Anyone know why since iPage changed, I can't edit my site?

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Got a question... Anyone know why since iPage changed, I can't edit my site? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Hi well my question is for those.

Whose native language is English.


As we all know J, K, U, V, W are letters considered of less high quality (better than x y z q though). But can you give me an idea which one among the five is the worst and the best?.

For me the order might be K>W>J>U>V, but since I am not a native speaker so would you mind give me your insights on this?.

Thank you very much!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Hello duskdawn,.

These lesser high quality letters are in general of good quality among worldwide demand among various languages. This said, within the english language, I'd rate them in this way:.


W is a strong letter and borderline premium in my personal opinion (though not by general concensus). J and K are well used in English and U/V are fairly strong too..

In the end, all these letters are not bad for acronym domains and you'd do well with any acronym domains composed of these letters..

I hope this helps,.


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I'd also include K as a strong letter..

IMO , it'd move along these lines ..... K>W>J>U>V..

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Zesty I am right there with you. W>J>K>U>V. In terms of people's last names (such as used by law firms) "W" is definitely premium, and better than many other premium letters. "J" has "Jones" and "Johnson" and seems a little better than "K" yet in 4 letter .coms the "K"s have gone a lot quicker than the "J"s..

To agree with Harpo, there is a range rather than a choice of either good or bad, and letter frequency doesn't matter if there is meaning or a good looking name..

Random letter names are just acronyms I do not yet know......

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Thank you for all the contribution so far. I really appreciate..

This is not crucial but definitely helps with my investment..

Anyone would like to add more opinions? It seems W K J stand out in these 5...

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I don't agree with just saying a letter is "bad". The position of the letter has as much to do with the leter as the letter itself. So does what letter is next to it..

Just taking J, K, U, V, W and ordering them means very little. As acronyms, the words they.


Stand for means a lot. K and U probably have fewer words, and may be rated lower for that reason. However, U in the last position is probably more useful than the middle since it can stand for lots of Universties, can end a company name with Unlimited. In the first postion it can be use for United, Universal, etc. However, uses in the middle postion are more limited. I don't see J, V, or W as undesirable myself.

Others might have seen two V's as a real negative. You just need to think creatively and market it that way..

Some people shy away from Q domains. Personally, I'll take a HostGator with one Q in the first postion, but probably pass on the middle and sometimes the last. I like them starting with Q, because there are lots of companies that have names such as Quality Something Something, or could use them as such. The problem comes in when you get multiple low end letters like QXK that really limit their use as an acronym...

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