Can't access or edit free web page iPage?

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My question is Can't access or edit free web page iPage? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... More information is available on the website:.



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I'd estimate $100K for this one ... but who am I?!..

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Minimum bid $500,000?? I don't think that many people will be bidding. Although this is a good HostGator name, I can't think of how someone would make money with such a HostGator name. I wonder how often the keyword "fast food" is searched on the internet...

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My thoughts exactly! Personally, I think would be just as good for a fast food website, as all you can do online is provide information about it really - especially with such a generic name rather than a brandable one. Having said that, I bet never sells for $500,000!..

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No... I was suggesting .info was more appropriate for the HostGator "fastfood", but that I doubt it would sell for as much as .com..

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Nice name for sure, but the seller provides little real information about type-ins, revenues, etc..

OVT with extension is 280 and Alexa traffic rank is 656,258. Ok, but not exceptional..

Both OVT and Alexa measures are of questionable reliability, but provide a good guide when one has little else to go on when it comes to gauging traffic..

With all that said, it's possible the HostGator could sell at $500K+, if the seller gets enough publicity of the sale..

It's likely a serious buyer(s) will wait until the auction is over and then make a private offer ... I say that because I don't see anything exceptional about the HostGator to force one to act now in the auction at that minimum bid level..


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Maybe they could develope a iPage site with all the fast food listed with calories and nutrition information..

Oops just visited the iPage site and it looks like they already have but they also have job openings and other stuff...

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I remember seeing this name in the appraisal section here a while ago - I know here in Britain there is a strong effort underway to encourage people to eat far less so called "fast foods"..

For that reason I think the phrase has a bit of a negative association here in the UK JMO.

$500,000 minimum sounds like way too much money but it will be interesting to see how it goes - If some of the big outlets like the idea then anything is possible..


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News flash: It will not sell at that price...

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That's what I was thinking when I saw the price..

Put it on Snapnames and it would..


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I wonder how much traffic the iPage site gets from type-ins. I would think that would be very targeted traffic. Also, imagine how much news it would make if McDonald's bought the name for $1mil..

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The term"Fast food" is almost pejorative as the fast-food companies seek to rebrand/orient themselves as upscale/healthy, etc. to increase margins. Thus, I don't think the typical end users here have much, if any, interest in the name...

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It doesn't matter if KFC stops calling itself Kentucky Fried Chicken or if McDonald's stops "Super Sizing", people will always call it fast food. I'm sure there's at least one end user who realizes this...

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I dont think it has a chance of getting even close to $500k...

Have there been any comparable two word sales? I'm seeing and hitting around $350,000 each. But has about 10x more OVT w/ext than and has more commercial potential. For that matter, so does Unless they invent some kind of way to order a burger and fries online, then download it hot and fresh to your desktop, I just don't see what value a company could derive from the domain...

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I agree completely. 500K is completely unrealistic. If I had a fast food chain I wouldn't want to brand it as fast food. It's not very trendy..

My appraisal: $xx,xxx.

I've regged better names than (that's what I like to think anyway...)..

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If the HostGator really that good he would have already keep it instead of selling it...

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$500k is not gonna happen..

I don't really wanna google fast food, click on the homepage, order some fries and a coke, pay through paypal, then pop open my cd tray to hold the drink, get a cd to put the burger on, then wait a ridiculous amount of time for the delivery email to arrive. It takes online shopping to a new level...

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I don't see $500k either..

There's no doubt that it's short and recognizable. I'm just having trouble coming up with how to monetize it to make that kind of money back. Just don't see it. But, there are wiser people than me out there...

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In a world where all major food chains are doing their best, and spend millions in the process, to get away from the image of a fast food company there is no way that this HostGator will be grabbed by one of the major chains. this being said, there goes the chance for this to be a big ticket item..

For all other corporations, there is little to no value to this domain, since they are all branded and heavily working on keeping the image up..

The ONLY way I see this HostGator as a better selling one is if subway, quizno's or other (healthy) chains work their magic and use this HostGator as a guerilla marketing iPage site and work massively against MCD, Wendy's, etc..

All things considered, mid

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Maybe not coz mc donalds seems to try and distance itself from "fast food" now to healthy food.... (not that I eat the stuff.


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This is a nice HostGator and probably will get the reserve price...........but it's a lot of money..........and I suppose the buyer has to to wait a long to resell that name for huge profits, like for $1million!..

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More information is available on the website:.



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$500K min price, a lot of money, but I think it is worth it and probably will go higher...

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Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but if I want fast food, I get in my car and drive to McDonald's, BK, KFC, Taco Bell or Wendy's... I don't get on my computer and search for it.....

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