Can some one help me out to find a 7 course french Medifast menu with wines?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can some one help me out to find a 7 course french Medifast menu with wines? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... Im just sick of it all. Im in an online class, and the only reason I'm even in this thing( orientation was HELL- I had to walk up a huge hill to get there, and the only other option was stairs- and I cant do stairs very well yet, and even then I had to use my rescue.


For the first time in weeks since starting smbyicort) is becuse of my moms' insurance. It states that if I'm not a full time student the month I turn 19, I'm off the plan. All the meds I take cost a lot now, and I dont even want to know what theyll be w/o it! And my b-days coming up in about a week(jan.30), and with all this concentrating on all thats going on, I cant even be fully happy that it's almost my b-day! and it's not that the class is too hard or anything, but it's just not as compelling anymore, now that ive got all this you-know-what to think about. My favorite time used to be when I was awake, cause I could do things that I liked, you know? Now, my favorite time is when I'm getting ready for bed or actually asleep, cause at least then, I dont have to think or worry about anything. At least I have enough sense to stick to my diet, or else id really be screwed! I guess... I'm just so tired now. :(..

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Yep, however you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Hi Sammy,.

Sorry I have not posted to any of your journals, I have just been readin

Please consider your still in recovery and a bit of a lull with your body in turmoil..

It gets a bit emotional at times, we all go through it, But we all get better from it too..


Is the time your body heals..

I wish I had a time machine to take you to a happier future...their will be a happier future..

Your sooo young and have everything to look forward too....

It does get better, so much better that you will forget the recovery..

Stick to the rules as best you can and you will see the results....

Wishing you well...

Buzz xxx (Andy in the UK)..

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Hello from your former Glendale/LaCanada neighbor. I know alot of people in your area whose asthma has been aggravated by all the soot and dust leftover from last year's fires. I.


The rain is helping that. I.


You will be able to take things a little at a time right now so they don't seem so overwhelming and discouraging. Grab for what is good right now (like your dedication to improving your health) and not for what might be a day from now. If your health is getting in the way of success in.


, you are entitled to ask for accomodation from instructors so you can complete your class requirements. That takes some pressure off of you by avoiding an all or nothing situation and mindset. Hang in there, kiddo - it is going to be ok!..

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Hi, soozee. thank you for sounding so concerned. Its not that I'm sleeping a whole lot, it's just tat in difficult times, it's feels really good to just take a.


When your feelin' down. dont you agree? I just had to get that really heavy rock off my chest, and now I feel lots better now that I got it out of my system. I just gotta kep thinking, it's only gonna get better from here...

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Thanks for the post, buzz.(hehe) I'm feeling a lot better now that it's another day. I just gotta look 2 the future, cause why be upset when theres video games to play, kittens and puppies to play with, and movies to watch, right? RIGHT!! Hahaha, ill be sure to look on the prettier side of the grass from now on. :)..

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Hi, bighotmama. my asthmas been good; all the soot and stuff has definetly been alliviated w/ all this rain. Alls I gotta say is, it better not rain on my b-day! I have a full day of movies, pedicures, and sorts of stuff planned. After all, 19 is only 2 years away from 21, right? Vegas, here I come(in 2 yrs! hehehehe)..

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