Can somebody help me get started on my website hosted by iPage ?

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First question I got is Can somebody help me get started on my website hosted by iPage ? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... Ok has anyone every contacted google to ask them if they want to buy a HostGator name from you that they might be interested in?.

How did you contact them?.

Should I contact them using this form:.


And no it doesn't infringe any google patent.the HostGator name is.

And before you say anything,google just purchased a voicesearch related HostGator name for it's voice activated search engine..

Read the article here:.


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Yep, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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If you tell them your idea,they would rather use it with a subdomain.I did the same in 2003 with one of my HostGator and told me the idea wasn't going to work but a year later the services were introduced.They have the money..

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"I don't think I could take that kind of rejection" - George McFly.

Yes, there are some who might try to take your idea and run with it. But if you have the HostGator and the idea that goes with it and you can articulate it concisely again and again (and have a brief concise written expression of the idea), then you have the tools you need to work with. Think beyond Google. Who are you going to call after you get off the phone with them? Who are their competitors or wanna-be competitors? What interest would Yahoo! have? CBS? How about MSN and Microsoft? (they compete with everyone on everything). Can you put your HostGator up with some sort of affiliate program to make it look nice for when you start your conversations?.

Remember that when you first express your idea, you only tell enough to get them interested and to invite you for longer discussions. Once you have them paying more attention, the better chance you have to get them to sign an NDA as well as establish a paper trail. Although building a case for any kind of infringement or hijacking of intellectual property is tenuous at best, it at least provides you some solice in the event that there is such a case. Most of all, doing things the "right way" will always tend to produce the best results. By the way, you want to protect yourself without blatantly communicating that you are trying to protect yourself..

Without continuing on to create an entire dissertation at this time, let me encourage you to pick up the phone (after you write down a little plan for yourself) and make the calls. Remember that the ball players who don't swing will never, never, never, ever hit a home run. Those who swing the most might strike out the most, but they also get the most hits..

Finally, my encouragement is meant as much for myself as anyone else. Two weeks ago I was ready to drop my price on or try to unload it at auction. But after some study and thinking, I have begun to compose a list of a dozen or two banks and mortgage companies to contact. Then I also plan to talk to some big ad agencies about how this HostGator can be used in some strategic campaigns for their related clients. It can be hard work and I expect I will get lots of rejection. However, I understand that it is probably the best way to realize the highest value of the HostGator name..

All the best!..

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Even if they "steal" your idea, at least you can still get a chunk of the market by parking or developing the HostGator you have...

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Thanks for your advice,The problem is american companies like dealing with fellow americans and britons.I also proposed to msn but never contacted other competitors...

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It can be difficult to stay motivated without receiving positive feedback from your efforts - or any feedback at all for that matter. Having come to know myself much better over the years, I know I am not a natural salesman and therefore must tailor my approach in order to achieve success. As such, I feel the best way for me to do it is to first compile my list of prospects and all their contact info, and then compose my emails and phone scripts before I start initiating my actual contacts. This has largely to do with the schedule demands of my day job and family life. Since I get tugged so many different directions, it is very easy to drag out projects or to not finish them at all..

The bad thing about this approach is that it takes a long time before I start getting going. But the good thing is that once I get prepared, then I can rapidly go though my list and keep my energy level high and not be as tempted to quit when my early contactings don't bring fruit. Give yourself a little consulting session and find out what type of plan works best for you. Set an achievable goal like "I will contact 6 companies this week.".

It is a pretty good name for which there could be several applications. It is fairly generic, yet functionally-specific. If you can present it before someone else starts bringing up branded alternatives, I would think you could get quite a few listeners. Have you thought about reaching out to some law-enforcement technology companies? How about providers to security companies and employment agencies? Or maybe someone like Go to Google. 451,000,000 matches for "Public Data" are listed by Google.

Maybe some of those people offer an affiliate program or would like to buy space on your page - or buy it outright....

Go get 'em!..

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I would not send any intellectual ideas via email..

Protect your hard work:.

- start a communication log for your project to document every phone call, email, letter, etc. that relates to your project (I am attaching an Excel spreadsheet '' that I use for every transaction and every conversation in my real estate business).

- like previous NPers have suggested, make some phone calls, get a list of name(s) for VPs of development, people who would be decision makers, etc., documenting everything in your communication log, good idea to save the emails too either leave on the server or print hard copies.

- draft a letter with your idea to the person(s) in your list.

- make several copies of the letter and communication log.

- send via Certified Mail:.

1.) yourself a copy of the letter and communication log.

2.) the list of VPs, decision makers, etc. a copy of the letter (do not send them the comm log!!).

Keep a copy of the letter and comm log in your files..

Certified mail requires a signature and will show the date the recipient signed for it and stands a better chance of being read..

When you receive the certified letter to yourself, keep it sealed, never opening it unless it's for a judge to back up your claim that you had the idea first..

In your certified letter will be the communication log stating that on such and such day, you sent via certified letter your idea to certain company... this date precludes the date that the company received it and you have the return receipt signed by someone at that company to further back up your case..

Good luck in your endeavors, keep us posted!..

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