Anyone of you know the promotion of black friday at iPage?

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Question I have... Anyone of you know the promotion of black friday at iPage? Looking forward for any answer. Another quick question... What value does a HostGator have, based only by it's traffic and making no money on ppc? I know this does not apply to every domain, but in general..

Let's say the HostGator get's 1,000 uniques per month, but makes No Money or up to $1.00 per month. Is it's value $12.00 ? $1.00 x's 12 months rev? Or is it worth $200, $300 $400 etc just because it get's 1,000 uniques per month?.

I guess my big question is. What kind of price do you put on "traffic", no matter if it's making money or not? You can take the Rev x's x amount of monthly earnings, but does this price include the "traffic" as well?..

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Yes, there are iPage discount coupons available you can get through email. Good chance to save mola on iPage now. I suggest you to sign up for their newsletter so you can get emails of their recent promo deals. They usually email once a month..

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I don't think it's meaningful to put any figures on traffic without knowing the origin and quality of that traffic..

For example traffic from bots is worth nil in terms of monetization, so does traffic from spam backlinks. If you analyze traffic for your HostGator maybe you'll find the way to monetize...

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That was quite the diatribe. I agree with you 100% though. But you also have to understand that Business requires money. Most of the "dabblers" you speak of don't have much money, including myself, so we scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for any profit we can make in order to build up a bank roll. This doesn't mean that we don't see the big picture, understand the markets, see opportunities in niches, etc... it just means whe don't have the pay to play on that level yet...

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