Anyone know what's happened to iPage?

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First of all Anyone know what's happened to iPage? Hoping for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Initial bid of $3,200 !.

OK....own up guys.......who is the bidder called -.



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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Fair point.

Must admit seen so many reverse hijacking deceisions on generics lately thought this was asking for trouble, but like you say, as long as developed & not parked page for microsoft should be cool..

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True...There's a good chance it would attract their attention !.

So....nobody owning up then.


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It's iffy, but macro and macros are totally different than Microsoft. I think the person will be fine as long as no infringement occurs..


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And there are companies actually named "Macrosoft" - so it's not like the giant from Redmond is your only concern, but nor is it indicative of a sure-loser UDRP or other..

The bid gave me an idea to rename my ID to one of my websites that I'd like to promote. Of course - that could create negative publicity similar to how I know hate _____________________ (Names removed after much consideration, but they weren't the big boys - I'm not dropping $20k , I'm more tired of fighting it out for $100-$200 domains when I know they are going to stop bidding at $190 and they know I'm going to keep going, so why the hell keep bidding! (I know why, just expressing frustration))..


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I prefer the stealth mode at snap, try and make the other bidders think I'm a snapnames bot.

- but yeah it is a good place to advertise although I think if they know who you are it may put you at a disadvantage - with my budget it would for sure !.

I assume the bidder is not RJ - I don't remember seeing it before, free advertising for NPros though ! (not that they probably need it now).


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'macro' is actually used in many words, so if the new owner is careful they might be ok. macrosoft probably isn't really even a typo, because the 'a' is so far away from the 'i', it would be hard to misspell when typing into the computer. I wonder why the previous owner dropped it?..

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Someone with a whois silver want to post the old whois?.

I'd like to call them (So you can PM me first) and find out how much (if) NetSol paid them to let it drop..


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Looking at the records in - it looks like it may have last been owned by.


Its the same logo on the archived iPage site as on the site..

SER Solutions, Inc..

What a waste of a very nice name..

PageRank: 6/10.

Alexa Rank: 3,008,847.

Incoming Google Links: 83.

Incoming Yahoo Links: 706.

Incoming MSN Links: 34.

Incoming Alexa Links: 10.

Overall Incoming Links: 833.

Online Since: January 19th, 1995.


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You are throwing your money away by bidding on it...

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Who's bidding ? ....I'm just watching.

- Its up to $6,200.00 now with 2d 7h 19m to go.

Bonkers is fighting with


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Did you phone them Alan ? - I take it you think this is a deliberate drop ? .


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I haven't phoned because I'd like to make sure of their previous whois - I guess if nobody has a silver membership anymore (Can't blame them) I could always try the SER folks..

And yes, I do think it was another orchestrated "drop"..


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Undervalued - but most probably weren't willing to deal with the head-aches that would follow..

Check your order history - anyone else notice that it's been removed? I've got every other order that ended today showing fine - even those that ran late - but not macrosoft... It will probably appear later, but still..


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It is currently showing as "Payment Pending" in the Pending orders page..


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Now moved to it's rightful place between and in order history.

Winner: SolitudeSeek.

Will watch the whois for more..


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I would like to think it was an orchestrated drop, because I find it sad that people lose such valuable assets and get basically nothing. It is interesting that SnapNames has been doing more "orchestrated" sales lately through their "private portfolio" names which account for most of the LLL.Net's coming up lately. The guy selling them on SN has a page up with a schedule see.



I expect Snap to start expanding this program. I welcome that, as it should reduce what I consider a serious supply-demand imbalance on SnapNames which accounts for some of the crazy prices. More 3rd party auctions (as long as they are done right and offer the same convenience to buyers as expired auctions), could lower prices for the buyers, while still allowing sellers to achieve higher prices than some of the alternative venues..

Macrosoft.Com was indeed owned by SER Solutions. I'll PM you the full contact info momentarily...

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