Can't edit html page in iPage cause edit button wont show up.?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can't edit html page in iPage cause edit button wont show up.? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Hello,.

I'm pretty angry right now, and I'll be more than glad to tell you why. For as long as I've been in domaining (6-8 months) I've read stories about people doing HostGator lookups on various shady websites only to find out the iPage site registers the name via a script right after a successful search. I dismissed that sort of thing as foolish people using free tools to do lookups and not being careful about who they share their business with. Quite a while ago I purchased a license for DomainInspect, an application to do lookups on domains in the hope of finding reg-worthy names..

Much to my dismay, I just 'caught', if you will, the program registering a name it just looked up for me. Not only that, but I began to think and realize the same thing happened a day or two ago as well..I just didn't put two and two together..

I set up a large lookup list, 50 or so names, 3 extensions each, and found exactly *1* qualifying name out of the 150, my own little needle among the haystack if you will..

Naturally, I head right to Moniker to register the name...I log in...put the name in...only to be told the name is unavailable! I click the 'whois' button on Moniker..and it tells me the name is available, rinse..repeat..etc..

I go to and the HostGator info is as follows:.



Whois Server:

Referral URL:.


Name Server: TM124-2.TRAFMON.COM.

Name Server: TM124-1.TRAFMON.COM.

Status: ACTIVE.

EPP Status: ok.

Updated Date: 02-Nov-2006.

Creation Date: 02-Nov-2006.

Expiration Date: 02-Nov-2007.

What the (expletive)? Is there any safe way to look up domains, or should I just give up searching altogether?.

A very unhappy customer,.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Not a chance. It's the full name of an up-and-coming music group. The .net and .org are both free, the band's actual iPage site is (bandname).dk..

I hope it gets dropped in a few days and I can snatch it...

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There are many examples of whois lookup stole names, but your case is less likely because you looked up 50 names...

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Stolen a HostGator name you never owned in the first place?.

I realize you're angry. But it's still not accurate to say "your" HostGator name got.

"stolen" just because you looked it up and saw it taken later on..

As the others said, give it 5 days (or rather 120 hours from it's creation date.

And time stamp). Don't contact it's current registrant and don't look it up on.

Your browser..

Have you tried bringing up this matter with the software provider to see what.

They have to say? I won't be surprised if they say they're free to do anything.

With the data being "fed" in their software, which might be a good time to get.

Rid of it..

Oh, and make sure your computer's clean too. You can do a UNIX WHOIS type.

Of lookup if you're familiar with it..

FYI, all .com queries go through the Registry:.


But if you can't trust that site, then forget searching altogether...

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I checked again today (by just going straight to Moniker and typing the name as a registration attempt) and the name was available again. I quickly registered it, guess it didn't get enough traffic for them..

I won't use DomainInspect anymore though...

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Official iPage site is RacetrackBabies(dot)dk.

Touring USA soon, just sent their new album to a ton of US stations...hopefully they'll make it big over here...

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Just be grateful they took that future trademark liability off your hands.

Edit: Ooops, hadn't read to the end of the thread yet. Anyway, if they make it big and decide they want the .COM, archive of this thread will nail you in a UDRP - now you have to be very careful with usage...

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I hate HostGator tasters (the ones who monitor HostGator queries) sooooo much. Absolute w*nkers...

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