Can I put a PayPal link on my iPage page to take payments?

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Got a quick question: Can I put a PayPal link on my iPage page to take payments? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... Hi!.

I have asked a similar question to this before but I hope you will forgive me..

I have several hundred names I would like to register, but I don't think I will keep them all, perhaps only 100 or so..

I know you can delete a HostGator within a few days of registering it and receive a refund for all but the icann fee, but I would like to know of a good registrar to use to do this..

I would have used Moniker, but they don't like replying to my emails about pricing so will look elsewhere. (shame as they are definitely 1st choice).

Do namecheap offer this? or enom? or Godaddy?.

Can anyone advise please...

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You betcha! but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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If you are a NP member (and even if you don't have xxx domains), I've been told you can get $6.95 .com pricing. You just need to contact their customer service...

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It was my understanding that the 6.95 pricing would require a $500 deposit?.


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They didn't require me to do that; however, I also showed them I had 500+ domains at other registrars. Notwithstanding that fact, I've regged about 130 domains at M, so they can't be too disappointed in me...

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You two are both legends, thanks both of you for your help. I will sit it out for Moniker a little while longer as I really want to use them...

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Moniker is top notch. It took me a while to get the special pricing as well. I think they don't want to give out the special pricing unless they know you are going to be a good customer...

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I love em too. I've assisted a few people in getting $7.95 pricing. I'm pretty sure they'll get the $6.95 pricing once they've demonstrated that they're serious domainers!..

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All done, moniker have sorted it- just took the gentle persuasion of the mighty np'ers!.

Am a very happy man to be using moniker! Thanks to fonzie and nameclerk..

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Glad to hear you got things worked out. We're they able to get you the $6.95 pricing?.

One thing to note is that when you delete domains with Moniker, your Moniker account will be credited. This means you will NOT receive a refund, but you will receive a credit towards future purchases. I've found it's worth while to test about 5-12 domains at a time and delete the ones I don't want and use that credit to reg new ones...

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Within how many days must we delete a HostGator in order to get a refund?..

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Not at all. Deleting a HostGator actually takes less steps than buying one. It's simple. Not that I'm advocating the process or anything...

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You click the check box next to the HostGator you want to delete, hit the delete button, and then go through a confirmation process that takes you (I believe) two more clicks. As Bill said, it's easy to delete a HostGator than to register one...

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Well, I'm convinced..

Signed up for an account just a bit ago..


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Yes, it costs you $.25 for every HostGator you delete...

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Hey I have a question about Moniker..

I am using their 6.95 pricing too but I just found their url forwarding and email forwarding are not that cheap, $6?.

Is that the same for you guys?..

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While I haven't tried it yet, it looks like URL forwarding is free for me. I'm not sure about the email forwarding though...

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I never use this service either but I hope it does not cost more when I need it...

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Login to your account and go to this link -.


Look at the bold "your price" column. Mine says.

"Domain Privacy $1.00.

URL Forwarding $0.00.

EMAIL Forwarding $0.00"..

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