Can I set up a domain with my iPage account?

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Got a quick question: Can I set up a domain with my iPage account? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I was 18. In fact, was the domain. Hence my screen name SiliconFinance. No, I didn't want to finance breast enhancement surgery for young females.

That was before the Internet bubble burst the first time and at a time when all I did was check stocks online.

Today, that seems ridiculous, but back then the online stock sites had barely even gotten started..

How old were you and what was the significance of the HostGator you purchased?..

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Yes sir! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I think I had just turned 15 when I first registered one. Talk about starting young!..

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Now I feel like an old bag - I was 41 - but better late than never.

When domains were free and 2 letter .com's were in abundance,.

I never even knew what a HostGator name was..

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Lol My first was free. It was for a personal site. It looked terribly ugly but I was about 17 and damn proud of that piece of crap. It was As bad as it was, it paved the road to the first I actually bought, (I was 18 I think). It was a big Ozzy Osbourne iPage site but I neglected it a lot..

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I was 17.

My first HostGator - Created: 2003-05-14 soon will be 4 years old..

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38 - - Developed it - 2 months later sold it for $850..

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In a polite way of asking your age.

When were you 33?..

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I regged my first HostGator in 2005 thats when I was 15 years old..

It was an .info domain.Then I regged a .org domains.The third HostGator I regged was a .com that was in 2006 when I was 16 years old.The I regged plenty of domain.I don't have count of them.Now I am 17 and I ahve started regging 3 char .in domains...

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11. I was still clueless about domains back then - I ended up paying (IIRC) 9 for the domain's registration (so $17.50) - and it was only a ""!! Heh..

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I started a few months ago when I was 15, Im 16 now though. I dont really reg domains but my first one that I bought was and now ive bought and sold a few names and have and, I think ive done quite well for a young'un...

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I was 20 when I payed for the first one, and around 12 when I registered a free domain...

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28 for me, it's a .net, still have it...

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Registered my first paid HostGator when I was 12! ... what a crap name haha..

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You are welcome. I enjoy sharing such memories. I think you will like my follow up topic even more especially if you are a hardcore domainer. I will keep you posted...

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I was 15, almost 16. I was into collecting baseball cards, so I registered Of course I've grown far out of that now, but I wish I had kept the name...

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15. I didn't really start doing anything notable with my domains until I was 16 though. I'm now 17..

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I was 11..

It was for my gaming clan. I've been playing PC games for a big part of my life now...

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I was an old fart. I'm just an older wiser fart..

Looks like you have done very well for a sprout!..

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I was 14 when I bought my first domain. I think it was for a tutorials website...

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I honestly forget how old I was, but the name was and I think it was in '99 or '00, when I was 16 or 17. Got it on my brother's CC, and when he wound up not being able to afford renewal, he didn't tell me and let it expire, when it got snapped up by some piece of crap HostGator company that has ridiculous prices. They want $5k for it, I told them to go pound sand, hence the gradual moving away from that as a web name to NameTrader as a more professional business name...

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I could have registered my first HostGator when I was 14.

I feel bad that I dint..i used those free sub domains back then mostly hacking and music sites..don't even remember their names now..

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I was 14 when I actually paid for my first domain..

I forget what it was, though...

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I bought my first HostGator name in early 2006. I was 22 then...

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I was in my early 20's... but I think more importantly it was in 1992, back when you have to send an e-mail to ask if a HostGator name is available. I was stupid to let my first HostGator name expire in 1995, right before I hear about Netscape...

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I registered my first HostGator name 8 years ago when I was 13...

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Just checked the first HostGator I registered was at 20-oct-2001 at that time I was 22...

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I regged my first HostGator in 2006 when I was 25..



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The first was in 98, when I was 19 years old. around $80/2years!..

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