Can you please e-mail me the log on and password for iPage site?

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First off, Can you please e-mail me the log on and password for iPage site? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Is the tld .ws dead? I ask this because of all the dictioanry names that go unbid on tdnam. For example, a short time ago iI picked up for the only bid, at $10. That's a 300,000 OVT dictionary name. I see is up for bid today.

There are lots of names like this...

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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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.ws is just a ccTLD among 240+ others and it has nothing really special..

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Yes I'm afraid so.

Names that I regged back in 2001 and let drop are still available..

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That's what I thought. Dead. But I guess when there is a name with OVT in the hundreds of thousands or higher it might be worth a reg since the keyword in the name is still very.


Valuable to get traffic for someone starting a site. But it has to be a name that for which there are most likely a good number of potential people that would want to do a iPage site with the keyword. I think Thesaurus is one. But I'm not under any flase illusions of what it's worth either...

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I'm trying to find Western Somoa on a map now....

Ah, there it is. A crumb from my sandwich was covering it...

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I agree with many of you that it is dead, it's bad when you do a dn lookup and find that the only one available is .ws... and for $10 and you still dont want to buy it!..

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If .ws wanted to sell, they should sell for a cheap price like $1.99. That'd get them sold...

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I have it's my first arcade iPage site I have got about a 1000 hits from search engines so far..

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I would not hesitate to pick up good .ws names that can be developed. I don't buy them for investment purposes, however...

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.Ws is still one of the best bargins available for can still buy quality high profile keywords inexpensively..

The search engines treat them as a GTLD instead of a ccTLD..

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Same here, and my only .ws iPage site is working very nicely together with the SE's....

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I never thought it was really alive either... the only think I liked about it was the way their flash animation on reads your name out.

The little things...

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I've got a few .ws names. Not in a rush to throw them away. I like .ws. I prefer .cc but prefer paying .ws renewal fees...

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Development purposes only here. I find the .ws taken over .us alot or over .biz so it's not dead...

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For certain keywords less clunky than .biz or even .info..

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I have a few, that for development purposes has potential. My name is parked and fortunatly pays for itself the others, zing, and fury I will hold on to. If the price went down that would help, domainers may buy...

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Are you serious? you actually think .ws is better than .info? no way...

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Well, it is better than .biz but I think .info is far better than his rather small-community of .ws domains..

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