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First off, Computer Problem With Drop-down Medifast menus? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Just having trouble rising above it all. My sister had bypass on Dec. 7th and I had mine on Dec. l4th.

OMG....she is melting away and there is NO ONE ON EARTH more happy for her than "ME".

I am not "melting"! I've lost 25 pounds and have been the same weight for at least 4 weeks. I mean, "what the heck is going on"? Is this it????????? Is the weight loss over? I am just about "postal"!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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OMG........we are kindred spirits! As much as I pride myself on "educating" my own mind before I had.


......I did a poor job of really looking at "weight loss expectations". I mean, I guess because I knew people that had the.


And the fat seemed to melt off of them, I thought that I would have the same experience. I'm just in awe of all the people that talk about NOW that is not their experience. It is so frustrating. I know that the best we can do is to keep on, keeping on, but it is so frustrating when it is at a snails pace!..

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Apparently this is not an uncommon thing. Many people here have reported slow weight loss at first. The advice seems to be just keep following the plan and eventually the scales will tip in your favor...

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First... let me start by reminding you that we didn't get big overnight. Second... we are all different and lose at different speeds... Third.... the more you stress the less you lose.

I was exactly where you are 1 year ago. I was losing at a snails pace... despite following the rules and being good to myself. NOW.. I am almost 14 months out and am down from 358 lbs.

I thought I would never be in onederland, I thought I was doomed! BUT I started setting small goals for myself... get in enough protein, water, and.


... baby steps if you will. Also.. if you are losing slow... check your protein levels... my nut recommended 55-60 grams a day...

Once I increased it to 80... I started losing more quickly. Don't compare yourself to others... it will only make you crazy! OHH and the best advice I ever gave or have been given is to throw out that damn scale! It will only make you crazy in the beginning! :) Smile.. this is your new life...


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Wise, wise, wise, wise, wise, you are so wise. And the wonderful thing about this website is that YOU can share your wisdom with me to give me.


Before I "jump"! LOL.

There is no substitute for someone that has been there giving you advice with the promise that IT WAS ALL WORTH IT IF YOU HANG IN THERE. You are so right about the scales, but I have NO.


And cannot keep myself off of them daily. I have mentioned before that I need to get someone to "host" a "robbery" at my house and come in and steal them. Any volunteers???? LOL.

Thank you so much for your wisdom..

By the are so pretty. Aren't you just so very proud of yourself?.


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Pwebber- hang in there, honeybunch!! I was way upset too when I had my 1st post-op appointment w/ my doc- I had lost 15 lbs. 2 1/2 weeks. I guess I was misinformed, cause the doc said that was normal. yeeshies. I can sympathise w/ wanting to check your weight constantly- in fact, since that first post op weigh-in almost 2 months ago, I havent weighed myself ONCE! seriously, I dont even have a scale at my house. the thing I do instead is, I use a tape measure to measure my forearms, thighs, neck, etc.

And sorry- but I wont set up a 'robbery' to 'steal' your scales. :) just remember- as long as you feel like your losing, thats all that matters!!..

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And kim- that is sooo fantastic, down from 358 to 189 in just 14 months! superduper kudos to you, girlfriend! that was about my starting weight(even tho I'm 5'4'') and seeing that, gives me more.



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Kim's right about the protein. I had plateaued for over a week and I had to get honest with myself. I had been eating crackers 'cause they went down so nicely...then some pretzels...etc., etc. I started.


Everything down again and making sure I ate all of my protein FIRST...then it started falling off again. Have lost 10 pounds since my "plateau" time period about three weeks ago. I don't know how...but protein holds the key!!!..

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I think my 40 lbs came off in 8 weeks since surg by being very obedient to the rules my doc set out for me which included lots of moving....


... protein first and lots and lots of water..

Good luck and please don't be discouraged... we are here for you!.

Terri Ann..

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Be patient. I too had slow weight loss. I would go 3 weeks with nothing and then lose 5 pounds overnight. This continues still after almost 2 years and altogether I have lost 180 pounds!..

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Just having trouble rising above it all. My sister had bypass on Dec. 7th and I had mine on Dec. l4th. Spent time with her yesterday. OMG....she is melting away and there is NO ONE ON EARTH more happy for her than "ME".

I am not "melting"! I've lost 25 pounds and have been the same weight for at least 4 weeks. I mean, "what the heck is going on"? Is this it????????? Is the weight loss over? I am just about "postal"!..

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P huney, you will be a little twinkle soon..

Please dont be upset, anything you loose now is gone for good..

Being so adamant to get on the scales will play havoc with your emotions, dont let plateaus ruin the fun rollercoaster..

For every action their is a re action... whats goes up must come down (after GBS lol).

Any additional excercise like brisk walks etc do not normally show for a week or too..

Having not lost for 5-6 weeks I can really relate to the frustration, dont let it get to you.... look at ways of doing a little more and make it fun...

Never compare yourself... your you after all. Nobody is really compeating in this race were all winners in the end..

Be proud of what you have done to date... We are proud of you...

Now hide the devil scales for a week or two....

Buzz xx..

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I am just finishing up with my psych workshops, we talked about how important protein is. You will not loose if the protein is not there. I am not on the other side yet but.


To be their soon. You guys keep up the fight, the melting will happen. I will be praying for you..


Comment #13

First of all you need to stop comparing yourself to your sister this isn't a race it"s a life long lifestyle change.. and this is JUST the beginning! Good grief you are hardly 2 months into this.. it takes some a year to see substanial weight loss. Calm down, relax and fucus on the big picture... Good lcuk!!!..

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Your body is trying to catch up and you get stuck at a certain point. I had many of these in the past year. Look at the inches that you are losing and you will all of sudden lose a bunch of weight. I just to only weigh once a month when I went to my doctor because I knew I was in this for the rest of my life. Now I refuse to weigh every month because I will decide when I want to know how much weight I have lost or when I want to see how much I weigh. Congrats on your.



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Protein, Protein, Protein, water, water, water. Thats what is doing it for me. It is so frustrating to plateau. Up your.


And protein/water and you will see the results you want, soon enough my dear..

Hang in there!!!!!.



Comment #16


We had our.


On the same day and I have only lost 29 pounds. I went back for my six week checkup and only lost 4 punds iin 4 weeks. I also met with the nutritionist and she said 1-2 lbs per week is the norm..

I am so very frustrated also when I read about people losing 40lbs in 2 months. Everybody is differentWe all excerise on a different rate,eat different and lose differentThey told me to be patient and it will come off. I.


So. Good luck!! Melinda..

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Kims right ! bravo nicely said.... if I start slowing down on weight loss I just add more protien n drink more water lol n add 5 mins to my routine.... but as they say egypt wasnt built n a day lol n it did take me 10 yrs to add this much weight so overall stay optimistic. > ive known many who have had.


N seem to melt away but realistically looking bk .... I didnt c them daily , and it may have even been 6 months between times I saw them.... nothing magically happens and although wls is awesome it is merly a tool ... we actually have to do stuff to lose the wieght > the theory is after a yr of being good n sticking w limits n amounts n excersice when our hunger button kicks bk in weve set a routine that is easy to follow as weve already done it for a yr lol yeah us:O) ~ anywhoo keep your eyes closed to the scale weight only once a month (( a rule I should follow but cant )) and have fun live life n stay positive...

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Thank you everyone for your comments, I too was very disappointed yesterday going to the doctors, it was 10 post.


And I only lost 15 pounds, a coworker lost 50 pounds in two weeks and that upset me knowing I lost only 15, I am having a hard time.

Drinking water.

Now and I loved to drink it before.


, what can I do to get my liquids in. Help..

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