C++ How do I stop this infinte loop in my Medifast menu?

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First question I got is C++ How do I stop this infinte loop in my Medifast menu? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My other question... For the past week now I've been throwing up every day after dinner. I thought maybe it was the type of Medifast food I was eating but even when I went back to soups, I still found my self with my head in the toilet minutes after finishing..

Applesauce seems to be the only thing I can keep down at dinner time. for I had some fish for lunch and I had the exact same fish, cooked the exact same way for dinner and I threw it up! Its getting really frustrating and my stomach is starting to hurt from all the throwing up..

I called my doctors and they said that it's "normal" and It takes a little while to get in the 'groove'? what groove? becoming bulimic?.

I dunno. Anyone else go through this? Im 4 weeks post op today actually =o..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I'm 4 weeks post opi also have problems keeping Medifast food down. I went back to Popsicle no sugar added to keep something down. I know it not easy or fun. stuff I could have last week I cant have now..

Even my energy has gone down drastically.but I walk as much as I can. i'm gonna try and.


Less during daymight get a blood test too just to be sure all is good there..

Hang in there.WE CAN GET THROUGH IT..

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Only after dinner or other meals? If it's all meals I'd definitely be getting in to chat with my Dr. Strictures or narrowing of the stoma/scar tissue is an easily corrected.


Complication but can make you feel miserable for awhile..

Just happening after dinner... I'd lean toward maybe some vitamin you are taking before or after that maybe upsetting you? or not chewing enough... you know dinner conversation in the beginning was hard. Not enough chews and ouch or puke happens..

You know puking every once & awhile is just a part of life but everyday can cause damage... to the throat, hernias, etc..


It is easily rectified..


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Hi I,.

4-7 weeks was probably the worst time for me..

I had numerous bouts of frothing ( spittle, burps and hiccups) that cause me to eventually bring up a little of what I ate..

I frothed on.


At times.....

If your really worried, phone you team and be persistant that they at least check you out.....

Keep a record of what you have been eating ready for them....



Its only temporary hun....

Buzz xx..

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I am in the same boat! 4 weeks out today and finding very little that does not come right back up. I have gone back to my shakes to make sure I am getting my protein! All in all though it does make you feel awful!..

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I can relate.. I to have a very hard time keeping my evening meal down. I had my GBS on Dec 1st ,09 and I feel wonderful .. lots of energy and a losing weight about 3 ta 4 lbs a week. I have found that perhaps my poutch isn't quite ready for solid foods in the evening so I just eat yougurt or cottage cheese .or maybe a little mashed potatoes. oh and a sugar free popcycle seems to help too.

Linda :)..

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I'm 6 weeks post op and can relate - although I cannot eat in the morning - so I stick with a protein drink. I know some evenings I eat too quickly and then I am miserable -and up it comes. I need to make sure that I stop my liquids about 1 hr before eating, and then eat slowly, chew well and stop as soon as something does not feel right. I'm sure we'll all find our groove eventually!.

Good Luck!.


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I had my.


12/28/09 and initially I was doing just fine until the saturday after I was released from the hospital. I have been throwing up daily. The vomiting and naseau has been unbearable. My quality of life sucks right now. I can bearly swallow water. My doctor has told me this could last up to 3 months.

On the plus side I've lost 47 lbs so far but at what cost...

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Unfortunately you will find out you can eat something one time and the next you can't. Three years out and I still have that issue at times. Definitely make sure not drinking at least an hour before you eat cause your pouch may still be too full if you try to eat. When yo start getting even a little ache in your chest area stop eating otherwise you will have to throw up. Its a trial and error thing of.


What is just one bite too many although yours sounds like your body is just not ready for what you are eating and might need to stick to the softer things for a little longer. Things do get better I promise...

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Soo sorry you are going thru this, I am sure you are frustrated from trying everything. I.


It does get better for you..

I'm kinda in the same boat as you, I'm in the puree stage/soft Medifast food stage, and I'm trying new things, one at a time, and I always seem to manage to be throwing it up, when my pouch doesnt like something, jeez oh man does it let you know, I head right for the bathroom, everyone in the house knows whats going on behind the closed doors. Applesauce is a guaranteed good Medifast food for me, so is cream of wheat and egg beaters, I'm afraid thats what I'll be on for the rest of my life. Does it ever stop? I just started the throwing up this week, I dont know if my stomach muscles had to work themselves up to be able to throw up, great now I'm strong enough to throw

So keep your chin up and out of the toilet, I'm gonna try too!..

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