary to give yourself the best chance for a better, healthier and happier life....

Tell the doubters to come back and see you in six THat would shut them all up....

I wish you well with this adventure and am happy to help in anyway I can.....

Life is good on the other side.....

All the best.

Andy ( Buzz ) Bognor Regis UK..

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Welcome John.........I like you 20 years ago was far from where I ended up. Being a size 5 then, I thought it would never happen to me. My sister was always the heavier one, and passed her years ago..

The thing of it is though 20 years ago I loved Medifast food also, it just got easier and easier to consume more and more the older I got, and then when I became ill and was taken out of was my best friend and my comfort. Then the bigger I got, all I wanted to do was isolate myself and eat..

At 5'4" I was up to 338 lbs., now a little over 4 months later I'm at 240 lbs. I feel great and am looking forward for the next 100 lbs to come off..

I love how truthful you were about being in.


And thinking "Why Surgery", "Go to the damn gym". It justs makes me wonder if there was ever open conversation with everyone involved judging the people. It's always something that I have wondered and feel everytime I had to go in and have.


, even when I was thin..

In my head I imagine them saying things like "Look at the boobs on this one", "this guy was cheated", just things like that and more. I know I'm crazy, but always have been.......LOL..

Congrats on your upcoming.


I'm sure that your well informed on the topic, but if you have any questions or can offer any advice................feel free..


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Welcome John. I love your honesty. I never would have thought I would be one to have to have.


To get control of my weight but here I am 3 1/2 months post op and thinking "Thank God this.


Is out there and was available to me". I hate to think of where I would be 5 or 10 years from now without it. My daughter is a RN in a major hospital and my husband is a paramedic. I hear them talk about having to lift or move 300-400 pound patients and I have to say "that could be me" if I hadn't had.



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Welcome and Congrads on your decision, it's not as easy one to make whatever the reason and we all have our own and so many are just alike..

Everyone is so friendly and helpful on here, you will be amazed at how much info you will get from everyone, it's like having a ton of researchers at your fingertips willing and able to help in any way they can :).

Ask any questions you may have and express any concerns too..

Good Luck and God Bless.


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Hi my name is liz I am just starting out to I am in the start of my program for gastric bypass I have not had the.


Yet but soon i.


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