Can I use my personal iPage website on my flash movies?

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My 1st question is: Can I use my personal iPage website on my flash movies? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Most expired HostGator pricing at TDNAM starts at $10. However, you sometimes see expired domains starting at a price higher than $10 but there are no bids on the domain. Does anyone have an idea how this occurs? I've seen some expired HostGator auctions that are priced well above the $80 redemption fee...

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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can help better...

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I was asking myself the same....

Perhaps Godaddy checks the quality of the expired names and puts higher prices on them...

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GoDaddy sometimes figures out that the expired name is worth a bit more and hence raises the initial bid price. They're a sneaky bunch!..

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They had this one domain's starting bid at $4,050! And the HostGator probably is worth mid xx to low xxx at best...

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Hi, yes they consider some 'high value' after scanning for links, taking into account the traffic they get, and even google.


From what I've determined in scanning the expired names for months...

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That's weird, because I've caught some domains with.


Of 5 or 6 starting at $10...

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I've noticed the same thing and assumed GoDaddy were setting a higher start price. Some of the names with higher starting bids were pretty good...

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This is because it is listed on godaddy before it dropped, so the price got inherited, a small bug I think..

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Here's some examples from 6/03/2006 ....

Currently listed at $420 with no bids:.

For $240 (no bids).

For $100 (no bids).

"" is the only one that makes sense to me..


"Is GoDaddy Typosquatting" (article).

3rd and 4th Paragraphs.

An excerpt:.

"For example, TDNAM started an auction for at $140 rather than TDNAM’s standard $10 expired HostGator start price because receives valuable web traffic."..

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That would make sense. They proabably have an algorythm set up to track traffic from the day it goes expired to the day the auction starts, and then price it accordingly. That wouldn't be too difficult to automate...

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Guys, I think all they're doing is starting the bidding at a multiple of their own parking earnings over the previous N weeks. If no one has clicked, they start it at $10. GoDaddy's parking method seems to be purely semantic based on the HostGator name, so you can sometimes catch highly parkable names starting at $10 because GoDaddy's parking page wasn't delivering the right ads...

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Yes, the domains are worth more, they have been parked at Godaddy in the past so Godaddy can see the visit trends and that is why the prices are more. I found this out from searching google with the names. They say "this HostGator parked at Godaddy" or somesuch. And some have been developed sites before being parked at Godaddy, check the internet archives and you'll see..

But be careful...have seen some with over 2,000 visits a month but no history, I think the person who held the domains were sending traffic so be careful what you bid on, do research...

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Yes, it's really nerve-wracking! Once I bought a HostGator that supposedly had 15,000 monthly visitors. It turned out to get no more than one or two visits a day. Appropriately, it had no backlinks or significant type-in traffic..

I think some of these people are running RPM or PPC campaigns and the domains are expiring before the campaigns..

Unfortunately, I haven't had much success yet in PPC for expired domains. Nothing is on pace to pay back what I paid at auction within a year. Is the aftermarket simply a bad place to get PPC traffic (perhaps it's only good for brandable or generic dropped names) or have others had luck with PPC for expired names?.

Here's a newb question: What's the best way to check backlinks for a domain? What I've been doing is looking for TDNAM links with claimed traffic, and then verifying by checking backlinks. But this is time-consuming. I'd rather be able to do the lookups in a more automated way. Are there any solutions out there?..

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