Can I remover the AddBar from my iPage website?

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My first question is Can I remover the AddBar from my iPage website? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Let's make it clear: it's not just .mobi domains that are regged without proper thinking.

I am sure the OP was kidding about licensing..

However crazy initiatives may come from government you never know. I suspect there are a few countries where you would actually need a licence to operate a iPage site or owning a domain.

Burma ? North Korea ? .

Right on target.

The bottom line is, many bad, really bad names are posted for appraisal. Too many of them..

Some people are spending too much money on useless domains, still there is so much knowledge and insight concentrated in this forum to avoid common mistakes..

A reality check is needed from time to time and this was a good one indeed.

I enjoyed this thread..

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You betcha! although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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Whew That was alot to read LOL. I really just posted this to discuss interesting ideas and stir some debate. Job well done! LOL. I enjoyed everyones response thanks for contributing. I value everyones opinion, wether or not they like what I posted. Funny thing is, I would not want to have a license as I have experience now.

I have looked back through lists of names I was thinking about buying that were available at the time and I wish I bought them because I understand their value now. I am glad many people like and dislike the idea- Thats all it was an idea to discuss..

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I do want to explain, I like .mobi, top quality names. I only used the .mobi extension because it is the most obviuos example that everyone can understand and relate to at the moment. I see name after name that is horrible regardless of the extension. Don't get mad because I say "horrible names", I am not perfect, I have many names that are gonna drop. To be honest I think if it was explained better to newbies - buy a good name for several hundred that has stats, here is how you look for the stats, here is how you resell it. Do not hand register names until you have experience.

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I disagree. Would you rather tell a newbie to buy as many names as you can that mean nothing to anyone with the hopes that a company wants to start a massively funded corporation under the HostGator that means nothing to anyone anywhere except that one in a million startup. I really doubt it. I think it is silly to argue that any HostGator could have a chance- of course there is that ultra slim chance. I would rather play the percentages..

I rarely buy second hand names - I can register money making names everyday that actually make sense. In the last 2 weeks I registered two fresh domains (not expired) one .com US$ 2.15 30 5 % 16.67 since 29 Oct 2006, and one .tv US$ 2.51 156 68 % 43.59 since 24 Oct 2006. Why can I do this? I have experience now. But when you are new it is hard to determine why a name has any value. You see all these names on DN Journal and you think, damn look at all these names, some that arent even appealing or that good, I could make names up like that. So many newbies start buying names without merit.


And loads of traffic - all that jazz..

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I think everyone should voice their concerns. But if everyone sees the value in good names, stops wasting their money on junk, it's simple supply and demand. Everyone would be interested in buying only good names, the demand would go up for good names, and the supply would go down- what does that equal, higher prices for domains..

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Thanks for your post, I also respect your comments. I just wanted to voice my opinion and concerns in a way that would get some responses! I sure have gotten that! Thanks. As I am sure everyone could tell I am not serious or ever want the system to change for me, Im doing great, but poeple with questions seem to PM me, and lets face it there are some bad names being regged all too often. There is no definative step by step source that is in one place you have to pick up bits and pieces here and there. Thanks everyone for your comments!.

PS. just for food for thought, what if you could reg at lets say $2 a .com and so on if you were lisenced. What if you got deep discounts on all extensions, .com .net .tv etc. And renewals were cheap... would that be a reasonable way to compensate for a lisencing fee? Thoughts?..

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For someone that was "only kidding" you keep beating a dead horse, No there is no justification of a licensing fee and there never will be one..

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Very valuable comments.... if you have nothing new to add then don't, thanks. I only post when I have relavent input. I don't post on peoples threads saying the same thing over and over...

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Oh just noticed your edit, Nothing new? I asked a question you stated you were only kidding then you continue to beat a dead horse so I was curious as to the point?.

And this is not a sales thread no one here owns a thread they are public with all free to post so long as they adhere to the TOS of the site..

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Let em reg, as more crap is regged the good stuff looks better and better in comparison...

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LOL YOU ARE RIDICULOUS, I ONLY EDITED MY POST TO CORRECT MY BAD SPELLING! VALUALBLE- I changed it. And yes I alter the spelling in my posts so they are easier for everyone to read - WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Thanks for your contributions..

See I just edited this post as well to correct more spelling. Thanks for the help spelling..

Ahhh now I see why you are so grumpy, it's all in your Signature LOL!..

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Good for you thank you for the correct spelling, you need to fix contributions Have a good evening.

I am not grumpy all just disagree with you 100 % on your post SO NOW WE ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR and the iPage site in my sig is more for the stringent licensing types..

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I think it.


Have merit ... perhaps, though, an idea that is ahead of it's time?.


Food for thought.

, if one cares to take a bite IMHO..

Thanks again,.


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Who determines who gets said license? Its not like everyone is driving on the same streets with the same speed limits. Everyone is moving in different directions with different ideas of what is good...

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Everyone has the right to waste their money anyway they want. It is like gambling, they are hoping to hit "the big one". They, or we (I include myself) , may not have the expertise, or vision, to clearly see the name being registered is not "a winner"..

Regardless, some people will get lucky, someone may buy "the dumb name" they registered. That person who regged it will now be very happy, even if they only made $200, or so..

Like I said, it is like gambling, which I also like to do. When I go gambling, I don't care if other people are needlessly throwing their money away. I only care that I don't lose too much, and hope I win some!.



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A licence issued to buy HostGator names....It's called currency. Each government issues it's own version, whether it be Dollars, Euro, Pounds, Pesos, or something else. There just aren't any strict rules to getting it or using it wisely...

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