Can I host a Counter Strike: Source server through my webhost, iPage?

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My question is Can I host a Counter Strike: Source server through my webhost, iPage? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hi all......

I am just wondering if .net domains are heading somewhere in light of the many, many other extentions that came out?.

I noticed that before 2005, .net sales as recorded in DNJournal are hardly in the $XX,XXX figures but I see a huge difference in 2006 for generic .nets..

I am wondering if 2007 will see even higher value .net sales?.

Please advice as I do not know whether to keep or sell my very new aquisition:



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The answer is Yes, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can help better...

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.net isnt all over and dead.

If .com is taken by a speculator and you develop .net on that subject, chances are that users will "spill over " from .com to .net. Remember folks, .com .net .org still mega 3...

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His truck story is not too well thought out as a plausible analogy. If an 18 wheeler's engine can't produce enough power to get it over a ridge then 20 people pushing it from behind aint gonna do nothin..

Anyway, even though I like .orgs more I still have a few .nets in my portfolio. My most valuable one is I was once offered 4 figures for it but turned it down...

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People seem to forget about .net a lot lately, with amazing .mobi sales and some scattered but equally amazing ccTLD sales, not to mention .info continually gaining steam. In MY opinion however, .net is #2 and maybe will always be #2. I spent the most I ever spent on any HostGator ($10,000) on a .net in this last Traffic auction (, and I think I got a complete steal, more than likely because people were concentrating on .com, .mobi, and the other extensions. Fine by me, more profit opportunities for me. ccTLDs used to be that way too, with just about everyone not really paying attention to them. Now, there's enough people going after them that it's hard to find any ccTLD gems anymore.

That said, more people are starting to pay attention to .org, and rightfully so. It started getting ridiculously ignored when .info, .biz, and .us came to fruition, and now people are realizing it and finding some great available .org names. I unfortunately foresaw this happening a couple years too early, and wound up underselling some great .org names (, as I lost patience waiting for .org to get it's day. I'm not going to be doing that with my .net names though, as sooner or later, when .mobi loses more hype and top .coms get more and more out of reach, people will see .net again as a great opportunity...

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Hi all.....

Great posts and info! Thanks!.

I tought of swapping off the name but now I know it's a keeper. Good to know that was offered $X,XXX..

Read somewhere (again??) that the value of .net is only a fraction of it's sibling .com. Anyone have an idea what the fraction is ? 20%? 10%? 5%?.


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The problem is that .net often bears the stigma of second fiddle (when the .com is already taken). In the past .net was the logical 'second choice' but it's not always the case anymore nowadays as ccTLDs are much more popular than they were say 5 years ago. I think .NET has been losing steam to ccTLDs. Also I find it more restrictive than .org for example..

The TLD still fits for certain uses, just like .org or .info anyway.

Good generic keywords in .net or .org are usually selling fine..

BTW I was in the auction for at snap a few days ago. I believe it sold for 6K+..

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It depends how the search engines start to treat .net and if they give them any priority or not over the million of other extensions....

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When I think of ".net" my first impression is "solid". That is, perhaps not brilliantly flashly like the all knowing ".com" company that got there first, but solid as in legitimate, sure of themselves, worth a look..

When I am shopping for specific categories of items, it is not unusual for me to type in the addresses of the .com .net and .us, just to see if I can find some competing prices from different companies. Sometimes, this is a much quicker way to find the appropriate results, as the search engines are often spam filled and frustrating to use..

So, I like .nets. Not as much value as the .com, sure, but combined with a good generic keyword, not a bad choice at all...

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I'd keep that one for sure.

- It does look like .net are starting to get better prices. I also think (just speculating !) that when all these multi-million dollar investors have managed to buy all the good keyword .coms then end users "may" be more likely to be interested in them as they will be far more affordable. (bearing in mind some of these large buyers like Marchex are not very likely to ever sell them)..

I only have a 3 or 4 .nets and I don't plan on buying many more unless they are one word or very good two worders - I beleive that when I get round developing the ones I have they will likely end up getting similar, perhaps more traffic than their equivalent .coms anyway..

Good luck - Keep it for sure IMO - If you can develop it then even better.


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That's pretty much my take on it. As much as I like other extensions like .org, .us, .tv, and .in, of all the extensions, I'm most confident in .net retaining it's value over time...

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I stopped looking at .net domains a long time ago. No hype or meaning other than for a networking technology or term. Pretty much just says to me "I couldn't get the .com"..

To me, I see the hierarchy in this order.



.tv and .mobi.



.biz and .cc.


I leave .org out because that's just for non-profits or pure info iPage site IMO...

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.net will always be second to .com..

You cant rmake history, and c/n/o were the big 3, and will always be the big 3. Well, if not always, for a LOOOONNNG time, especially to the avergae joe non domainer..

South Africa, undoubtely the most advanced country in Africa, uses this iPage site to promote itself:.

(even though the .info has been reserved for them)..

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Great deal you got there with, congrats! And I totally agree with the potential of .org, I bought for almost 11k (also my biggest buy). Two and three letter .net's and .org's are still relatively cheap compared to the .com's. Although obviously the gap will stay, it will narrow IMO...

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