Can anyone tell me how to get into iPage and get a template to work.?

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First of all Can anyone tell me how to get into iPage and get a template to work.? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I was doing my daily backordering at and came across this..

To backorder. $15,000.00. $16,000.00. $21,000.00. $15,000.00. $16,000.00. $110,000.00. $20,000.00. $17,000.00. $188,000.00.

There's more, but WTF? All these seem to end on 9-19-2006 ?????? Is this something new or did I miss something?..

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Yup, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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It would be nice to here something from SnapNames themself on this one. The thing that I find odd is they all end on the same day? Even if Buy Domains was able to auction off some of there names on SN, why would they end them ALL on the same day and not spread them out, so people have enough CASH to spend on them, this is, if somebody would even pay $xxx,xxx for a regular or .net?..

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Mmm, this is very INTERESTING ..... Consider .com's , .net's are 21 % of .com's..

Wooohoooo .coms must be $$$$$$..

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I noticed the same thing - luckily.. I always use the bulk order page and paste in a list and there's no way of telling whether the auction starts at $60 or $20,000+. Turned out that I'd placed several hundred thousand dollars worth of backorders without realising. Am now going through the list and deleting them all.. There are going to be a lot of people who get caught out by this I think..

Interesting I won a Snapnames auction recently and saw this on my registration history page:..

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Thats a very good point - I think a formal announcment should have been made from Snapnames about the changes in their practise to avoid this happening to someone else....... or did I miss it ? .

Do you think Snapnames could of been bought by BuyDomains backers ?? or is it just a private business deal between them ? .


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They definitely should have announced it but I haven't heard anything about it. The two auctions should really be seperated out if there's gonig to be different starting prices, otherwise it's going to be problems - I'm sure lots of people who have bulk ordered names are going to get a shock when the auctions start..

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You should consider this a VERY GOOD DEAL ......

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You are correct, we are trying some new things with our auction interface, including offering names for sale that aren't necessarily at the end of their registration cycle. Before you ask, please know that Buydomains is in no capacity allowed to bid on these names as a customer. And Gazzip, if you had a portfolio similar to that of Buydomains you'd be amazed at how preferentially I'd treat you..

I'm embarrassed to admit that spreading out the end dates for affordability's sake was not something we considered. Staggering the end times for auctions that can have arbitrary ending times anyway is a good idea, and one I think we should implement going forward..

The correct starting bid price is intended to be displayed in the bulk order page, and the fact that it is not displayed is a bug; it is in the process of being patched right now. In the mean time if anyone inadvertently bids more than they intended to, please immediately contact us at support@snapnames and we'll assist. No one is ever going to be held to a bid at SnapNames that they legitimately did not mean to enter...

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KJEL~Thanks for the update, and now that you are here, I have another question about your Live Auction pricing. For the past couple weeks, everyday your starting bid prices have changed? $9.00, $49.00, $60.00 etc... Now I see most at $29.00 ? Are you trying to get a feel from what people are going to bid or what is the reason for the differant starting prices. I checked several differant names and one name does not hold any value over the other, but there is still the up and down price changes, so it is very hard to figure out why all the price changes? An insite to this would be nice..

P.S. I see no reason why all Live Auction names should not start at $9.

If the name is that good, it will be picked up with a $60 pre-order, but it would still be fun to have a couple average names in the Live Auctions as well, that the small guy might have a chance at..

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I bet you would - If BuyDomains took a few months holiday from shopping at Snapnames maybe my portfolio would be far far better than it is..

Nice to see a reply from you, is this a function that "may" possibly be open to other users at a later date ? Or did they just make you an one off offer you could'nt refuse ? .

Glad you would'nt make me pay $140,000 for one of their $25 LLL.coms.

Seriously though, I think Snapnames is excellent and it would be great if you could offer a similar service to us peasants, you clearly have the attention of many of the big investors..



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So are we to take it that down the line there could also be preferential treatment to those vendors/customers that have - more money to spend or spend consistantly higher, big and/or great portfolios, are friends of employees, have political connections etc.?.

..just asking...

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Damn, I spoke too soon.

(or too much.

) Snapnames has gone on a go slow and won't load for me just now ! 40 mins to the end of an auction too.


Quick Kjel, get the spanners out and fix it pleeeease.

15 mins to go and it's not working !.


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I am not sure but anyone heard of DOS attacts on a auction @ a iPage site and the DOS stops suddenly 3 min before the auction ends and someone wins the bid real cheap? I dont want to specify the iPage site but I have seen this many times at auctions whichhave a high value...

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It will likely be more widely available at a later date; we are still determining how to best sell third-party owned domains...

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Do the $ 2270000 3 letter domains all belong to BuyDomains ? .

I hope I win my HostGator - For the second time around !!!.


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