Can I use database in yahoo iPage free web space?

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First question I got is Can I use database in yahoo iPage free web space? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Anybody believe that the .NETs will be the future for the following reasons ? .

1. more popular than .coms.

2. international in scope.

3. a sense of "new" especially with web 2 and internet 2 coming out..

4. cheap, unlike .TVs..

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The answer is Yes, although you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can give you an answer better...

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.nets won't be more popular than the .coms, .net is currently the second best choice after .com and I think it will remain so for a few years to come until some other extension becomes more popular...

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The com is king the net is second.... then close is org... Info and closer runner is the .us and then .biz.... then all the rest...

But things change all the time but the .com will always be King....

Ok the .net is the Queen...


Tom Dahne..

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I feel that .NET will always be second best. It is like this with many different HostGator extensions and websites. If you are last in line, you tend to be in last place unless it's something really special..

As a general rule: the older the extension > the more users > more popular..

I don't think it will change...

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Anybody know of any high prices paid for .NETs ?

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IMHO it depends on the name.........

I rather have then

Premium names have to fit their extension...

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I don't think .net will ever outdo .com for resale IMO - there has'nt been that many sales reported. I think .infos will do better..

Here you go cosmicray.

These are from - 2004 / 05 / 06.

(mixed - some bought in drops). $454,500. $150,000. $100,000. $56,500. $45,450. $40,000. $39,324. $29,250. $25,300. $24,990. $29,000. $21,805. $21,450. $21,000. $20,990. $20,555. $19,999. $18,350. $18,000. $17,726. $17,500. $17,000. $17,000. $17,000. $16,988. $16,255. $15,500. $15,311. $15,100. $15,000. $15,000. $15,000. $14,610. $14,016. $14,000. $13,910. $12,500. $12,500. $12,121. $12,056. $12,000. $11,361. $10,288. $10,555. $10,255. $10,250. $10,250. $10,200. $10,100. $10,099. $10,001. $10,000. $10,001. $10,000. $10,000.

東京.net $10,000.


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It is hard to say, but I think ( and hope ) that .us domains will be more popular. Till now everything which was american has increased in value a lot..

.net domains value I think it will be the same in time.I am not seeing a reason why it will be much valuable...

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I think that after .com, the one HostGator with big potential is .INFO.

.INFO is becoming more popular, and the word is just so easy to remember and suits with practically every keyword. I think it's potential is huge..

I'm very sceptic about country extentions.US or .EU are very powerful locally, but will never be really big worldwide I think.US is almost never used by European internet users, many people here never visited a .US site. I could be wrong, but I also cannot see .EU becoming popular in America or Asia. I think these domains will be powerful only within their own market, whereas .INFO has the potential to be huge worldwide regardless what country it is used in..

I think.

1. COM.

2. INFO / NET.

3. ccTLD of your own country or of your target country..

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I agree with your view ... any perspective on .TVs ?

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.net is 99% of the time not even 2nd with SMEs unless they are net-application cos. The ccTLD is the second choice unless non-profit and then .org will leapfrog is fading awayyyyyyy.......................

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I find .TV difficult to predict. It is one of the highest potential extentions, but the price turns many people off. However, I personally would say .TV is one of the top-5 extentions definitely, coming just behind .COM .INFO and .EU/.US (.EU or .US dependent which continent you live in). I would say .TV comes very close to them, whereas for sites with many images it may be even better than .EU/.US/.INFO.

In general I think .INFO is the best potential after .COM.TV in my opinion is one of the best as well, I am not sure if many people would agree with me though..

I am very enthousiast about .EU as well, but I would only use it for European-orientated sites, just like I would only use .US for American-orientated sites. For sites with a global target audience, I would stick with .COM, .INFO or .NET as they are more international than US/EU. If there is one ccTLD that competes with .INFO and .COM for international sites, it is .TV as this has less country-specific ties than .US or .EU..

That's just my vision though.INFO is very cheap which means many are registered. Because there's so many .INFO addresses existing, and because the word .INFO is so common, I think the extention has an incredible potential. I am an .INFO fan for sure, it's one of my favourites. I find it more generally usable than .NET personally: .NET gives a bit of a technical impression, whereas even the worst internet newbie knows what the word INFO means!.

And one additional thing: I find .ORG a bit overrated. For any non-organisation or non-club, it is not really usable IMHO. I am not sure what to think of .BIZ, it gives me a bit of a weird impression because it is like how teens would write 'z' instead of 's'. I don't say they are not valuable at all, but I am not convinced by .ORG and .BIZ..

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Until the most popular browsers in do not automatically add the .com it ANY other ext. will be second to it. I believe the mindset will always be that .net is second best and .org is third. Country TLDs are a joint second in SOME markets... for example..

The folks that put excessive values on infos and .tvs only do it because they have to justify their portfolios.

I can see a future where some bright buisiness person designs a browser where the user chooses a default .XX(X).

All that it needs is good marketing and and "underground" internet can take off.... (.mac? for posers?).

Just a thought... I would like to know if browsers on mobile phones & PDAs will the future... resolve to .mobi? (I might buy one or two then!)..

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I see a leveling as non .com extensions all rise in importance relative to .com.Com should remain the number one for the foreseeable future, but the public is slowly learning that there.


Other extensions. Once that knowledge is assimilated then the other extensions will seek their level based on meaning - not age. In that realm .info shines brightly - although an .info iPage site would seem to provide information for free, not sell stuff..

.Net will probably be caught by info - talking the value of a name in the different extensions, but that is many years away, and at that time there will likely be several extensions at about the same price. Including some that do not exist now..

I see little use for .org except non-profits who will not be willing to pay much for a domain.Biz does not seem to get much credibility, .name and .pro do not excite me..

The .CC (Country Code) domains will get attention within their realm, including .US and .EU - in many cases those are as good as .com. The "brandable" CC domains: .TV, .CC, .WS, .LA - those with meaning - should slowly gain acceptance, despite the higher renewal price, for valuable names...

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.net just refers to the net, whereas .com refers to companies, which are always the biggest thing - no I don't see it happening..

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Apart from .TV, I am sceptic in the power of ccTLD's for international use.EU will never break through in the US and Asia, .US will never be popular in Europe, and .IN and .CN will never be big in Europe and America. The only ccTLDs with international potential, are those who could easily be seen as generic by people without background domainname knowledge.TV is an excellent example, many will think it's a generic HostGator and not realise it's a country domain. Domains such as .US and .EU will never be un-tied from their geographical location, which means they will be limited to success in their own target area.WS and .CC will always have a geek-esque undertone, whereas .TV sounds perfectly normal to even non-internet fanatics...

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.ca runs a close second to the .com here in Canada..

ALL our's .ca this and .ca that. When we are on the internet we type in .ca on all the generic words and big company names to get to the Canadian websites. For example if I was looking for nike shoes for my boyfriend I would type in Excellent for type-ins!.

Too bad the .us isn't as popular in the states..

If I find a really good name in .net I'll reg it. I've been finding some available that have the .com and .org and regged. To me it's the 3rd choice in extension...

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.net is a great TLD but, it will never come close to the .com..

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