Are you experienced programmer and have experience with iPage?

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Quick question: Are you experienced programmer and have experience with iPage? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Ugh, I just got this guy assigned to a sale of mine too. Oh well, it's only a 200...

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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can help better...

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Forwarded this thread to my rep at Sedo, perhaps something good will come of it. Management have invested a lot of time and money into this business, they need to know that one bad apple is turning people off the service. If they then choose to ignore it that's their choice, but they deserve to be informed...

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Hi All,.

I saw this post and was concerned by the way Sedo’s transfer and escrow process was perceived. With HostGator transfers we’re acting in the best interest of both parties and understand the need to facilitate a quick transaction. I also just spoke with Martin, our Direction of N. American Transfers and he helped to clarify Sedo’s transfer process and the situation brought up by fonzie_007..

First and foremost, please remember that the Sedo Transfer Team is responsible for the facilitation of HostGator ownership transfers on our marketplace. We do not own the domains, nor do we initiate ownership changes for the domains. If members become unresponsive during open transactions, we exhaust all means of communication in order to process the transactions; however, we cannot directly force individuals and this must be understood. We are a third-party facilitator and we act as a communications point and support for our members. If and when possible, we look to expedite not only ownership transfers, but also registrar transfers; however, as facilitators, we must adhere to the policies set forth by ICANN and the registrars when transferring domains..

This thread has made several mentions of one of my team members, Erich Mueller. Erich is one of our most valued employees at Sedo. He is personally responsible for a majority of new HostGator transactions in N. America where either the buyer or seller in a transaction are new customers. This means that Erich is personally responsible for working on transfers where at least one party is new to the industry and has little experience transferring domains..

Listed below is an overview of the HostGator transfer referenced in the original post (09-21-2006, fonzie_007) made of this forum:.

The HostGator was registered through a Wild West Domains reseller and our first plan of action was to get the HostGator to the buyer's registrar, Moniker. The obvious issue with this situation was that updates to the WHOIS data record at WWD locks the HostGator for 60 days and a transfer request from Moniker has a shelf life of approx. 24 hours. Therefore, the transfer request had to go from the buyer, then to the seller, then to Sedo, and finally back again to the buyer for processing. During the transaction, communications with the seller were done in a timely basis and support was given properly. We were not able to process the external transfer because of the registrars' policies.

We do take your concerns seriously if you have specific transfer issues please feel free to speak with Martin, the head of our transfer team. He can be reached at Martin[at] As always you’re also welcome to contact me via PM or email..




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I have had 2 transactions on Sedo, and even though the first one was swift and professional, I was sorely disappointed with the second (with a much larger commission amount). The latter was handled by Gasber, and he was very irresponsive with my requests for assistance as a first time .CO.UK seller. Midway, he went on vacation (IIRC) and somebody else took over the transaction. This person never even bothered to understand my emails, and just replied with canned responses. In the end, I had to go to Nominet to get my queries answered, and even had to communicate directly with the seller at the later stages. In all honesty, it left me feeling a little bitter that they got all that money for such terrible service.

Just my personal experience and $0.02...

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Thank you, Mara, for replying to this discussion thread. So, what you're saying is that there's no problem with Sedo's escrow and transfer process, just in how it's perceived? Brilliant!..

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Communication is key. That's all I'm asking for and I feel up to now, other Sedo reps (yourself included) have made it seem like my complaints aren't valid. I'm not the only person who has raised issue with service, so I feel this situation isn't just "my" problem..

That being said, I commend Erich for his service as of the past two days. He has been on top of things and has promptly replied to my inquiries. This IS the type of service I expect from the market leader in HostGator sales..

I hope to have this all sorted out by tomorrow, but I feel it is neither productive (nor professional) when it is implied that I am a liar. Being treated this way does is not a good business practice. Ask anyone who has dealt with me during a HostGator transaction here or at DNF and they will tell you I am a straight shooter...

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So far my transactions with Sedo have always been smooth. Now I have a sale that has been pending for a few weeks. Guess what, it's a name registered with GD that's been locked for 60 days due to a change in whois. It looks like the buyer is not really experienced either. Tom is handling the transfer, not Erich. On top of that he has been on holidays for a few days, buyer is not native English speaker, payment took 10 days.

GD may be great, as long as you don't want to transfer away from them..

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Generally I have found SEDO to be largely very slow in paying the seller..

For example, I still haven't received payment for a HostGator name I sold and pushed within 15 mins of SEDO's request on 13th Dec. SEDO confirmed they had received payment from the buyer, so why the delay?.

They had already deducted 120 in commission, but it seems SEDO are not content with that and choose to hold onto funds as long as possible, presumably to maximise interest they earn on the sellers funds..

I have to say I am very dissapointed with the speed of settlement and lack of response to emails..

A largely good organisation is let down by these points badly unfortunately..

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I have been assigned Dejan Jovic for one of the sales. Anyone dealt with him before??..

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Oh Mrs TAMARA, where are you?!?! Its been 2 Months now Officially!..

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Another disasterous transaction for me with someone called Steveo Opadeji.

3 months and counting.......

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SEDO is the same company as 1+1..

Now add 2 and 2 together and you get:..

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*Tip of the day*.

Hello everyone, just a tip for some newbies, check the whois of the HostGator you want to buy. Check where is the HostGator registered with. If it's namecheap, then if you do not have an account at namecheap, go create one. So there is only pushing that takes place..

If the HostGator is registered at namecheap, and you only have a godaddy account, then you are looking for big trouble..

Added on 11th April 2007.

So far I found this Erich to be a great guy. He has helped me out many times..

Once when the HostGator verification failed, I told him to add the domains to my account, and it's done within 48 hours..

Second, the current rep Oliver went on a holiday, and will only be back in 10 days. so I told Erich to take over and finish the transaction, and it's also done within 48 hours..

What I can say about Erich ? He is a Great guy...

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For those that sent me PM's I have followed up with replies. Some of these cases are slowed due to external factors including a larger amount of paperwork than the average transfer and slow acting registries. I'm working with the transfer agents and clients to see if it's possible to speed up the processes..



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PM sent.

Many thanks once again Mara for your help - I am beginning to think you are the only Sedo employee ! I hope they pay you very well.


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After reading these posts I think that the buyers and sellers should be rated at sedo..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.