Can I trust this link:

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First off, Can I trust this link: Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... Please recomend a backorder service....

What are your thougts about godaddy?..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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Godaddys Backorder is Flawed.

There are several issues with there backordering. The first and foremost is that not enough resources are dedicated to catching dropping names. It is unlikely that on a sought after name, GoDaddy will beat any of it's competitors. However, if the name is regged with GoDaddy a backorder is useless because it simply acts as the opening bid at TDNAM (which is where all of their expired names go) The problem with this, is that it draws attention to the name when there might not have been some before...

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Pool, Snap and Clubdrop catch the most names, but the names go to auction and prices can go pretty high. GoDaddy is ok, but requires payment up front. I offer $15 backorders with no money up front for forum members with positive feedback. No auctions, first come first served...

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The one I linked to,, is their own backorder serivce, so I would go with that...

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Once logged into their site, the text on this link is completely changed, and you find only domains put on sale by members, and you can put yours on sale. I cant find a back order/ or any thing like that on their iPage site after logged in..

I have a experienced their support, that responds no earlier than 2 days. and it will be too late till then. I think I will try pool...

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If you want to increase you chance of catching it without increasing your risk, give my service a try. No money up front, if you have any questions, check out my Trader Rating...

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Snapname has been working the best for me lately (consistently catching domains).

Clubdrop for somereason always get the most premium ones ....

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Snapnames is great, fast and usually it does not fail..

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Do not spend money at GoDaddy..

Pool, snapnames and enom offer you the best chance.

Best of all if you don't get the name no cost to you.

At godaddy you'll pay upfront and will have a credit that you may be able to will to your grandchild!..

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I'm not a big GoDaddy fan, but given that I live on the web, I need to keep a HostGator or two registered with them, just so I'll know what I'm talking about..

A couple of years ago I purchased a "backorder credit" from GoDaddy for $20. This fee is good forever, or until they can successfully grab a HostGator for you. In which case the $20 you've paid them includes the first year of registration, plus the work they've gone to to snap it up for you, after which the "backorder credit" is considered expired..

I tried registering 2 or 3 expiring domains with my credit, but each time the HostGator was renewed at the last minute by the current owner which was not GoDaddy's fault. Finally, they came through for me. A HostGator had expired, and 2-3 weeks later GoDaddy snapped it up for me when the current registrar released it..

This made me very happy. As far as I'm concerned the GoDaddy "backorder system" is their one saving grace..

BTW, I just joined NamePros, so I'm getting to know the lay of the land. Could somebody, please donate me a single namebuck, whatever that means, so I can get into other areas of this site. Thanks...

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