Are there French restaurants in Toronto that serve Escargot (snails) on their Medifast menu?

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My 1st question is: Are there French restaurants in Toronto that serve Escargot (snails) on their Medifast menu? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... I am 15 days out from.


I went back to work yesterday. I don't think I'm eating enough while I'm at work. I pack enough Medifast food to have a few small meals while at work and when I get home, I have the same Medifast food except what I eat for lunch..

When I'm busy at work Medifast food doesn't cross my mind and literaly forget to eat, this was even before.


On top of not eating enough I haven't been able to find a protein shake/drink that I can tolerate since.


, so that has me more worried since I'm not eating enough. Has anyone else gone through this and what did you do to make it better?..

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Yup, however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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I am right there with you Shan... I can't find a protein drink I like either. I don't think we are going to be malnurished in a 2 week time frame, but I think we both gotta get our arses in gear and find something that we can drink that will give us the protein. Someone gave me a good website yesterday that I am trying some things on... they have samples for sale so your not stuck with a taste you hate..

Check this out....


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Im right there with you all, only I am kind of stuck with the one drink, cuz of my gout! I so hate gout! anyway something I have found that helps at work even if I am not getting anything else I drink milk, and I have found that V8 juice is really good and helps with veggie cravings, not alot of protein but a full serving of vegtables in that. You could also set a timer, that goes off and helps you to remember it's time for you to eat.. and you must stop what you are doing and go and do it!! Its just really important we are getting so little in us as it is, it's not good to be skipping meals...

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Listen to me, I should be saying all that to me!! I am so bad.. this not thinking about Medifast food is a blessing and a curse all at once...

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Returning to work so soon is tough on the body and natural that you'd not be able to get in all your protein , liquids and nutrients at this stage. My nutritionist had told me that if by 5-6 weeks I was getting in 2 protein drinks a day, she was happy. I worked to be able to do that. Depending on the brand you use, that may not be nearly enough protein, but I use max Protein (see Eggface's blog for info on ordering)..

Not sure what your job involves but I'd suggest finding a large drink container you can keep at your desk or go to often and sip through out the day. I use a.


Crystal product (By bariatric advantage, which you can find by googleing.

I add a couple scoops to a large container with crystal light, a couple times a day to get my.


In. It has no taste and dissolves nicely in s/f puddings, applesauce, but mostly protein shakes and my crystal light mix..

I'd also suggest "snack" foods, whatever you are able to eat, check with your own doctor as timing and amounts vary from doc to doc. Do you have a nutritionist connected to the practice you saw for work up for the.


? He/she would be a great resource for how to get in the nutrients you need at this stage..


You find a protein drink that will work for you. If you google GBS protein drinks, you'll even find some companies with cream soups that have proteins, and also check Eggface's blog. You might be able to tolerate her protein ice creams at this stage, and well worth the investment of an ice cream maker if you don't have one..


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I see the girls all giving you their great advise so I'll give you my 2cents worth. Forgetaboutit! At 2/3 weeks your lucky to get anything substantial down. Just keep chipping away at your Medifast food and drink, as it all gets better in time. I remember thinking all kind of negative shit when I couldn't get in all the required crap. Don't worry and do the best you can. Your worst fear is probably dehydration so do try and get as much water/fluid as you can.


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Hey BB, want to talk to my husband he stresses over this stuff! I keep telling him, as long as I am getting something in I am fine. He worries I will hurt my health, Lord knows I love him but sometimes it can be just to much!..

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I just went to the website Crystal suggest and placed a order I love the fact I can try a single first and you can pay with paypal. Thank you Crystal..


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I agree with Brett (doubleb). It's still VERY early for you..

But, at 5 months out, I can share exactly what my 'food cupboard' at work looks like:.


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I got to that point with the protein shakes, too. What I found out helped a lot is using non-sweetened soymilk and diluting with an equal part of water, then adding the protein powder. It made the mixture thinner, so it didn't induce my gag reflex. A lot of protein powders are really just too sweet for my liking so thats why I use the unsweetened soymilk...

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