Burnout paradise Medifast menu lag help 10 points?

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My 1st question is: Burnout paradise Medifast menu lag help 10 points? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. Hi everyone,.

I think this is a pretty weird question, but it just happened to me, so I thought I would ask..

My cat likes to jump on my chest and then lay on my chest and stomach. I'm scared that once I have the.


, that he's going to do that and really hurt me. Right now I don't mind it, actually like when he does it, but I don't want any injuries after the.


Has anyone else ever experienced this?.

Like I said, weird question..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

My son's cat always likes to do that too. I was so scared after.


That I was very protective. I just kept a pillow on my tummy for a while so that if she did do that it didn't hurt. :)..

Comment #2

I have a 100 plus pound golden retriever and he's a lap dog. Before.


He was always on my lap, taking naps. Between me and my dog, my big man recliner was overflowing.......LOL..

After my.


, of course I (We) had to keep telling him "NO" when he went to come up with me, it lasted to long. He stopped wanting to lay on my lap, and I miss it..

But, the other day, out of the blue, he all of a sudden was.


Up. Much more room now, and boy did he take advantage........LOL. He was so sprawled was funny..

I would try to get your cat to jump more on just your lap, or the arm of the chair before.


It won't feel good on your belly or chest area after...

Comment #3

I have two papillons that live at my houes all the time...they are 8 and 12 lbs... and think that my body is their playground. They are my little sucks and love to sit on my lap...and once upon a time lay across my tummy. When I had my.


We just had to tell them no and watch they didn't leap up onto only lasted a short time and they handled it well..

I had a pillow nearby and when they wanted to lay with me I put the pillow kind of against me and against the couch side and made them a bit of a worked..

BUT NOW....they sit on my lap...cause I have one...LOL..

Comment #4

Its not a wierd question at all but a very saesible one..


Are very much a part of our families and they love being near us, after.


Till your well healed they best keeping of you not just because you are tender but you have to consider infection risk too if you not healed, I keep rabbits and love to cuddle them but hired someone to clean them etc for a few weeks after.


, once you healed and pain settled etc you will be able to cuddle your.


Again ahhh x..

Comment #5

Ok well I have 4 dogs, and 1 cat, my cocker was up in my lap and laying near my belly a week after.


I didnt mind at all I made sure to help her to be where it didnt hurt me, she insists on sleeping on me and she has bounced on my tummy on accident.. now when the Boxer/lab did it on accident I was a bit scared.. but even that didnt hurt me... good luck and not to worry you will be ok.. (i was able to.


On my own tummy a week out of.


.. didnt even know I slept on my tummy till I woke up on it.. lol)..

Comment #6

I am 10 days post-op and have the same issues with my chubby kitty. We just adopted her a few months ago after my two year old kitty suddenly die. Since day one she would climb up on my chest and tummy to.


After my.


I kept a pillow on my belly at all times. She is a little chubby so even having her lay on the pillow was not too comfy. I would suggest keeping them off for the first week or two. I let Bella up on me yesterday and she decided she needed to "fluff" me, she has front claws and scratched near one of me incisions. I got scared and moved, which scared her causing her to quickly jump off me and tugged on the JP drainage tube ripping out the stitch holding the tube to my skin in the process. The good thing is, my doctor moved my appointment up to Monday instead on Wednesday to have this drain removed.


They don't know you're still healing..


Comment #7

My 2 cats are total lap cats too, and they have gotten fat! So I didn't let them jump on me for the first 2 weeks, This past week I have been letting them but I am still on guard. They don't have claws but they think they are kittens and like to take off.


From any place... including my tummy... SO front claws are gone but back ones are still there... and ouch, gotta pay close attention when they are on my lap...

Comment #8

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