Atkins (low carb) Medifast menu/meal ideas on a budget?

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First of all Atkins (low carb) Medifast menu/meal ideas on a budget? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... HI,.

Im 5 months out, have lost 115 lbs and have major issues with depression. mental doc put me on aplenzin and.


I'm just curious is the depression common after the.


This is a super positive change for my health, I was shoveling snow the past 2 weeks here in the middle atlantic and loving it. i'm able to do tons of things around the house, up and down stairs, you name it. more busy at work and everything I just cant put a finger on it. not eating "regular like" sucks even though I know i'm better off. any ideas? thoughts? positive suggestions?.



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Can't speak with authority on depression after.

Gastric Bypass surgery.

, however emotional changes sure have been a big deal for me, and for several others on here..

I might suggest that if you have struggled with depression in the past that the emotional stress and changes after.


Might make this all the more difficult..

Our relationships with Medifast food also change drastically and have a huge effect on one's mood / mental well being..



That you are receiving some good support during this time, I have been very lucky as my wife has been brilliant,.


Things improve soon, I suspect that it's quite common.


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I was also very depressed a few months after.


I really think it had to do with losing one of my best friendsfood. Thanksgiving and Christmas were hard because Medifast food has been central to all our celebrations..

It took a while, but soon I was able to overcome this depression (mostly by help from my support family and a local support group I attend, plus the fie folks here)...

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In short, yes. It is very common. I don't have statistics but in observing both myself and others here, I suspect there is a higher incidence of emotional issues (depression, anxiety, etc) than most realize. But I am not an authority so I could certain be wrong..

This is something I've commented on before. My personal opinion is that these problems are not so much caused by GBS but rather, they are 'surfaced' by GBS..

I think it gets at some of the underlying reason we were all obese in the first place. Obesity is frequently a symptom of other issues. Just because we reduce the obesity does not mean we've also eliminated the core issues. Reducing the obesity that was an imminent threat to our physical well-being is an important first step. But I've realized, for myself at least, that more steps are needed..

Last week I had my first follow up visit with the therapist who cleared me for GBS. We agreed that we should be having some regular visits for the next few months - simply to monitor how I am feeling and why and address issues before they become huge problems..

If I were to make one recommendation to my GBS team, it would be to require more than just a single follow up visit with a qualified therapist. It's true that some do not need this but I think many, including myself do. These emotional issues are not a reason to abandon GBS - quite the contrary. But I think anyone considering GBS needs to know that this can part of the process and that they should be both aware and willing to seek help when appropriate..

I would also emphasize the point Odalisque made above - you have to find a therapist you are comfortable with..

I'm also 5 months out, BTW...

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BTW, the first thing I told my primary care doc about a week after.





From Medifast food is immediate and brutal".

Rath also makes an important point - that with appropriate treatment (i.e whatever is appropriate for you, individually) you will get through this and reach a point where these issues do not dominate your life. At least, that is what I have observed in several others here who are far ahead of me on this journey...

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I agree with jerry1 that there should be more psychological follow up if you require it as you do sometimes suffer emotional problems postop. I get down and teary when I am sick and cant get Medifast food down and after such a big op you can feel washed out and tired and your emotions can be all over the place,i think you should be offered emotional support post op and you can decide if you need it or not...

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I agree with everyone, and it is something I know happens often, as my docs almost didnt allow me to get.


Because I have more than enough to be depressed about. Like Jerry said.


From Medifast food is immediate, but I think the depression can hit you anytime. I know I am being "watched" cuz lord knows I have enough to be depressed about. So far all is well, but just know depression doesnt have to be permanent it doesnt mean your mentally unstable, it a chemical imbalance and for a bit you may need help with that. Posting here, helps, and I am sure the medications help, if you have adverse reactions make sure you talk to your doctore but whatever you do PLEASE do not stop taking them unless your Doctor is aware.. coming off of depression meds can be tricky...

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I hate to sound like a broken record but I still think we (GBS'ers) do not have the kind of help available to us that is specialized for what we go through. Both my therapist and my psychiatrist haven't got a clue about how my digestive system works now..

I had depression before my GBS and it was under control with the antidepressant I was taking. Now I am off the charts with anger, emotional outbursts,.


, did I mention anger?.

So StillDark my response to your post is yes! I believe if you did not have mental issues before you might expect them after and if you did you might expect them to worsen without the proper treatment. Well don't I sound like a gloomy gus. lol Just clarify what I just bunched up into two sentences. Mental Health is an issue for some GBS's and it requires specialized care. If you aren't feeling better soon than I strongly recommend researching in you area for a therapist that specializes in GBS patients. Or like Rath said a good support group is in order...

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Something women might keep in mind too is that when losing a lot of weight fast your estrogen level can drop. That's what happened to me and after getting on estrogen that alone helped the mood swings a lot!..

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YOU lost 115 pounds in 5 months?!?!?!.. You seriously need to step back and look at that!!!!!! everything else will come into perspective!!!.. you are doing great.. calm down, take a deep breath.. and give yourself a high 5!!!!!!!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.