Anyone use for website hosting?

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My question is Anyone use for website hosting? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Since the beginning of the year, 2 of the HostGator names I have sold, have continued to be pointed where I had them initially. I had an adult HostGator name that even though I sold in beginning of Feb, has made me $3.00 + in the last 3 weeks, and I have a premium name that I sold back in Feb, that is still make about $2 bucks a month......

Buyers crack me up, but if they wanna pay me for my domains and still let me earn revenue on them... by all means....


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I've been guilty of this (.


), but as AdaptableDomains said, it's when I buy domains in "user" mode; domains which hardly have any click revenue, and certainly don't lend themselves to monetization per se, but rather have branding/site development potential..

Sometimes it takes months until I can get around to working on them, and although I'm on initimate terms with DNS and bind (even at the source code level) I sometimes simply don't think about it after a quick purchase..

Color me lazy, I guess..

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This also happens to me. Don't feel guilty about it. This is a win-win situation..

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Lol.. I think this is common for those that acquire a lot domains at one shot..

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I do monitor the DNS setting of all my domains now periodically (every 60 days or so) to find ones I may have missed. That still may not catch domains where the buyer seller use the same parking service though. Hopefully the parking service reconciles who is the correct one to get the revenue...

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Now that really is the perfect end-user sale.


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Even better is when you sale a DN and the buyer doesn't take it from you.. lol.

I sold a name about 18 months ago. The buyer paid me $75 via paypal. I recieved the money and never heard another word from them. I contacted them multiple times via 'Ebay', where it was sold, and by their personal e-mail. I even found out what there personal iPage website was and tried contacting them many, many times that way. No response..

Not a peep...

I consider the DN to be mine again.. I've recently renewed it and have listed it for sale once again...

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I cant say I blame you... that brings up a really good question - at what point - do you consider the HostGator yours? Might be an interesting topic thread...

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How about receiving a C&D on a hugely popular comedians name, I transfer the name to them immediately because of course I have no rights to the name. 7 months later, it's at the registrar of their choosing still in my name and nameservers. sigh..

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Perhaps, the buyer paid and then unfortunately passed away by an accident before receiving the domain...

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Same experience here..

And sometimes the ex-owners make me happy..

I sold for $200 on AfterNic..

I even have no AfterNic account, the ex-owner has listed the name on AfterNic, and the offer email be sent directly to me. Took the offer happily and AfterNic also gave me a free seller account which worths $19.5 ....

I regged the name for $0.25, try to sell it on DP, DNF for $20 - $30, no one interested, then .... $200, big ROI!.

BUT the $60 escrow cost does suck.....

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I've had that happen as well. I considered the HostGator theirs until expiration. A couple days before expiration, I renewed. I would have let them have it the renewal cost maybe another couple weeks after that. At that point I figure they would have lost it anyway to expiration and it becomes mine..

I haven't sold domains on ebay in years, but did have some duds there for sale once. I had a buyer pay $3 - $4 each for some domains. I asked where to transfer and they said they really didn't want them just keep them and give them positive feedback. Turns out they were just buying feedback on something they wouldn't have to pay shipping on...

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