Anyone know $0.01 coupon hosting for iPage?

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Got a question... Anyone know $0.01 coupon hosting for iPage? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... The buyer got a very good deal on that. If I had the money, I would have been all over that name for $11k...

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Yea, there are plenty of iPage coupons out there. Awesome way to save mola on iPage now. I suggest you to sign-up for their mailing list so you can be notified of their latest vouchers. They typically email once a month or so..

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Hmm...visit the Sedo page and ... Seller's price expectation: 9,969 $US lol..

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It's still on afternic too for 5k.

If this really sells for over 60K (High bidder is new and 0 feedback) that'll be one of the best flips ever...

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Now it's back on ebay, with no reserve, 2+ days left, noted $XXXK appraisals, a location of NY - a whois of NC, and a high bid of $1025.00..

Yeah,....!! "...something seems rotten in Denmark!" (just a phrase.. to you all in Denmark).



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No reserve either. I don't think he is going to make his money back...

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There're really some weird situations around this name.

Anyone can figure out what might be going on?..

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Original seller may have bid on his own name?..

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The bids up to $50,000 someone made a huge mistake selling for 11k..

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I totally agree. this person looks like they are making the right move at the right time with that HostGator name. from $11k on sedo to 60K on ebay? damn. this only goes to show that the market you present your HostGator name to can make a BIG difference in what you end up selling it for...

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Also look at "number_1_specialist" other domains for sale...., and which are all in different peoples names..

This looks like a fake seller...

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...check out what else he/she/they have on ebay -.


...oh, and of course they only accept postal money orders or cashiers checks!!.

I..don't know...!?!?! Either a broker repping some good names, or ........

Hopefully anyone that actually buys one of these names does their homework before paying...

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Seems strange that is registered to George Burch...and burchwebmarketing has the highest bid.....

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$11k that it? Wow the buyer got a very nice buy there..

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Nice catch..

This I hate to see. New users and 0 feedback bidding up to 49k? Get real..

Burchwebmarketing( 16Feedback score is 10 to 49) US $50,000.00 Aug-27-06 16:02:58 PDT.

Buyformywife( 0 ) US $49,900.00 Aug-27-06 20:27:19 PDT.

Buyformywife( 0 ) US $49,000.00 Aug-27-06 20:27:03 PDT.

Buyformywife( 0 ) US $48,000.00 Aug-27-06 20:26:54 PDT.

Buyformywife( 0 ) US $30,000.00 Aug-27-06 20:26:38 PDT.

Jays1173( 0 ) New eBay Member (less than 30 days) US $14,999.00 Aug-27-06 19:48:33 PDT.

Buyformywife( 0 ) US $10,000.00 Aug-27-06 19:36:56 PDT..

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I wonder if ebay would be interested in this little wrinkle..


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Bidding has ended for this item.

US $60,200.00.

Reserve not met.

Drewskelly( 25).

Interesting auction.... But this HostGator worths much more than 11k... heeh....

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I am surprised : such a NICE 3 letter word went for ONLY that much. I would have expected 10 k more for that...

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*cough* AHEM *cough*.

I should have searched the forum first .....

My bid makes me feel dirty now.

PS - I know this thread is a few months old ....... But VERY Relevant to my point.

Shillers Suck !.

BTW - The Whois info is showing someone about 40 miles from here ......

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That's why I created this thread:.


I was hoping more people would get involved. There is definitely a need for vigilant "neighborhood watching" since eBay seems to care more about fees than it does buyer security...

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It's interesting that this HostGator is listed in "Other Internet businesses." I looked around and was amazed at how many websites that "guarantee" hundreds or thousasnds of $$$ per month are selling for $50 - $200. Something doesn't compute...maybe the lack of a HostGator name, but some include domains...hard to believe...

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Never heard of this system,it's acceptable on ebay?..

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If they went as far as to shill bid before .... Chances are - They will again..

Nice HostGator Tarnished by a bad owner..

That's about all I have to say about it now..

Current bid: US $10,000.00 (Reserve not met)..

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Why is it when you click on the in the auction.


It goes to a different sedo name?..

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Shilling - Falsely leading people to an adult HostGator through the link on the Ebay sales page..

Nice Domainer..

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I thought bidding incentives were against eBay's TOS, but I think they changed them. I made an auction a while back that encouraged people to WATCH the auction, not to bid (a lot of grey area), and they were kind of iffy about it, until they finally gave me approval to list it. Looks like there's just a requirement now that you have to mention exactly when a bidder will get an incentive and how much the incentive will be...

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That is right, so is he selling or is he selling

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