Checker border for simple restaurant Medifast menu design in MS Excel?

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My question is Checker border for simple restaurant Medifast menu design in MS Excel? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. So next weekend I am heading to Indiana for my sisters wedding and I am stressing. For one my mother is a binge eater and stress eater. My sister is about the same way and they are the type of people that feel the need to guilt other people into eating with them. On top of that they are always eating out. I know I am strong enough to do what I need t do to keep myself on tract and I know I am going to have to buy my Medifast food for the week so that I don't eat there not so good for you food...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Stress comes from not feeling in control and not being able to predict what will happen. You can mitigate these issues by planning for a range of eventualities. You have the advantage of knowing what the problem people in your life are like, and a great tool to keep you from joining in on their binging. Add to it by thinking through in detail the ways you can respond in new and positive ways to old issues. Eating out? Don't stress - there are usually good menu choices. Tuck a RTD protien drink in your bag just in case, smile, and act like it is the most normal thing in the world.

If things get weird, take your.


And a nice walk. Besides, it isn't your wedding, so you won't be the center of attention unless you make yourself so...

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I'm sure you'll do the right thing and make good choices. If you do go out to eat, you can always order a soup, or some type of fish. I find most of the time I end up ordering a shrimp cocktail. Depending on the size I can eat 2 or 3, and I bring the rest home..

Once they see you, they may just surprise you and encourage your weight loss, rather than try to guilt you into eating. If it's the other way, then you need to let them know that you have been through alot to be where you are at right now, and your proud of yourself..

As for the wedding...........have fun, dance (great.


), sip your fluids and enjoy..

Let us know how it goes..


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It may not be my wedding but she is getting married on my wedding ann. So my hubby is in Iraq and I get to spend my ann with her at her wedding lol..

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I think your so aware of what you want for yourself so you will be great! Everyone here gave such good advice, I'm sorry she choose your annivarsary to get married on (odd I think) but it could be a nice reminder to you about how wonderful your own wedding was and a nice way to spend it since your husband is defending our country. Thanks for your familys sacrifice, I.


You have a nice time and keep it together under the eating stress..


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It's not your stress unless you make it so. Personally, that cute little kid looks way too young and maybe stressed out and probably needs a snack and a.


With mom for security. Arrange some time and privacy to keep you both calm and to get yourself recentered. The focus will be on the bride and if you take a little time off, you may not be missed all that much..

Great new family picture by the way.


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