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First off, Could someone please check Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... Some people seem to be following the BuyDomains method of HostGator acquisition, and it's annoying the heck out of me lately. It's one thing to offer below what you think the name is worth...that's to be expected and frankly I wasn't surprised to get an offer of $1,000 for the I just listed on Sedo a few days back...definitely not what it's worth but not a $25 offer either like ol' BD does. I'll respond with reasonable counteroffers to those when I get them..

$75 - $100 on a 2-word generic gambling .net such that the words have over 10,000 OVT and clicks pay out at LEAST $4 each these days is NOT a reasonable offer. WHY even offer that? WHO is going to take that offer? That's an INSULT and will get you NOWHERE! Offer that crap up to people who DON'T know what they're doing, not to people who DO! It's simply amazing that this not only goes on at all, but seems to now go on a LOT. Is dignity just not important anymore?..

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Yep, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can help better...

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Given what they own, I don't think they're a newbie (unless they want to sell me some of their names for what they're asking for mine...yea right!), and if they're looking for a newbie to essentially steal a name from, a place where HostGator values are discussed all the time is the LAST place to look! In fact, given that it says clear as day "High Quality Gambling Names" etc. as the thread title, they should know better than to offer a low-quality price. Like with BuyDomains offering Fonz $25 for his, there is no way to really dignify it..

That's a whole 'nother beast altogether. I think on my last Names Wanted thread, 3 out of about 10 people actually read everything instead of 1 or 2 words. That's probably BETTER than usual...

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As there is no way for anyone to know this, perhaps in your HostGator description area you should note.

"you know what you're doing, so please no low ball offers!".

Might help keep away the annoying low offers, and help your blood pressure at the same time!!..

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Put a "price" or "range" or "minimum considered"....cuts the crap....

If you just put out to offers....laugh it off....

When I solicit blind offers I usually try to politely let people know that I have declined offers of $$$...but thanks anyway.....

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I've had the same issue recently with offers on sedo and typically respond with a counter offer of $45,000... my way of saying "go f yourself"..

I disagree about the noob suggestion. I believe these offers are from experienced douche-bags looking to roll an inexperienced seller...

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"experienced douche-bags".

Is that the technical term? I dont low low ball people but I will make a low offer usually, mostly because I dont know what the BIN is. I dont like the people who dont respond at all to offers. Counter me $1,000,000 for all I care, just make some sort of response...

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On the flip side of the argument: I offer $100 for a very niche .info with 29 OVT. They counter with $300,000. OK, so I go to the max I'm willing to pay - way above it's intrinsic value - $500. They counter with $299,990. There's a noob with a name that will never sell..

I've lowballed people and have had the offer accepted, then turned the name around for 10 x what I paid. Who knows, maybe they needed cash and were low on offers. But I respect people giving me the $1mm counter to say "no thanks". Sometimes it's worth a shot. And if you have good names, good offers will come along eventually too. I have a city .info that a real estate agent emailed me to buy but offered $15.

They scoffed and I still own it. No big deal...

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Yea, that's always fun, though at least there can always be the excuse that they weren't intending to sell it because it was slated for development or something (even though you would probably prefer they said they weren't selling). Wasting someone's time with an offer that even the inexperienced would consider pretty weak is just that, wasting time..

Like I said in the thread about BD offering $25 for LLL.coms, if they offered $1,000 instead, I bet they'd get at least 5 times more's, and if they sold them all for even just $3,000 apiece, they would be making over 3 times as much money as they would offering people $25 for them, and it wouldn't be nearly as much of a sacrifice in dignity. At the least, a REASONABLE low offer wouldn't screw one's chances to get the name. Someone trying to lowball me beyond comprehension on a name doesn't deserve negotiation to purchase the name...

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What really is a HostGator worthy of x,xxx ????.

I just found these listed for sale at BuyDomains, if these guys can be so wrong at pricing what chance has the average newbie like me got of getting it spot on ? (and I've spent many dozens of hours checking what domains have previously sold for). — for $322,000.00. — for $317,000.00.

Has there EVER BEEN a similar HostGator selling for anywhere near this ?? I sure as hell have never come accross one so far..

Or do they just know something we all don't ??.

.....nah !.


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I think some HostGator offers right over here by NP members are pathetic as well..

Seriously, 1 NP for any HostGator (thats just a cent) is low ball, even for the most worthless of domains...

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