Asking for the default Medifast menu of zen creative v plus mp3 player?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Asking for the default Medifast menu of zen creative v plus mp3 player? Thanks for any response. My other question... Ok so I started my.

Liquid diet.

On 1/20. Since then I have lost 11 lbs. So, my irrational thoughts are coming into play here and I KNOW they are IRRATIONAL... I feel like "well if I lost 11 lbs in this short of time, maybe I could do it without the.


..." I know I am only thinking these thoughts cause I am starting to get a little nervous and I have NEVER been nervous about this at all, I have been 100% ready for this since the moment I decided that I WAS in fact going to do this. I have never doubted myself, never doubted the process, never doubted that I would have success. I still don't doubt the success or the process. I don't usually doubt myself, I am a person that thinks long and hard about things like this before going for it... but I find myself doubting myself, wondering if I can even make it another week on this.

Liquid diet.


I bake cakes on the side for friends, I spent all day baking and frosting a cake, and that means licking and tasting, I didn't taste nearly as much as I used to but I still did... SO I feel like I failed myself today. I did fail myself today..

Just having a really rough time with this.

Liquid diet.

And my ex in my house isn't very helpful... I end up preparing meals for the kids, or they have been living on cereal and sandwhiches cause they can fix it themselves. After getting home today from baking and making my own frosting and doing the cake all day, I had to.


So I could work tonight... When I woke up, I woke to the smell of cake baking in the oven. He decided it would be a good idea to bake a cake cause he wanted a snack... SO now I have cake smell in my house. I don't like chocolate, thank goodness thats the only one we had left to make... So I won't be tempted to eat it, but the smell is what kills me!!! HELP!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I think like you said........your getting nervous. This is major.


And a huge lifestyle change. It is and can be scary..

Think back to what it was that made you decide to go ahead and have the.

Surgery. are your feelings still the same..

You can't stay on a.

Liquid diet. much weight will you put back on when you aren't on liquids?.



You won't want to be licking that frosting, or you'll be dumping. Perhaps for just a short while your friends will have to get cakes elsewhere..

I know that I was a huge, huge, huge junk Medifast food junkie. My best friend makes an awesome chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting (I LOVED THIS CAKE), it didn't even phase me when she said she was making some for her brother's birthday. She was afraid it would bother me.........I didn't even have a desire or craving to sample it or anything. It never bothered me at all..



My tastes have changed so's crazy how that happens, but it does..

I think you'll do's just you have to make sure your doing the right thing for you..

Good Luck,.


Comment #2

I really.


You decide to continue on the.

Liquid diet.

And go for the.


If you are in this position, then clearly at some point you really came down to the decision that you need it. The.

Liquid diet.

Is a bummer, I will admit that, I cheated the first week with a few things, it was dumb I know, but the second week went by much better and I wasnt even hungry, just got to get past that first week. It goes alot better as you go along. After.


You are on the.

Liquid diet.

Again, I think it's a good preparation for re-teaching yourself how to eat/drink without over doing it. I wish you the best in the decisions about baking cakes. At this point in my house, they eat all kinds of stuff.....I'm not even phased about it, not hungry for it, nothing, besides we have our own shakes that are pretty yummy, so I'm not missing out. Take care!..

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I absolutely thought the same thing when I dropped 16 pounds before.


And I think that it is just normal to believe that we have the capability of losing weight on our own. Sadly, most of "us" have our past to help us remember that for whatever reason we are still overweight and.


Might be the only possible solution to living longer, right?..

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I had the same thoughts in regard to losing so much weight on the.

Liquid diet.

.. I lost 30 pounds in that two weeks!! The day of.


As I was getting ready to be wheeled into.


I though the very same thing.. "Maybe I didnt try hard enough losing it on my own" "If this was so easy why cant I just do this longer and lose the weight". It's normal to think this way and as others have said you arent going to be on a.

Liquid diet.

Forever.. Just remember your goals and what you are trying to accomplish!! Good Luck!..

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Thanks everyone, I AM sticking to it and I WILL be having my.


A week from Monday, so we will see. I am NOT baking anymore cakes until then I can tell you that. I am hoping my tastes change so the smell of cake and frosting (which I make all home made) makes me want to hurl! lol I am also hoping I am one of those people that can never have bread again, even though a small part of me is.


Inside about that! I will be good, I will be BETTER THAN GOOD I WILL BE HEALTHY AND THIN!!!!..

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Just remember...when you.

Lose weight.

Quickly on a.

Liquid diet.

, you can gain it back the same way. It's a proven fact. I have lost and gained the same pounds hundreds of times in my 52 years. After GBS, I shed 145 lbs. in less than a year, affectionately called the "honeymoon period". It's up to you, in the end, and there's an angel on one shoulder and devil on the other and they are messing with your mind.


, weighed the pros and cons and are at peace with your decision, everything will fall into place, one way or the other. Good luck. I know that my day of.


, I was totally calm going to the hospital and into.


I knew it was right for me..



PS - Two years later, my husband had GBS and is very glad he did...

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Dont you dare doubt! you were soo ready for this.


Since the first day I met you! Were both doing this together. and your going to be a great success. the.

Liquid diet.

Thing, well you cant do it forever and that weight is almost impossible to keep off! the.


Is such a better way to go. it's a big change but you got a lot of support!!..

Comment #8

Hang in there, it sounds like you are having a weak moment pre.


You can do it, and dont worry about the baking after.


I am over 2-1.5 years out from my GBS and I bake a ton. I also bake for freinds ( and money!LOL ) I still do taste and sample to see if what I am doing is good, just dont go overboard. your taste will change after.


Also. sugary sweet things may not taste good to you afterwards or you might be one of the lucky ones who dump on sugar. I did at first but now I can have sugar and no bad side effects. not happy about that- makes it harder to stay good! and also I am the type who never met a slice of bread I didnt like pre.


..but afterwards it hurts too much to eat bread. makes my pouch feel like it will pop when I eat it. focus on all the postive changes you will be making soon and forget the negative ones! you can do it!!!!..

Comment #9


LMAO, your not irrational, far from it, your just the same as the rest of us... So dont be so hard on yourself.....

Everytime your tempted lick some

You do make me giggle.....

Take care.

Buzz xxx..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.