Can you put advertisements or banners on your free iPage webpage.?

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First question I have is Can you put advertisements or banners on your free iPage webpage.? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. I like to know is HostGator buying/selling pre-dominantly male domainated ?

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Yup, however you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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I don't understand your question. Clear up the situation...

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There is a survey on here somewhere that I remember seeing once on the typical gender of domainer's. If I remember correctly there are significantly more men involved, although it's not a total bias. If you do a search using the search facility in the top right you should find the thread...

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I don't know about domainers in general but the advertise section at the bottom of the forum says that around 15% of the members on namepros are female...

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I mean does women also take active participation in buying/selling of domains apart from men?..

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I believe most domainers are male,though there're many girls and women here....

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A Woman..

(I feel like I've stepped into a Lynch film.)..

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Ok, now you've made me go and change my sig....

I have been in the ISP industry for over 15 years and I can unequivocally state that this industry is likely 80% male..

I would have to include domaining/web dev as part of the ISP industry, however I think the female gender numbers are higher in this category. I deal with a lot more web dev gals than network engineers..

Why are our numbers so low?.

Because as a time honored tradition, you guys always knock us around....

Don't worry, we're catching up and we are good!..

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Similar, older threads may provide some clues to your question.



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There may not be as many but for those I have met.... just as good if not better.

Quality not quantity........

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I think there should be more women in general. Id like to see a better ratio. Maybe 10 women for every 1 man. I think a world with more women, is definetly a world I would like to live in....

But I would guess that Domaining is predominantly male. Thats a guess... I choose not to support my statement with facts what so ever - there overated...

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It seems there are alot more men than women but like mellowmasher said, we make up for it in quality...

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I would pay a little higher price if I know the seller is a female. Not that I am sexist, I certainly would like to support their effort...

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My moniker, "sirengirl" gives it away.

The ratio at least on this forum seems 10:1 I admit I felt a bit timid at first but it also may have had something to do with being, new. I have since gotten over the initial shock of my new vocation. I will likely try my hand at web developement as it is more my calling. In the meantimecache I would be happy to sell a few domains for a slightly higher premium.


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Stuffing instead of potatoes any time! <cough!>.

Actually I always figured selling domains was actually "for girls" anyway.


Real men actually develop their domains .....

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I will keep this in mind for my next sale..

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Personally I don't care how many women are in the domaining industry - it makes no difference to me whether someone I'm buying from / selling to is male or female...

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Are you trying to start a -gasp- girlfight?.

I started developing in 1996...all self taught (notepad is lovely)...just started domaining this year!..

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As long as I can get video for my blog..

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Its good to see your reply Ms..

It would be nice if more n more women participate in this HostGator field, we would have much larger ideas and information participation..

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I've said it once...and i'll say it again....i know some pretty high profile domainers in the industry...But the best domainer I know is a lady,And she knows this business backward and forward...

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