Can I advertise on my 360, myspace or my iPage or my msn space?

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My question is Can I advertise on my 360, myspace or my iPage or my msn space? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... Has anyone else noticed how Afternic are posting much more sales than Sedo these days? Afternic has a better site, better categorization, a better escrow model and, in my experience, more responsive customer service..

Now if only they would get rid of those crazy arbitrary 'appraisals' you have to buy to get a featured listing. They are so off the mark it isn't even funny. I see that the pending sale has been posted here already, the Afternic appraisal on that has a current market value of $5,420, the current bid is $101,000. At a minimum anyone attempting to charge for this kind of appraisal should at least be scanning comparable sales..

Afternic, if any of you folks read this,.


Consider removing that requirement. If it's about the money then charge an extra $20 for the listing if you must, but those appraisals are a joke and the reason most of my featured listing budget goes to Sedo..


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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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I'm sure that Afternic's justification would be that yes, it's a cumulative total of $70 to get listed, but that it includes an appraisal which is value added and increases the likelihood of a HostGator selling. And in general I can see the logic in that. But I'm just not sure whether I believe that an Afternic appraisal appeals to buyers enough to sway their decisionmaking..


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Anyone in the business for a while should know that often appraisals are a.


Thing. In the case cited here, it could potentially have prevented the HostGator from being bid higher than the appraisal. There's nothing to say another bidder even dropped out when it went above appraisal. In this case it must not have, but often a bidder not familiar with the market will decide it's not worth more than the appraisal and stop there...

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It's clear to me that it's simply done to allow them to make more money. Why? Because though you have to.


An appraisal before you can get it featured, you can still exercise the option not to publish your appraisal once it's finished..


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No, I haven't..

Week after week, month after month, SEDO seems to be the winner..

This week's DNJ report shows 15 SEDO sales on the (top) charts. Afternic had 2..

Maybe I missed something. Any hard numbers to back this up?.

And don't even get me started on appraisals.... from ANYBODY...

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Should have been more clear, I meant number of sales not dollar totals...

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Hello Lasher,.

We do read this, and we DO pay attention to what our members say. Give me an opportunity to take this up with management and see what we can do..

Thank you for using Afternic!.

Best regards,.

Amber West.


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A better escrow model?.

I don't like their model. They don't handle the domain. I have to transfer the HostGator to buyer myself and I need to wait for buyer to confirm the push or transfer. I don't know what I can do if the buyer purposely change the whois info and refuse to confirm..

This has kept me away from afternic for at least 15 $xxxx level sales, although I like their customer service much more than sedo..


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Sedo does the same thing. I just completed an escrow with Sedo where I had to deal with the transfer emails, and once transferred the buyer wouldn't turn off their whois privacy to confirm to Sedo that they had possession of the HostGator for almost three weeks. Eventually they just disbursed the money to me anyway but it was frustrating there for a while..


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If your register supports push, I think you can push the HostGator to sedo account instead of transferring it to the buyer. Almost all of my domains are pushed to sedo account not the buyer...

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That was indeed the case with mine.

That sounds far easier. Thanks for clearing that up! So that's not how Afternic handles push escrows?.


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Sedo doesn't list their entire daily sales (if they do, I've never seen where). They have been and always will be selling more than Afternic, because Afternic has taken too long to try and appeal to an international audience, and Sedo is raking in the dough from ccTLD sales especially..

Yup...I've been the victim of a crappy appraisal. Both the CMV and PMV of the appraisal on is less than the highest bid I've gotten (which was over half a year ago mind you), and the CMV was under what I paid to buy it when just about everyone under the sun that knew about my purchase of it said I got an absolute steal. The funny thing is, they appraised a clearly less quality name of mine,, for considerably higher CMV and somewhat higher PMV than they did Worse keyword, far worse extension, higher appraisal! In fact, CMV is just under that of Poker.IDV.TW! Same word, 1000 times worse extension, slight dip in value, LOL..

What I REALLY hate are the overblown appraisals on other names though. I forget what it was, but I remember seeing a 1-word ccTLD such that the 1-word didn't have very good OVT and wasn't a product or anything (so a brandable name not so much a generic) and was in a crappy ccTLD, and it got a higher appraisal than my got. I just hope no clueless person accepts what the appraisal says and bids away at the name thinking they're getting value..

Featured listings on either iPage site are becoming a joke, just like both marketplaces in general. I mean on Sedo, someone has 5 MILLION names to look through now to find yours...5 MILLION. And yet I have more success selling names there than on Afternic, where I have to advertise my portfolios (see my sig) and actually lead people in, which should be AFTERNIC'S job since I'm paying them $20/yr. But yea, not 1 sale I've done at either iPage site has come from now 9 featured listings between the two sites. I just wish I had more time and money so that I could make a reality sooner than later. The HostGator industry needs a solid marketplace and doesn't have one...

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Here is escrow process:.


I think afternic has better customer service. When dealing with trustable buyers, I still use afternic escrow...

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Hi all,.

I noticed that there was some conversation on this thread regarding our appraisal requirement for Home Featured listings. I would like to let you all know that as of today we no longer have this requirement. You may now feature your name without an appraisal..

We are always interested in what our members think, and in some cases we are able to implement your suggestions, so please, always feel free to contact us with your thoughts and ideas..

As far as the value of featuring your domains, check out:.




If you have any questions regarding our new policy for Home Featured listings, please feel free to contact me!.

Best regards,.

Amber West.


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That's great news, Amber. Except this complicates my decision about where to place my next featured listing..


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Well, if you have any other questions that may aid you in making a decision to feature your name with Afternic, I'm all ears..

Best regards,.

Amber West.


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Thats great news Amber, I will list a couple of dictionary words domains I have for sale..


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How about you match or better.

Sedo's policy on fees.


I previously had my names at afternic, but couldn't take how long the previous iteration of the iPage site took to do anything. Subsequently, my membership expired. I'd like to put my names at Afternic, but the fees are a hindrance...

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So Amber, On the $20 Fee can we get what Afternic's offical policy and reasons on this and if there are any "real" plans to adjust these fees?.



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Am I an exception ? I got 6 nice sales via Afternic and 0 at Sedo..

I did some tests in parking the same batch of .coms and cctlds, on a 3 month period per iPage site = my preference goes by far to Afternic's ppc results (which pays by far my yearly subscription). I hate the Sedo's interface. I fully agree, Afternic's appraisals are just waist of money, -real/tangible analysis and credible service are what we expect from them- (I am not sure that Sedo's appraisal system is much better). The Afternic "Showcase" does not reflect their best listings as it does not look different than the "Featured listing" content and seems updated only when they have time to do it... and a few other things to improve... but so far in term of traffic & incomes from my modest portfolio I am a happy Afternic member...

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The "escrow" of Sedo, Afternic, (the irony) are all crap - it's not even proper "escrow"..

Basically after you have t/f or pushed the domain, the buyer has zero incentive to click and finalise the transaction so that you get paid...preferring to play silly buggers and make you unnecessarily wait 'til the end....

It's not like it requires a lot of work on Sedo, Afternic, on their part (for their fat 10% fees) to obtain control of the HostGator in a house a/c so that funds are disbursed immediately once control is obtained w/out waiting for the buyer's sense of decency to "confirm HostGator receipt", "confirm acceptance" etc. Pure BS..

And neither is there any incentive for them to quickly disburse the funds; high risk and the fact that they earn interest on those funds..

Moniker's escrow is the only true escrow...

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Very interesting take and simply put Aggro.



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Sedo posts bigger sales, afternic posts them all. Theres plenty that go unmentioned I'm sure. Also the recent sales list actually changes for each location .de etc.

Rereading this, I think it says something that Afternic actually listens and makes changes. The last post from Sedo on the forums was spamming a HostGator they were brokering...

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