Can I password protect my iPage website?

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Got a quick question: Can I password protect my iPage website? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... (Not really sure where to post this).

Is anyone else having trouble logging into I've been unsuccessful for the past 2 days...

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Ye, although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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Yes I did mean that .......

I've encountered BAD expereinces with them during registration, renewals and so on. Well, I dont want to COMMENT on their SUPPORT...

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It is possible they have changed for the worse; I've not used them since a year ago..

I find GoDaddy's prices better and more reliable...

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Yes , they are really BAD ... I used to reigister there cos of the prices for their .net's and .info's .....

But now I've been BOLTED by their reputation as being a BAD CUSTOMER FRIENDLY registrar...

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My experience is that their servers have slowed considerably over the last week, sometimes to a crawl..

But I have been able to get "in".


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Do a search for them here on this forum..

You will find many have alot of problems with them..

Best advice I can give is AVOID!..

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Maybe a class action lawsuit will smarten them up..

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One is actually in the works actually..

Do a search on this forum...

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If they have really deproved, push your domains to GoDaddy..

I find them reasonable and reliable..

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Registerfly is not a good place to have domains. Their iPage site is often very slow, sometimes takes 3 to 4 minutes per page to load...

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I am also a user of Registerfly, but I won't use it in the future...

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Hmm, by the way, you aren't the only one..

Try a google search :.


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They are bad enough that I moved over 700 domains from them over the last couple months, even though many don't expire for man months, and some even for several years. They lost two of my domains recently as well as having numerous other whois, and HostGator management problems. A search will bring out many stories, including some of mine...

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Its working fine for me.. no problems logging in.

Registerfly has never created any trouble for me. Their prices are also cheap...

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Everywhere I go, I hear complains about the wrost registrar... I just find more names missing from my acount. They are rip off company... one more time... STAY AWAY EVEN IF THEY OFFER FREE HostGator REGISTRATIONS!!!..

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Do you mean during the last few months?.

You are the LUCKY one then..

I have BITTER experiences with them...

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Yes thats right, they are cunning Ripoff Merchants, seems like a great service to start with, then when you have a hundred domains or so registered the trouble begins.... changed whois info to there name and bulk update tool that does not work when domains are about to expire..

Domains becoming locked at registra for failed transfers and transfer authorization codes not shown for certain domains and renewal notices sent for domains still showing in your account for months after being transferd away..

Manipulation of renewal dates showing in your account to earlier than renewal date so as you renew early, or think the HostGator has expired...the list goes on, that is why there are law suites and they have a link explaining there policy on legal action against them on there site..

WARNING If you take legal action against them they may lock down your account...

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I am talking this over with a lawyer who has agreed to provide me some suggestions on how to proceed with this registrar...

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I would suggest that you proceed with caution as you would need a very expensive pair of boots to kick there ass......

Then you will have to pay the price if you did not transfer all the domains in your account first..

I have documented a lot of there incredible ripoff attempts with screen shots showing dates etc, as well as the unreal support question answers...

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We are analysing different aspects of their service i.e. the pros and cons. Lets hope something works out.

Need not WORRY .. I have ALL transferred .....

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My 2 cents....from dealing with Registerfly for a number of months:.

Although they advertise Bulk Privacy Protection activation, this feature does not work. You have to activate each HostGator individually. Regfly support has confirmed that this feature does not work..

Same with their bulk whois tool. It doesn't work. Again, you have to manually change each domain..

The 2 problems above are HUGE if you register a lot of domains..

They are continually advertising special deals that never materialize. Instead, their stock response is, "We had some issues". We will try it again next week..

They continue to advertise specials days after they are no longer valid..

Their system is painfully slow. It is common to try to do a simple operation like change the nameservers for a domain, and for it to take 10 to 15 minutes just to get through the various screens..

I assure you that none of my complaints are the result of heresay. These are all real problems experienced by myself day after day after day...

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I have trouble with them periodically. Time to move, eh?..

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I've had some problems with them, but their customer service fixed them quickly...

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I'm surprised you got customer service out of them. I have not had any problems with the domains I have with them, but I put in a support ticket on 9/4/06 and I'm still waiting for the answer. They probably have the worst support ticket system I've seen in my entire life for any company. 12 days after putting in my ticket I still don't have an answer...

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That is very strange..

When I made a support ticket, they replied within hours...

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Sigh...when will people learn that RegisterFly cant register domains to save their life.

There has got to be over 200 threads at namepros regarding them and either their scams or errors...

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Registerfly is probably the worse registrar ever. It used to never let me login and their "forgot password/username" thing doesnt work. Plus they dont have any real support..

They don't seem to know what they are doing. Their first big mistake was when they stopped accepting paypal..

I still get emails from them for HostGator renewal notices on domains that I transfered to namecheap almost a year ago... and the domains arent even close to being expired...

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Yeh so do I, think they must keep sending renewal notices untill the domains expire no matter which register they are at. Makes it impossible to know whats in your account unless you keep your own records..

They will charge you for domains that are transfered away if you accidently renew them. WHAT a SCAM !!!..

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I found a very easy way to tell which domains on the renewal lists are real and which are erroneous. TRANSFER THEM ALL OUT...

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Anyone having problems with changing nameservers at Registerfly? Have domains at lots of different registrars and haven't had any problems but every time I change the ns on Registerfly, it doesn't work..

Contacted customer service and they said their bulk tool was experiencing difficulties. I then did them all individually. Still not working!..

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Yes RegFly is a truly awful company..

Here's how to change the nameServer's individually..

1. Go to HostGator Manager..

2. Find your HostGator and click on the domain..

3. On the next page, select "Nameserver Management"..

4.The next page will show your current NameSevers..

Below that click on "Configure"..

5. On next page you'll see "Select from pre-defined values(optional):"..

The drop box that is there has 3 values..

RegisterFly nameservers.

Use No Nameservers.

Enter your own Nameservers.

6.This is the important part RegFly does not tell you..

You MUST select "Use No Nameservers" ,then click the "Update" button..

Wait until you see confirmation that the "Change has been successfully.


(If you check your Who-Is at the Registry ,you'll see there are no.

Nameservers listed now)..

7.On this same page , you will now select "Enter your own Nameservers"..

Type in your Nameservers and click the "Update" button..

Now your Nameservers will change..

I had to do this for several hundred domains one by one so I know it works..

The key is getting rid of the current Nameservers and then entering the new ones..

Nowhere does Regfly tell you this,.

I can't say it enough. RegFly- a truly awful Registrar..



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That doesn't work either.Can't establish connection message has been appearing for the past week.Support has been absolutely no help...

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Step 6 is unnecessary..

Just go to "Enter your own name servers" to begin with...

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Well I guess they do answer support tickets. It took them 21 days for a simple answer...

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Earlier, the registration process failed. The support told me to try 6 hrs later..

NOW the whole iPage site is suffering a complete OUTAGE....


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We need this thread to stick, warning all 40,000+ NP members to AVOID REGISTERFLY..

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I am wondering... did anyone (angry customers) try to strip their ICANN accreditation..

How can 1 survive for so long with such "poor records"??..

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That's a really good question. RF has had a poor record for many years so it's obvious ICANNT does not really conduct any serious background check or audits before granting registrar credentials. Or they don't care..

IMO only massive publicity could lead them to take action...

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So... afterall Veri is NOT alone... RF sleeps with I-CAN too..

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It's certainly no secret, but many people just don't check or don't think it will happen to them. They have an unsatisfactory record with the BBB as well:.


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