C++ problem with Medifast menu using void and with cin>>?

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Quick question: C++ problem with Medifast menu using void and with cin>>? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... I've heard you can never eat bread again except toast; is this true? Is it certain kinds of breads, rolls, buns?? Does anyone have this problem or is it because of the carbs or dumping, vomiting, or what?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I eat bread, just not white bread, and only after I have had my protien. I do really miss PBandJ with milk...

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This is another very odd and unexpected thing for me..

Prior to.


... I loved bread. All kinds, shapes and size. For those who are familiar, Panera Bread was one of my favorite shops - so many incredible breads. Such incredible smells..

When I found out bread would be very restricted post.


, this became one of my pre-surgery 'mournings'. I said goodbye to bread with deep sadness. We had been very close friends for my entire life..

Fast-forward to post-surgery.... Turns out I was needlessly mourning. Since.


, I've completely lost my desire for bread. In the past 5 months, I've eaten no bread and do not miss it at all..

Will this change going forward? Don't know. But as I continue to to turn good practice into good habits, bread is not even on my radar..

Who would of figured?..

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I eat bread sometimes.

My daughter wanted a sub one night and I took 3 small bites and that was enough for me.

Remember flour products will swell just like sunflower seeds.

That swelling is a bad thing cause it can lead to discunfort (personal experience).

And that can strech your pouch.

And with something that will swell it will take up the room that you need for meat (protene).

I try and.


The flour but I make sure we got like pasta and bread here for the rest of the family.

But I see that as having self controll to have it in the home and able to.


It at all costs..

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I eat low carb, high fiber bread and prefer to toast it. Western Bagel Company has Alternative Bagels and Pita Bread that is very good and has half the calories and carbs. They are hard to find in stores, but you can order them on-line on the Western Bagel website...

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There are no absolutes in this game..

Some folks "can't" eat soft breads because they are hard to chew down... the soft breads tend to ball up and can cause issues by plugging up your pouch..

Other "choose" not to because of the simple carbs in white breads, pastas, etc..

I have no problem with breads... yes, I've even eaten a hot-dog on a bun. But, by and large I choose better options at times I have bread. One of my go-to lunches when I don't have a planned meal from home is the Subway Feast (lotsa meat!) on their flatbread. Though I've done the whole wheat (usually eating just half the bread, doing open-face sandwich)..

A lot of post-ops are enjoying the new "sandwich thins" out there (there's a couple different brands). They're typically 100 calories, you can get whole wheat or multi-grain, they are burger bun sized and denser than regular breads/buns so they are easier to chew. They're versatile, can be used for sandwiches, mini-pizza, and more. Many others use low-carb, whole-wheat tortillas for their sandwiches and pizzas..

I like baking bread, and still do for family dinners at holidays, and I will have a small slice with dinner..

So basically, you'll need to figure out what your body is going to be able to tolerate, not just from a physical standpoint, but also what you can handle mentally in how you work your new lifestyle..

Either way, if you choose to start trying breads, start with toasting. It makes it easier to chew down enough to get through the pouch...

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There are round, very thin rolls put out by Arnold which are high in fiber (the whole grain ones) and a nice size for GBS patients. I don't eat white bread, but I love whole grain breads once in a while. I make tuna salad and put a thin layer on them and it's just the right size for me. But, I am almost 4 years post-op. Some of you probably could only tolerate a half a roll, which is fine! Just cut that in half and put the filling on it and eat a half a sandwich. Good stuff!! BTW, there are a lot of claims that you will never eat this or that again. It is a very individual thing! Bottom line, it is what you can tolerate in moderation...

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I simply cannot eat it anymore - it sits in my pouch like a big rock and is soooo uncomfortable. I count it as a good thing since I try to.


Most carbs anyway..

I LOVED bread pre-op btw. Obviously, it did not love me back - hence the GBP lol..

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I do not dump on bread, but I can't eat big amounts of it. I can eat a half of sandwich without problems and without getting sick. I consider myself lucky. I know that a lot of people do dump on bread. The carbs in it are what makes them sick...

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I too cannot eat bread and like Jerry was a bread "fiend" prior to GBS. Now, 4 months post-op and my craving for bread has gone..

I've substituted Mission Whole Wheat low carb tortillas for making Eggface Pizzas and Vitawheat 9 grain sandwich size crackers for "sandwich" type meals..

That is what works for me...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.