Best web hosting? I am thinking of vodahost or iPage any ideas? Thanks?

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Got a quick question: Best web hosting? I am thinking of vodahost or iPage any ideas? Thanks? Thanks for any response. Second question.. I noticed that now if I became a Godaddy Reseller,I'll save $25,Basic $74.99.

Pro $174.99,is it worth to became a Godaddy Reseller?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Some people would say that I am promoting my url, but I guess you can try a nice interface and pricing and features from Resellerclub at our company url.


(Resellers get good discounts at already discounted prices)..

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Thank you~!BTW,in fact,I dislike Godaddy and which I like best is Moniker,it is really wonderful,I aslo like the Resellersclub's,,wish you good luck,and wish you beacome a wonderful reg such as Moniker~(I have sgin up at your site,THX!)..

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Godaddy is good on HostGator names. I don't recommend reselling their hosting. There are many great reseller iPage hosting providers who are rich in features...

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I am a reseller, service has gone down the shitter, poor support, and there is no longer any advantage to being a reseller..

I became a reseller to give myself price breaks on registering domains and hosting. Moniker's discount pricing to NamePro members and DNforum members is cheaper than even I can get with my reseller account. That's pitiful..

Hosting prices are okay when discounted and backorder is $12.95. When my account is up for renewal in 2008, highly doubtful I will stick with them..

There are always issues with my reseller, GoDaddy, or TDNAM's accounts. Email support is slow at best. No 1-800 service, slow to pick up, never have the right answer, always bounced around from person to person. In the meantime, you have to listen to Big Bad VooDoo Daddy over and over and over even though you opt out of it..

Been with them as a reseller for nearly 4 years now. Service has gone downhill. And I still can not get over the fact that they do not have 1-800 service. That is so basic and such a business courtesy..

If you're going to make me pay for the call, PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE!..

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How do you get Moniker's discount pricing? There is a funding option, but the prices still seem to be high.


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Go to this thread and contact Donald Lyons of Moniker, the person who wrote the invitation for NamePros members..


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Well I wanted to be a reseller a year ago but after much complains n consideration I skip the whole idea n I am grateful today I made the right decision..

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I don't see much value in being a GD reseller. Personally, I hate buying domains from people who have them at GD resellers. I would estimate I have accounts at about 30 GD resellers just from buying HostGator names. Once the window is up, the domains are headed to Moniker. As someone else already noted, Moniker's special pricing to NP members already is better than GD reseller prices (and the customer service is much better as well!)..

Even if you like GD, you'd be better off using their promo codes than going through your reseller account...

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Circa, thanks for posting that moniker thread. I had no idea that offer was available as I have been using GD for the last two years. Think I'll do what Fonzie suggested and when the renewal is about to be up transfer out...

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I understand what everyone has said and makes absolute sense. I listen and hear the experience here. However, I started my reseller account with the hopes of having it pay off for me through advertising/marketing/adwords etc gaining customers worldwide not to mention my own purchases through the site. And in due time I'm also hopeful it will pay for itself plus some. After a year or two and careful study, I will determine whether it was worth it or not. I'll keep ya posted and maybe even show my commisions at that time..

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Beyond a doubt, that is the thing to do. Not just because it is Moniker, but to renew a .com with GoDaddy it is $8.99...take it to Moniker for $6.95. Count your domains, do the math, count the savings...DONE DEAL!.

That's how I approached it. If you hit a break even point (balance sales, registrations, hosting, discounts, picking up some customers, etc) and advertise or promote your iPage site and perhaps pick up a few customers...if you hit a breakeven point in less than two years, consider yourself lucky..

I have the super reseller account and do not see any realy benefit over the basic plan. The only difference is one you can resell reseller plans, the other you can not. No one has approached me about being a reseller. I think they start at godaddy and hit the link to Wild West Domains..

Competition is fierce, as we all know, for registrar bucks. As much as I hate it, selling on ebay is tremendous exposure. Put some so-so names, discount them, some good names, some super names with reserve...numerous sales will bring numerous customers your way and most are happy to open an account with your reseller account..

It takes work, takes time, takes effort, and takes money..

However, all the reasons for me being a reseller (see previous post) are no longer valid in regards to monetary savings with the exception of very good iPage hosting plan discounts with no down time that I have ever seen along with lots of features and flexibility and the backorders at $12.95 can't be beat..

Some extensions, most of the ccTLD renewal fees are also much lower than anywhere else so that may be another reason for those that have numerous ccTLD's..

If I can find something close to what I am paying for the iPage hosting and all it's features and dependability, reasonable backordering prices, and renewing fees for ccTLD's, then there is no real incentive for me beyond 2008...

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I have considered being a reseller. Currently I see it at too expensive and risky in terms of wasted effort..

Personally, I consider enom and resellerclub as the best resellers. These groups focus on providing reseller services only, unlike GoDaddy who competes against their resellers. In particular, I like resellerclubs optional paid service of helping their resellers upgrade to ICANN registered. (They still make ongoing sales through renting their software services) If I wanted to be a reseller, I'd like to know that this option is available if everything goes well for me...

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There is a difference.....

As Super Reseller you get additionally:.

- commission on subreseller accounts -.

(hard to get "selling" subaffiliates).

- If a subreseller closes down, all their customer will pass to your default reseller account..

- PPC revenue form "parked only" domains from customers*..

* aprox. 5$ /1000 registered customer domains - unfortunately detailed stats arent provided by WWD..

Most do.

It is really hard nowadays to start.



You must rely on solid traffic to get out to wide public...

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Does anyone know how long it usually takes for them to discount your moniker account?..

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It takes usually 24 hours. Moniker is very fast at this...

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Usually a phone call is all it will take. Mine was set up and done in about 5 minutes. It was with another senior sales rep but I understand the person who posted the thread on NamePros is outstanding as well...

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Moniker is good and offers nice features for bulk domains..

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Yep ^.

And from a personal use POV - The only "real" discount I use from a WWD discounted account is .cc 's .... Most other extensions you can find competitive prices all over now...

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