Cannot access any iPage personal webpage to edit; why is this?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Cannot access any iPage personal webpage to edit; why is this? Hoping for any response. My other question... Hey just asking why is everyone like taking care of .mobi and forgeting all other like .info .com it's pissing me off lol wow .mobi have that much value..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Not to worry, friends ... the eventual .MOBI.


Of non-renewals will be as high (if not higher) than those of the , generally, leftover .TV's, .BIZ's, .NAME's, .INFO's, etc. IMHO..



Ideas - as always - may still be the great equalizer ....

Have fun and don't put all your HostGator eggs into one .MOBI basket!.


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I think right now a lot of people see mobi as a much better investment than buying a solid .info or .us name which already have high has a lot of potential and a ton of money could possibly be made especially if you picked up something good for regfee. I think .mobi has a chance to become the 2nd most important extension after .com. It could also end up being worth nothing but it's worth the risk. The problem is that it's hard as hell to reg a good mobi anymore and if you try to buy one off of someone they all want 6 figures for it...

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I think it's ok to register a few domains in any new extension that shows promise, but to be smart enough to cut it short at that. I have 3 .mobi's, one for development and 2 to sell. I'm finished with .mobi..

But ... It's just as dumb, IMO,.


To speculate.

A little.

On a new extension as it is to register hundreds of names and drain your bank account on one..

Confucious say ..... Diversify...

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I have no idea what's so good about mobi..

I think it's nothing special compare to .info and etc..

Oh well, another landrush will come soon...

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Here's the difference between .mobi's and the "other" .com's. The average person only knows about .COM, and that's what they associate with the internet. People investing in .mobi's are banking on .mobi having the same association with the "mobile internet" as .com's have with the "old" internet. If that happens, then the .mobi's will become the .com's of the mobile internet. And with 4 times as many mobile phones as PC's, the .mobi could rival the .com..

In short, .mobi is a new HostGator name for a new, .net, and friends are "new" extensions for an "old" market..

Having said all of that, the risk, of course, is in .mobi NOT becoming the "mobile internet" standard...

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Ya but people are going crazy on it really no one regs .com/net/info etc now lol all I see people in live chat and posts talkn about .mobi imo it wont go anywhere unless like 10 years..

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Not because .mobis have higher value than other TLDs,.

It is b'cos, many manage to get good keyword .mobis... then they/we say .mobi is good ..

Just mho. no flame..

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There will be no publicly available.


Landrush anytime soon....

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This thing will prob be like .im everyone registerd alot and at the end noting really I saw was solf for a high value good luck all..

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Mobi names are already selling for high values. mobi names have already sold for higher amounts than any .info or .us and maybe even .org ever has..

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