Check: scroll to the bottom, see links to cams.?

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Got a quick question: Check: scroll to the bottom, see links to cams.? Thanks for any comment. Another question I got... Want to know which HostGator extension is the most popular in India?.

I just did a series of Google searches and the results surprised me. We have a runaway winner. The format of the search was

Two big shocks here:.

1) .in is.

20 times more popular.

Than! Thats so surprising I'm going to have to find another way to double-check those numbers.

2) is being beaten by

In: 30,500,000. 1,300,00. 882,000. 51,000. 38,400. 16,500. 4,500.

Remember - this is testing end-user usage, not the mindshare amoung Indian internet users..

Other interesting stats:.

.com: 13,640,000,000.

.org: 4,380,000,000. 1,990,000,000.

.net: 1,290,000,000.

.us: 195,000,000.

.info: 162,000,000.

.name: 2,940,000.

Interesting here:.

1) .net seems to be a loser here also..

2) .info and .us are still a LONG, LONG way back in terms of usage...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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I think .in was always going to have more useage than

1. Less keystrokes- people are lazy and shorter domains are easier to remember and type. has great potential for hack/subdirectory domains:.

I.e. take almost any generic term.

Etc etc..

Good work though, interesting stats...

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How many people do you think in INDIA is aware of .in ? .

.... I say less than 95 % of the domains........

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Was your search on or ? .

Also I find it interesting that big companies like yahoo still use for email addresses...

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Note the disclaimer: "this is testing end-user usage, not the mindshare amoung Indian internet users.".

From my reading, seems to be more or else equal with .in when it comes to recognition among Indian users..

However, even if only 1/3 of .in sites are used in India that still gives .in a lead of 11,900,000 compared to 1,300,00. That leads me to think a .in takeover is coming soon..

I'm about to launch several worldwide sites soon using the .in extension - I can't afford great keywords in .com for these. It seems as if many other people have the same idea...

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I always knew .in will be much more popular than

General rule in domaining is: Shorter always wins..

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How many business's in India know about the .in hardly any is the answer from the Indian Times pole they ran in February..

The is the winner hands down for indian people..

I am sure Pratik will agree with this who runs an Indian ISP/ HostGator service and other indian business's..

The stats on the indian HostGator marketplace has the searched more regular by 38% over the .in.

This will change in time yahoo and google and many other top corporate image companies still use but I do see the .in becoming more and more popular because it's a nice extension not just becuase it is indian but it can be used for broken word domains like , etc..

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Your search for .in included results from 3rd level domain.


.in = 5,660,000 results in google..

Now if you exclude you get 4,980,000.

Hope this helps...

Comment #8

Stats, stats and downright lies..

Stats will do anything you tell em..

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Which would lead to being much more popular that .in....Sounds unlikely....

Intresting stats from Tipsfromthetop. Are we in a situation where those outside the country see things much differently from those inside?..

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.in = 5,660,000 results in google..

Now if you exclude you get 4,980,000.

Http:// is more popular as most of the schools & colleges use it...

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You got wrong calculations..

When you search "site: .in", it includes results from other 3-rd level extns like,, etc..

So, the results you got for .in, is actually: .in + other 3rd level extensions of .in..

May be .in is still higher.. Possible. But may not be 20 times popular, atleast for now...

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The answer is rather simple: Subtract the combined numbers for,,,, etc from the total number for .in, the result should be very close to the actual number of indexed pages for the main extension, just by itself without any contribution from it's third level sub-extensions...

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Whenever I see returns such as these at Google, I wonder how well they truly represent the.




Of an extension, versus just the number of names registered with a page indexed. In other words, if more HostGator speculators have grabbed .IN's over's, and most are parked with an indexed page.... the results could be interpreted differently, yes?..

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Anyway if You have choose between any .co.ext and .ext which would You choose?.

I think .in-being most popular extension I only matter of time.....

Comment #15

Nah, cant AGREE on that ... It'll not happen, I am supporting

Comment #16 sounds more like proffesional..

.in is good too , but in a casual way....

Comment #17

It will take a WHILE to catch up with .........

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The difference is in several millions which can't be explained solely on the basis of speculative (.in) regs and related parked pages...

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Maybe there is no single statistic that can give an accuarate picture of an extensions popularity..

Perhaps a number could be calculated from:.

1) no. of registrations 40%.

2) end-user usage 40%.

3) no. of big / heavily advertised sites using the extension as way to measure mindshare 20%..

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"I" feel .in is better than due to .in have broad meaning/usage like, "IN = internet".

"In = cool" "IN = in of in/out", so it's user will not only limited in India..

People in India will think better due to they not aware there is an .in, most big india iPage site using, most people only know

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To me, the definate better one, is the one that will sell!!! I don't care if it's a .in, or a just give me the money!!!.


Comment #22

Exactly ! Well SAID ! As I pointed out...

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Personally .in is my choice. Of course this is a personal opinion. I understand has it's follower's as well as (which might even be bigger than, but they make me feel like I'm paying for sub-domains. That's just the way I feel, of course I'm in the US and have a different opinion on foreign domains. I love .in and .eu but don't like and which are proven valuable HostGator extensions...

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Many big companies do have .in domains... eg , etc..

I prefer .in v/s as it's short and easy to type. But we have seen sell for good prices too...

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