Can I use macromedia flash documents in combination with iPage pagebuilder?

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First question I got is Can I use macromedia flash documents in combination with iPage pagebuilder? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. This could have been settled many a moon ago, now you want me and other NP memebers to go by your conditions........lets see about that..

ANSWER ALLAN FIRST you know the forum leader.


You know if you lie to him and he catches you your done.



I see right threw you, so what you got a paycheck big deal, I know many carsalesmen that make 10,000 to 20,000 a month..

+ you have had all night to figure your way outta this..

I just had a deposit of over 285k in december via wire transfer, from countrywide on 1 of my homes I sold in Las Vegas Nevada USA. Should I claim I sold a HostGator and say it was from selling and I was cut a bank wire transfer. So you see a bank transfer big deal, you can print it and fix it to say it came form whoever..


Im sure your close to finishing your screen shot as another way to prove your correct.


See the problem is that others need to read your history on the board and how you are changing your statements, I'm the quote king so dont make me..

And in fact if they follow the link provided in this post they will see how you were in 2000, till now over the same names, how you tell people off, how you say they are wrong but made money, how you will get the last laugh. Same S@#$ you have been posting here..


Its important to the business, my friend he made a claim that was to change the face of subs, by announcing a sale of ove 10x the record. But without proving any of this sale and bragging he has the money in the bank. Well thats cause for question and I think after 3 months (.

And he said ill let you know soon in dec.


He should answer to his calim, he did this in 2000, made false claims..

You could not be more RIGHT, and he has shown that not only here but on other forums, in the past 6, thats SIX, years he has been run.


Because of his integrity).

I will answer this.


Armstrong, a trusted forum leader like all of you I value your opinion and you make a good point, but you and the others(forum leaders) really have to be Switzerland. You cant really call him out, so I feel somebody should, I know Allan has and at times DB has questioned him. But you see he offered statements to DB, so why not let DB and Allan get what they need, and it will close this for.


At least six years.


Im still waiting for this answer JP,.

Guess you dont count JP.....

And you are one of the few that know why you dont trust me with your info,,,,,dont you Keith,.

Dont let the sheep skin fool you Keith...Joke my be on you.

As I have said come clean and we move on..............answer DB, and Allan..RIP..

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Yes sir! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can help better...

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Yeah I can be the lead role I hope (that will cost you RJ) but I suggest Joker be in a comedy film......

As for Jokers comments I am not even gonna waste my energy with him anymore other than for amusement I dont care what he thinks at all....

And I dont wanna convince you of anything JOKER I just dont care about what.

Your opinions are......

Comment #2

Lol, it sounds like you know the ending already..


Comment #3

I would say just forget proving it maybe I don't think you should have to prove anything to anyone or that is what I would think if this was me. I don't care really who they are or whatever but I can see how you might not like people thinking you are a liar. But I don't want to get into this I am staying out thanks...

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Well, I'm in receipt of Quality's PM and as hes asked me to keep the details of said PM confidential .... [why?? God only knows, theres no actual facts contained therein] but I will respect his wishes..

But sufficed to say, point: 3 - 100% correct, 4 - 100% correct though buyer allegedly attained some concrete protection and 5 - also 100% correct.....

Comment #5

If I were quality, (which I'm not) and I made a 15k sale, I would not even bother about proving people wrong, just have a massive grin on my face. But if I made up some false sale (which I wouldn't do) I would try defend my reputation as much as possible. Why is this topic so heated, not to good for the forum...

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Dont waist your energy, it's not worth proving yourself. We will take you at face value.



Wait can you answer other NP`s questions? Like JP, or how about taking me up on the offer (.

You send the stuff to DB and Allan and you can prove to me and the naysayers we were wrong.


Im Assuming you dont want me to open the 3lock box....thats why you dont want to answer me back, RIGHT Keith.

And you thought it would be different Badger.


You know better.


Comment #7

As I said Joker I dont care about your opinion or your demands or questions they.

Are irrelevant..........ta very much...

Comment #8

That is absolutely correct. If you have made 15,000 quid, who gives a sh*t about what other people are saying...

Comment #9

Will you take a check? JP, dont do is not everything..


Fonzy your right, but he continues new flaming threads. So whats his motive?..

Comment #10



, you proved me wrong.

I don't own any of these sub's, but had done searches in the past. My mistake, didn't realize they were the same.

Thanks for the education..

Comment #11

Ok now you called for an answer in your post and I answered, but why is it.

Every time I make a post you cant handle you start a new thread?.

I guess you just missed it so I will reset it for you here..

Quality, You now get a new chance, and stop with the BS excuses:.


Ok ill assume you dont want to repspond to my questions.


Because I know you better then you think.


But if it's all me why dont you answer your fellow members.

They have asked many questions without a responce from you..


Wait you wont answer this question because I asked it).

Can someone else ask him.

Here is a recap of the post you avoided:.

Thats badger.




And don`t ask me.


I should be greatful if you just quit with the bull s#@t, and come out of the closet like a man and admit whats going on. Its been 6 years and your still out to prove these names should be on the same level as .com`s. Why? There is a reason and you may NOT want to come clean,.


You have had many chances.


But you cannot expect some( me ) of us to stay Quite, and let you shove your beliefs down the throats of other unsuspecting NP members..

Ok, ill ask again.


Have you ever been affiliated with


Dont ask me to do anything for you as I see you a taker not a giver.


I have asked you please and got nothing.


So dont ask me to stop accusing you of what I see..

2nd) You don`t contribute, you flame your opinions with false statements that you wont back up and you have been doing it for 6 years..

Thats the understatment of ther year, and it's only Febuary, quality.


I shrieeeeek when I type that name.


You cant be silenced if Hannible Lector himself were to find you, as it's been going on for 6 years..

Low tactics, might I remind you of all your comments you have made towords the few of us that have stood our ground by calling you a fraud?.

Look q@$#& your NO angel, so dont come accross as if your being defamed, and called out with no right your story is deep, and SHALL ONE DAY RISE..

A forum leader has stood by you.....

Then you insult him as if he could not read threw this BS...

Are you kidding, what do you think he will do call the owners and hassle them? Get Real....

***He is not the only Forum Leader asking for proof, why not send Allan what he asked for?.

BOY WAS HE RIGHT ON THE MONEY.. look at the BS you posted, it's comical, twisting your words and giving excuse after excuse..

Your setting terms? Called out is what I see, and writing jibberish is what your doing..

I wonder if I contact sedo and make an offer on the name you say you sold, if the new buyer would accept 10k thats 5k less then they paid? That being you still I'm sure would take that deal. hmmmmm!.


Comment #12

Just clarifying: You are saying that quality's answers to #'s 3, 4, and 5 are 100% correct; or are you saying that the answers to your questions were "correct", "correct", "correct"....

Thanks for all the work, Badger,.


Comment #13

Yes Allan it appears the.


Scheme of events goes like this:.

1. A sedo buyer finds and subsequently chooses to make an offer on sub HostGator

2. The buyer however chooses not to place an offer at sedo but instead attempt to find the seller via the whois on the domain.

3. As he cannot do this, for this is not available, he finds and subsequently searches all the buyers other domains for sale, eventually finding one with some contact info.

4. The buyer then contacts the seller via this means, they agree on a 15,000 price tag and then they meet with lawyers and conduct the contract and NDA etc. (the finite specifics of the payment vessel etc I been have asked not to disclose).

5. The transer of the HostGator takes place at this time and the buyer fails (even to this day) to make any dns changes and thus it continues to point to the sellers parking page at sedo ....

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The world of HostGator buying/selling is a controversial, mysterious and confusing place..

This kind of stuff never happened when I collected model trains...

Comment #15

Well I'm glued to the thread. cant wait for the ending and will there be a sequel. it's edge of the seat stuff.

The plot thickens..

Comment #16


Didnt we all know this would happen? He is beating around the bush, and has been avoiding the thread (.

Im sure working on more proof) ..

Lets see if he will.


Put before him?.

It could all end if he would just send the TRUST WORTHY forum leader.




His request...

Comment #17

Well Adrian, youve heard of Godfather pts 1,2 and 3...??.

Unfortunately, for the unenlightened, this thread is already.

Sub HostGator thread part 8 - the return of the nauseating repeat poster.

Which one of us is "the nauseating repeat poster" is obviously all dependant upon your personal viewpoint of course..

Comment #18

Im itching to put my .02cents in but I'm quite happy (& safer) sitting on this fence.

But it really is a good read. I must have missed all the other threads on it!!..

Comment #19

Same Here! It is better to sit back and laugh at all this..

Comment #20

Im am glad everyone is enjoying the fun,.

El Im se alegra cada uno disfruta de la diversin.

Im est heureux que chacun apprcie l'amusement.

Im sind froh, dass jeder den Spass geniet.

Im рады, что каждый наслаждается забавой.

I try to add humor, wit and knowledge to my post......oh yea and.

Quality, has left the building................

Comment #21


I would say you have beat "quality" out as the HIGHEST priced (.


) ever....wait here comes "quality" with $17,623. and 52 cents for.


You cant out sell the "Keithster" he is always 1 up on all of US.


He is a leader not a follower..

Comment #22

My post is gone! I'm sure the mods knew it was tongue-in-cheek..

Nevertheless, I still think buying a subdomain is a waste of money. Reminds me of buying a "time-share" property where you don't really own anything and you are sharing with others...

Comment #23

Night guys looking forward to reading the updates when I get up in the morning. sorry just a big fan of this "epic saga"...

Comment #24

This thread is becoming the Never Ending Story.

It was interesting and entertaining for a while there but now it's just becoming boring !.

JIMO of course...

Comment #25

I had made any major sale, I would seal my mouth with silicone..

If I opened my mouth on the sale, there will be "typo" attack on my name..

Taxman will be after me..

Mates will be after me..

Ladies will be after me (The only reason to disclose the sale).

*Big sigh..

Money in the pocket, book my flight to Mallorca...

Comment #26

I agree, and now he is gone but I'm sure he will soon show up using another name, or starting another thread...

Comment #27

I still don't know the conclusion of this thread, can someone summarize for me? I thought quality in the end proved to people, and joker and badger apologized, right?..

Comment #28


He has not answerd the request of the forum leader Allan,(.

Except give excuses.

) to this I say many are still.

He will be shown as to who he is, and his reasons...

Comment #29

I was looking forward to seeing the money in his account or wherever it is. This really does get me though ****, never thought people would be so interested, if it's all true of course...

Comment #30

Who knows if this sale is true.

But the fact is - there are 251,000 websites using ext according to google so someone must like them.

I have'nt received any offers on my ones so far but loads of views..


Comment #31

Hang in there Gaz, ya never know.

If you and everyone recall Badger,I and others were not ones that said they could not make money (.

One sold for $1700 so they sell.

) but that Quality did not make what he claimed (.

$15000 whatever his exchange rate is.

). And yes Badger, I and many others won`t buy them as we feel this may be a long shot and would rather spend our money on other extensions we still wish the other NP members the best..

See there is a nice side to the JOKER..

Comment #32

Qualities claim was a UK 15000 = US$ 26,437.54 at todays rate.

According to.

By my figures I just need to sell one for $300 to make a profit - I think I can manage that within the next two years so I'm not sweating yet !.

What happened with the "proof" from Quality this time ??..

Comment #33

Lol, well thats the.


Question, here one day gone the next, but we should have assumed this. I would step out on a ledge and say Gaz that you are safe in your venture...

Comment #34

The point of this thread and the several others regarding sub domains (for me) is as follows:.

When someone says:.

"you are wrong about something (be it on whatever subject / topic) and heres the proof that you are".

- and the proof on which they rely on to make this remark is not forthcoming or doesnt stack up, I think you (and whoever else is slighted by this remark) is well within their rights to say:.

"Hang on, the proof on which you rely is not valid, show me some.



This has nothing to do with whether member Quality is a liar or not, whether sub domains are a good investment or not or whether the HostGator sold for 15k or not....

But when you walk the walk of such a discussion and just when you thought it had reached it's natural conclusion, an identical "told you you were wrong" thread about the very same subject starts all over again........ mama mia..

Comment #35

Is quality still around or has he come back as someone else??..

Comment #36

:ME: takes big bag of popcorn, turns off tv sits on the sofa and is enjoying the show.....

Comment #37

Yes I made a very clear offer at the start of this thread........

That offer was crystal clear all we have had is further packs of lies.

And innuendo from Joker who continues to live up to his name.

...the latest is that I am now posting under another user id......

Well I let the people who have read this decide for themselves.......Joker.

Where is your proof this sale did not take place? You say you only deal in.

Facts and rely on proof but you have offered none....

As people say I should just enjoy the cash................

I made the offer to settle this once and for all. That offer is now withdrawn...

Comment #38


And so now you take back your offer?.



Does this say anything to you?..

Comment #39

Good to see your still around quality, I personally dont see the value in .web.coms but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Go pittsburg.

Bet you the americans will be very quite in the next few hours..

Go pittsburg..

Comment #40

Quality has family.

This american is still eying this thread, I'm still here and I got the house for 456$np GO STEELERS!..

Comment #41

I must admit you are one of the.


Bulbs in the tree.

3 wishes granted, PM the "genie" to redeem your gifts.

Many will follow in your footsteps `~^`~^`~^`~^ and see the LIGHT..

Comment #42

Wow, can't believe I missed this for so long.

For legit investors, it is great to be surrounded by such high quality HostGator detectives... definitely a load of bright bulbs in here...

Comment #43

Did we ever find out how the ending went?..

Comment #44

Well without starting "TROUBLE" and "Flaming" we are letting the members decide this, look at the proof he has given,.

So are we.............. that should answer your question.


Any mistakes or misleading post by "quality" and I shall reveal all, but as he stays put and acts like an adult I will abide by his request and not disclose his personal info and actions...

Comment #45

4 pages - 1,606 views and still no definate conclusion as far as I can tell -.


Comment #46

As far as I can tell he has shown some that was not accepted as enough proof ??.

But I might be wrong..

Comment #47

I wonder whois going to get the "best actor award" at the end of this epic saga..

Any nominations?..

Comment #48


He has skirted the questions and request put to him via NP, Forum Leaders, Allan, DB, He has not shown any and will continue to avoid this post "that he started" but he may be doing the right thing and just droping it with the hopes it goes away..

To that we would all make are own call on how we read this post.


For me..

Comment #49

Oh well - I guess we'll just have to wait until I get a good sale !!..

Comment #50


Not that I know of BUT it is STILL PARKED at sedo showing the same info and has had 6 offers - It is STILL showing in qualities siganature ????.

Quality - what can I say......but I am sceptical that you did indeed sell the name for the price you specified, but like you say, if the money is in the bank why should you care what anyone thinks - I know I would'nt !.

Ps - I've only had one low xxx offer on one of my ones and I did'nt sell !.


Comment #51

Gaz, are you kidding? Do you still think he sold that name.

You sounded like you were coming around, then you add and out as if he did sell , he does not have to care who knows but if he didnt care, why did he start a thread braging that he did, he brought on the line of questions..

Qman is just pipe dreaming...............................................

Comment #52

Am I missing something? The operators,.


, still took registrations for that web-space last time I looked (today.


Comment #53 are still selling them for $59.95.

For a 2 Year HostGator Name Registration, I only paid less than $6 for mine..

Hey Joker, long time no hear - good to see you're still.



Comment #54

Gazzip McLurking my friend I have gone no where, just never thought I would be back visiting dead threads, leave it to the McLurker to bring it back to life.

Some how Badger found me.

And gave me a PM that an ugly head has reappeared...

Comment #55

And sadly I didn't notice the dates of these posts until the 4th page lol...

Comment #56

Its just like Harry Potter;.

A story that gets more confusing.

The longer it goes on and never ends. And at the end of the day you find out it was all BS...

Comment #57

Are you kidding me.

Bumping this smoked out fire. see if there are any flames left.

.... Nice!.

You must like this 3 month old dead thread for the entertainment..

Comment #58

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.