Are 'malted' milk shakes still available on Medifast menus?

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My 1st question is: Are 'malted' milk shakes still available on Medifast menus? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... Bad, bad day! I never ate real Medifast food today and it's frightening as it's shades of Pre gastric By Pass. My friend took me to a Mexican restaurant where before I realized it I was munching away on Tortilla chips with wild abandon. I only ate part of the entree and came home to about three ounces of Hershey's Semi Sweet chocolate chips. What is wrong with me??? I don't get it and of course I have no urge to dump anything.

I was craving chocolate all day. Hopefully this was a one day thing..

Here I am ten months later 143 pounds lighter and I'm trying to understand what made me make those choices today. I've had a slip here and there but never to this extreme...

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Yup, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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Thanks for your words of encouragement. It's just kind of scary as I haven't been this stupid in ten months. I will plan to be much better tomorrow...

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I too had an off day yesterday....carborama was the name of the game....I'm getting a sinus infection, and the "old" comfort foods were around here at that's what I chose to eat all day. I'm not proud of myself, but at least I can admit ityesterday was one of many, it happens to the best of us. Just brush yourself off and realize today is a new day!!! :) You've done an excellent job so far!!! :).

Xoxo Erica..

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There are all kinds of triggers out there, and they happen to everyone - even folks who didnt have WLS. Stress is the big one. You can turn this experience into one of growth instead of grief by doing an inventory of what was happening to you that day and in the past week to pull you off-track. I know for me stress, hormonal shifts and bad.


Are triggers. When this happens, I am extremely forgiving of myself. I remind myself of my success, and how I have weathered bumps in my WLS journey in the past. I want to remind you of all the support and help you have offered all of us on DS, and how your success has inspired me and so many others...

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Wow, sorry this happened, Don't beat yourself up, remember our.


Is just a tool to use to.

Lose weight.

Not a guarantee we still have to work at it. As for those cookies, I don't do sweets anymore, I dump when I do, i'd suggest you stop the sweets now, it will increase your cravingsFill up on protein, cheese, meat, fish then go for the extras like chips and hotsauce. So you had a bad day, forgive yourself and get back on the program...

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Yesterday was just what you said a "bad day" Today is a brand new day and you will make better choices today. Please don't be too hard on yourself...

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Maggie keep your eye on the ball here, in the old days you would have emptied the basket of chips and dip, had another, finished your entire meal, and the had ice cream after you ate the 3 ozs of candy...

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You're all very kind and I sincerely appreciate your support. You know we were all good people before we lost weight and some others in society never recognized that in us. It's a wonderful thing that we have each other and the support we can offer to one another on both sides of the fence..

Thanks to all of you..


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Oh Bret, that is soooo true!! I laughed when I read what you wrote! To think of the amounts of Medifast food I used to consume, compared to even a "bad day" now, after.


There's not much comparison..

I do understand though Maggie, it's not neccessarily the quantity or quality of what you ate today but what it represents - a return to old habits and ways. That can be scary! But you are feeling the fear which is a good thing! Before.


I would have shut that fear up quick with a bunch more food! lol.

Keep up the good work and like the others said, forgive your mistakes, learn from them, and keep on......we've all come so far!..

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Congratulations for bringing it to others. A day like that, for me, would be a visit from my Medifast food addiction. I would deal with it through OA, the serenity.


And a contact of some kind with someone who understands the crazy nature of the whole thing. I would also remember it's one day at a time and start over clean...knowing it will certainly happen again and I can prepare for it!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.