Can some one tell me what is on the Medifast menu at Crab King?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can some one tell me what is on the Medifast menu at Crab King? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... I've read alot of posts concerned about their faces getting thin and then every wrinkle showing or having lots of extra skin but if you take care of your skin you can lessen those side effects. If you look at my pics you can see how huge my face was and I was so worried about having a turkey neck but it somehow just went away. There are facial exercises you can do also.

There are lots out there that cost alot also but Avon has a good one thats affordable and I used it daily and I think it worked great. I've been told I look years younger than I use to and that is probly my most fav compliment :) Just take care of your skin.

Those add years to your skin. Use lots of moisturizer with some kind of anti-age stuff in it..


This helps someone :).


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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

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What avon product did you use please and thank you! I have been worried about 55 and really dont have many wrinkle issues..but I say it's because of my chubby face!..

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I was 48 when I had my.


It was like, all of a sudden, I woke up one morning to a chicken neck and all these wrinkles around my eyes! I was mortified, but I eventually got used to it. It doesn't bother me anymore, as I am 52 going on 53 and it's a natural progression of life. I can't afford plastic.


And I'm just not that worried about it. I use moisturizer and keep my skin hydrated as much as possible...

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I used the Avon Dramatic Firming Cream and on sale now for $3.89. Before I had my tummy skin removed no other part of my body really bothered me that much. But now that it's gone and my stomach is relativley flat now I can see my thighs and I hate them. I can't firm them up for nothing. Just too much skin on the inner thigh and can't afford.


For that and it's also a very high infection risk.


So not sure I would even if I could afford it. My arms aren't great but only wear short sleeves 3 mos out of the year pretty much so I can live with it. I"m beginning to hate that lump below the bra line more and more everyday. Things you learn to live with and accept and don't let them get you down...

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I am also concerned about wrinkles and while I know it's a function of age (I'm 53), they are more pronounced as I've lost 100+ lbs and I am not happy about it..

I have tried various products including an inexpensive one mentioned online by several folks, called MY Silhouette! It's by Nivea. Sort of reminds me of.


In smell and texture. Cant' say it's helped much, but smells nice, and feels good. I'll have to look into the avon product. Can't beat the price, so worth a try..

Shewards, I can relate to the unhappiness with the legs (inner thighs for me). Sigh, some things we do have to live with...that may be one for me as well..

I saw an interesting.


On tv, on the health channel, not long ago, where they did a full body lift (tummy tuck and butt lift, and used lipo all the way down to her legs/ thigh area, then pulled the skin up there, tucking it into the groin and area where the leg m eets the hip. To say it looked painful, and very involved is an understatement. Can't imagine going through that...

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Oh girls we all have these issues! Did you notice there's no posts from the men? I can so relate to all of this stuff. My legs look like they belong to my great grandmother. Probably for the younger ladies time will tighten them up a bit. I have to pull my breasts up now to get them into the bra cups. Oh well I guess it's a small price to pay to be healthy and of course the cost of moisturizers too...

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FLMom it does look extremely painful and that area in the groin where they pull all that up to is where most the infections happen. With my track record with complications I'd be scared to do it so I just live in Bermuda shorts/capris when it's warm and my swimsuit has the skirt/shorts to cover up that area. Maggie had to laugh when you said you had to pick your boobs up to put them in your bra cause my joke was have to roll them up and put them in the cup. Unfortunately alot of 25 lbs I've gained back :( is in my boobs again and I'm hating it cause they arent wanting to stay in the pretty bras I was getting use to wearing. Boobs are soooooooo over-rated. I'd love to have them perky again but they haven't been perky in forever so I'll just learn to live with it. Hubbys not a boob man so guess it doesn't matter lol...

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