Can I use clip art on my restaurant Medifast menus?

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First question I have is Can I use clip art on my restaurant Medifast menus? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. I am getting ready for my.

Gastric bypass surgery.

In March I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good protein shakes. Cause just the sound of protein shakes makes me wanna gag. I would greatly appreciate it thanks...

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Everyone is diffrent,and you need to find what`s best for you.I asked the same question and here are some of the answers:.


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I really like the EAS carb advantage shakes from kroger/walmart. I drink the caffe latte....I like the ease of them being already made and ready to go!.

Good luck to you,.


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I like Unjury chocolate, Max protein vanilla flavored and recently, I have tried Premium Pro-Rated Vanilla flavored from Costco and really like the flavor. Michelle (Shelly) has a blog,.

She has a lot of fantastic recipes including ones for protein icecream. She is a great resource - check her blog out. Good luck to you and welcome...

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I tried a variety before surgery-whey,eas,carnation,myloplex.etc..... I guess your taste buds change after surgery-mine didn't. I stick with the whey powder abd mix that in with skim milk,ice,fiber one yogurt and blend for a short time. It gets frothy so dont blend long I drink that since it has 25 g of protein in a scoop. carnation instant (no sugar added) is DA BOMB!!! It only has 5 g of protein but it's soo good. When I feel like having "chocolate milk" I drink that!! LOL good luck on your.




I drank a lot of those liquid shots (you can get them at Walmart) since they are only 2oz and have about 30 g of protein. A lot of people liked them-me personally taste like a!!! I diluted it with water since it was soo syruppyughh. to each it's own I guess. Good luck.


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Go to.

She is great! She has all kinds of recommendations. I am going to use that site as a great support for myself when I have my.



Take care. Good luck!..

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Premier Protien RTD shakes from Costco since Day1. I am 9 months out now. The most important thing about protien drinks is to drink them COLD...

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I bought the chocolate EAS brand at Sam's Club.It's 23 grams of protein per scoop. I mix it in 8 oz.skim milk and put in an envelope of Splenda and a tbsp. of sugar free Hazelnut syrup. yum, makes 2 servings. also have mixed it the same way in Muscle milk. which totals 38 grams protein or 19 grams per serving.

Splenda and a couple squirts lemon or lime. tastes a bit like cheesecake to me...

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Just bought click which has a double.


Shot in it, that stuff gives me turbo boost, I mix it with milk, sometimes a little greek yogart and some frozen berries, mmmm, lots of protein and a shot of expresso to wake me up..

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