Check: for some great Long Beach, CA views.?

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My question is Check: for some great Long Beach, CA views.? Hoping for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Stumbled across this cowboy job listing posted at scriptlance:.

Some people huh...? I Seriously hope this isnt an NP Member.....

Otherwise he may have just lost his "genius" status..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Oh boohoo......... When people ask for a "clone" on scriptlance they're asking for something with similar features. Type "clone" to see what I mean. There is nothing wrong with what genius is doing...

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Oh sorry, you must know a different definition to the word clone that I do.....

But to be honest, your signature speaks volumes as to your modus operandi and participation in this thread.....

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You and genius must be a couple or something. Follow him wherever he goes, and into whatever thread he's mentioned...

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LOL, not quite. I was searching for "Japanese" to see if there was anything related to the topic and this popped up. Please stop relating me to genius and leave me be..

This is how alot of projects are worded...

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"compadible" LOL. I hope his IDN spelling isn't that bad...

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Every successful venture has been copied and immated. This has happened since day one and through out history. Think if there were only one search engine, or hamburger joint, or web browser ect..

To imitate your idea is not bad. It is not bad to take your idea and build a better mouse trap. This is the way the world works. You in fact have taken somone elses parking idea and you are making it better..

I think the problem is with the word "clone"..

The dictionary word "clone" means To make an identical copy of the orginal..

To most programmers the word "clone" means to replicate with the same functionality. They are probably not going to build an exact identical twin of your website, but I do understand your anxiety!..

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Wouldn't a cloned site, an exact copy, be a copyright infringement (as opposed to TM)?..

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I wouldn't be offended.

Clone is not used in the context you think IMO, on first page smbdy is asking for clone of that to me reads as having same functionality not necessarily same design/layout......

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Clones are rarely able to compete with the originals, AFAIK, I get where you are coming from though..

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Thats exactly right and also why most programmers are smart enough to not resort to such a thing..

Badger, there are cowboys in my family and in this neck of the woods. Good, decent, honest, hardworking people....not sure if I would agree with your choice of words here!..

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A clone may or may not be infringing on copyright..

As long as the clone has sufficient difference (new/old) features compared to the original, and trademark names, catchphrases, etc. are not used, it may escape legal reponsibilities..

This is of course rather risky...

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I know of one case where a iPage site has been copied in it's whole design and this iPage site is being visited by tons of people on a daily basis. The iPage site is and someone in South America copied the whole design and there wasn't much they could do about it since everyone can use their colors or layout..

You can't copyright that, at least that is my understanding. What you can copyright is parts of the source code..

These things happen and there is nothing much you can do about it unfortunately..

If someone would leave out the logo and is not using the same brandname.

And exact code the iPage site would have similar looks and there is nothing much you can do about it..

Interesting subject and something I put on my To Do list to learn a bit more about this..

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Actually anything that you create in terms of design, prose etc is ALL automatically protected by copyright so long as you can prove that you first created it...

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Not anything since you can't claim copyright on color, in this case concerning webdesign..

I could create a HostGator forum as well for instance with the Namepros colors this would give the same look and feel of this forum and there is nothing one could do about this since color usage in this example is free for everyone to choose..

Unless one makes something specific in design i.e. icons, logo, text boxes with top headers and bottoms, etc then you could claim copyright..

But of course with a litle twist it's not the same anymore but it looks that way and claiming copyright is not applicable anymore..

Except for a logo where a little twist would still mean the copied logo is confusingly similar with the original..

Other then that for instance color usage/layout is not applicable for copyright..

There are far more factors to take account with but to state anything in design can be copyrighted is not true...

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I was, of course, referring to the informal definition of Cowboys rather than the literal....

Which I hoped everyone would have understood. Especially seeing as though Literal cowboys (the ones with hats and horses) are not generally known for iPage website piracy....

Anyway, regarding the original post, Genius has sent me an email stating his lack of intention to produce a carbon copy of 1plus and so I guess a misunderstanding is all we have here. Of course, no-one can claim all rights to an idea and I dont have a problem with anyone producing a similar iPage site based upon an idea. Tis only when you read about someone attempting to produce an identical copy of something ive worked hard on do I take umbrage....

Anyway, no harm done. And my two coders and I did smile when we saw the quotes to produce a cloned copy of the iPage site - being that they basically work full time on the project and have done for 2 or 3 months.....

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Paying for and actually implementing are two seperate issues, Badger. I doubt anyone will be approaching your level of dedication with this project..

Of course, Lotus sort of cloned Visicalc, and Excel was sort of a clone of Lotus........ all those who have used the word "Visicalc" in the last six months, raise your hand........ errr, what was I saying?!..

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Microsoft Windows taking Apple's idea for the GUI. (Clone?)..

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I believe Microsoft evaluated and made sufficient changes for Apple to be unable to file a lawsuit..

Its a gray line here, risky, but rewarding..

Sometimes I like to do clones for personal use, because I'm a coder and no designer..

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Yeah, someone's thinking they will have it done in 11 days for $200..

So either Badger's team is really slow.

... or the person that put that quote in is REALLY really good!.

Or just a tad optimistic!..

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It is possible he embarked on such a project before..

11 days to modify the project to suit the current client's needs is more than enough...

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This is all rather pointless without the input of the "accused" himself ? .

Why was his account closed ?

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As far as I'm concerned, the matter is closed - as noted earlier...

But fyi - heres part of a message I received from genius via email..

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Maybe I don't get out of Texas enough, but can you please explain to me what this informal definition of a Cowboy is? I know Namepros is a worldwide community and maybe I am missing out on something. Do people in other countries usually refer to Cowboys in a negative way such as this? Just curious......

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Badger, I just sent an email through the 1plus site, but since you're on here, I'll ask you: do you have plans to implement UTF-8 encoding? I think that is all genius was looking for, and I know I would strongly consider using 1plus as well if this was possible, since I have a decent IDN portfolio...

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Hmmm...Cowboy and Clone.

Both have other meanings. But an account gets closed over one of them..

Or by the posts it appears that way..

Fyi: I do not know or affiliate with genius...

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Lol, I wonder how a Cowboy would define himself. I doubt "irresponsible" would be on the list. Badger, I would add "relentless, tough, honest, responsible, hardworking, and almost as stubborn as his horse.".

Maybe you should just say, "Look, I chose the wrong damn word, sorry!"..

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Other workmen can be cowboys..

Cowboys work hard but cowboy workmen do not..

They can even come in the guise of.





Giving true cowboys a bad name...

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His account was closed for other reasons, and long before this thread was made (thegenius1)...

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Thanks for clearing that up....lets get back to domaining!.

Ps..and no more cowboy (us Texans take umbridge too those kind of remarks!)..

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"My heroes have always been Cowboys... and they still are today.".

Now I can't get that song out of my mind.....

Was it Willie Nelson? Waylon Jennings?..

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Willie Nelson! dagnabit, now I have it in my mind too...thanks db! lol..

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Sheehat.... that reminds me, I'm ready for Cowboys Football..

Going to be an interesting season. Should be fun..

Sorry, thread taken way off topic...

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My God, is this cowboy crap still going on.....

TexasGamer let me make it crystal clear. In my country we have used the word "Cowboy" long before it was ever used in the US. It means a reckless or careless person and is a commonly used term in the UK to depict such a person. There is no connection between our.


Definition of the word and the people from southern US states...

If youve taken offence, then I'm sorry for this... But, before you take issue next time, try and realise that the world doesnt stop outside your front door. This is an international forum and whilst I should have perhaps been more selective in my choice of words, in retrospect, I still think anyone in their right mind would have realised the context in which I was using the word which was not in anyway connected with the cowboy's of texas...

"My Breath Smells Of A Thousand Fags".

Means a whole lot different than it does to me ..... Believe me......

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Since this is a public and International Forum, I think it is a good idea for us to try to be sensitive and respect each others cultures, history and heritage! Have a nice day!..

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It means a reckless or careless person and is a commonly used term in the UK to depict such a person. There is no connection between our original definition of the word and the people from southern US states...

Of course, the meaning of the word cowboy stems from the main association we in europe have, lone riders in the wild west or something of that nature. It has no relation to modern cowboys, who are basically called that because they drive cattle..

So I gather genius was banned for something else, something with spamming was it not ?

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My question may have gotten lost amongst all of the "cowboy" posts, so I'll post it again:.

Badger, I just sent an email through the 1plus site, but since you're on here, I'll ask you: do you have plans to implement UTF-8 encoding? I think that is all genius was looking for, and I know I would strongly consider using 1plus as well if this was possible, since I have a decent IDN portfolio...

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Yes, eventually... a month or two's time... weve just installed ability to use french, german, spanish feeds and change your page title and meta tags etc..

So yes, like I say, it's on the list of "things to do" but weve a few other features planned first..

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2 comments - I run a web dev company and I know these freelance sites have long been home to requests for iPage site copying. The sponsors are usually fly-by-night operators that are unwilling to pay even a fraction of what the iPage site cost to build. If you talk to these folks you'll typically find someone who is really not capable of original thinking. No desire to do something a bit different, just copy someone else's work. These are not good business partners..

Secondly, my company was involved in a forensic kind of effort in helping a company litigate a case that is worth mentioning here. A marketing company they had a falling out with "cloned" their iPage site offering same service and jus rehashed some of the same code. A very careful analysis reveals obvious and compelling evidence that their iPage site had been copied and altered. Both parties were in the same jurisdiction, US, and so it was pursued as a copyright violation..

Cloning people's sites is dangerous because you're dealing with shady folks and because you're assuming a legal liability. Don't be a freakin genius, just come up with something a little different that's your own or try to buy/license/etc...

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No wait!!! Huh???.

It's Mama, don't let your babies grow to be cowboys!!!! Ha, Willie said it, with Waylon!!!.


Frank Stir the pot..

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He could have wrote that he needs a system that can fetch in the RSS and generate pages on fly with adsense integrated according to the client's adsense ID from the database..

He could have also told that he wanted to make it into something like a parking site. And a good developer would have understood it..

And in that scenario I think badger would not have put his hands in this one..

But as they were dirrectly linking to his iPage site and badger saw it. I can understand how it feels. And I totally agree with the idea if badger takes this seriosly. Bcoz after all 1plus is his site..

And he has rights to protect his assets...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.