Can someone help fix this error in yahoo iPage?

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My 1st question is: Can someone help fix this error in yahoo iPage? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... I'm curious as to what people think about buying domains that won't realise their value for an other few years. i.e. things like or

I'm not talking so much about the likelyhood of an event actually happening more that will domains still take the same.

Format in the future? Will there be a replacement for the internet in 10 years time? I know nobody can predict the future, but how far into the future are you willing to invest?..

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Yep, however you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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I invest as far as I know something is a certainty. Also renewing names is not my favorite thing considering I have over 500. I have names that are just now coming into their own after one year of registration. Now I have to renew, and maybe wait one more year before they have real value. I would invest maximum 3 years, since net trends are volatile. It will be tv/internet in one place by the time the domains you were speaking of become relevant. Who knows what will happen then...

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I agree. The web as we know it may cease to exist in 5 years. Maybe navigation will be intuitive, or purely search based, or whatever, and HostGator names will be a historical curiosity. We may not see how it could be done, but that doesn't mean it can't be done in a few years, or ten years. Things are going forward fast...

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I agree with you. The doom is near lol..

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Somewhere between 3 & 5, so I opted for 5.....

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3 to 5 for me......Oh no - I hope I sell them before the world ends.


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I have one of my better names for 10 years and so I put up to 10 years. I expect the internet to be around way past then. I also expect the internet to change a lot...

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I have names I've registered over 9 years ago. Each year I get offers on them better than the year before. They're actually beating the rate of inflation...

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Same here, upto 5. But I'm registering some names because of.


For more than this or at least 5 years, the developed sites or the soon going to be developed ones...

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I normally am willing to invest 2-3 years, but if something truly premium comes up for 5-10 years in advance than chances are I will register it. The reason I only am willing to invest 2-3 years typically is simply because I do not have the capital to keep renewing all my domains for 5 or 6 years, when there are other niches in the industry with a faster turnaround, such as cctld's, etc..


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I should probably add the reason I asked this question was because I bought a HostGator today that won't realise it's true value for another 20 years. The way I look at it is, it's a gamble, just like any high return investment. The only difference here is it's all or nothing, if the internet still exists with it's current HostGator format I get a nice little windfall and if it doesn't then I've wasted a few dollars. If the planet is doomed as a few people seem to think it will be soon, I won't really care. One thing that is stupid is HostGator registrars offering 100 year registrations, now that is long term investment..

I was just looking for reassurance that I wasn't completely mad and hopefully it will be a one off...

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You bought did you?.

Apart from a name like that, I would be skeptical as to why you would believe that the true value of your name would be recognised in 20 years...

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Ive opted for 5 ..... although I have which I think will take alittle longer..

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No, but now I have received the HostGator I don't mind saying it was

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I went with 1 year as we all know things change overnight online..

Anything can happen I wouldnt feel comfortable investing any further..

However long term HostGator investments I think are different..

When you buy a good HostGator sometimes you need to keep it a few years.

Before you see any returns from it...

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I've a question: How do you REALLY know how far into the future you're actually investing when you buy names, especially when you put your money in newly released extensions ? Let me expand on this question. When I invested pretty heavily in .info, .biz and .us in 2001/02, I'd thought it'd be a couple or three years before I realize the potential of my investments. Guess what? Its over 5 years now for .info and almost 5 for .biz and .us. I'm not saying that these new estensions have not gained momentum (especially .info and .us) in these last 5 years, they have, but if we just read our own prognostical comments on this forum about their future from last few weeks, overwhelmingly we'd see opinions like: just give it a couple of more years and it'd be big, give it some more time and it'd really take off, etc. Similarly, for the investments we've made more recently like .in or .eu and now .mobi, we can't really say we've done so for the next 1, 2 or even 5 years. In real life what actually happens is that you make your investments and if 2, 3, 5 years down the road things are coming along okay ( like for .info, .us) you keep renewing your names year after year, making some sales along the way, but if things don't seem to be panning out (.pro) you start dropping names like crazy...

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