Can I reregister my membership with under a new name?

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Quick question... Can I reregister my membership with under a new name? Thanks for any response. My other question... Never heard from them... I even created an account on there and regged a HostGator after finding out they have the special pricing for NP members...

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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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I got my credit today also and I am assuming it can be used for anything they can bill your account for so it wouldn't have to be used just for a HostGator name..

I love free domains.


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Damn I signed up and saw that message too..

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Got my credits. This will let me have some domains reged at moniker in the future...

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Hey someone should decide if it works or not :S..

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It doesn't work anymore.. anyone who signed up before, got a domain...

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I got my credit, I signed up more than a week ago...

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Yep, apparently I got my credit right after I posted my previous message today.

I gotta say Moniker seems like a great company, I've heard nothing but shining reviews about them and I appreciate free things and special pricing.

I dont have a ton of domains, but I do plan to do all of my future registrations there and transfer to them when my current domains need renewed...

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....waited some time but have received my credit nowIt will be interesting to see how they are as my current rating list is namecheap number 1, godaddy number 2 and everybody else out the window except for .jp...a good marketing exercise!..

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I ran into a small problem due to the fact that I decided to go ahead and create an account and reg a HostGator after waiting for 2 weeks to hear about this. So I had a HostGator in one account and credit in another... So I regged a HostGator and pushed it to my first account. I hope they don't say anything, because it's not like I created 2 accounts to try to get 2 free domains (I only got 1 free domain). Ehh who knows..

The point is, I'm a new customer and I'm happy, so they should be too.

I'm the proud new owner of (dont ask...)..

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Hehe, I used my free credit to finally reg the .com version of lookwhatdavefound!..

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