Differences on the Medifast menu and screen options of Nikon D3100 and Canon T1i?

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First question I got is Differences on the Medifast menu and screen options of Nikon D3100 and Canon T1i? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Okay, this morning I put some chopped salsa in my soft scrambled eggs. Bad Idea (I'm 3 weeks out tomorrow). I felt like a steel band was tightened just around my chest, with pain center of front and back. About two hours later I threw up a little and felt sweaty around my face.

I had a protein shake 3 hours later with no problem, but I just had a few nibbles of tuna and the steel band is back..

Question: Do you go back to a.

Liquid diet.

After dumping? For how long?.

I know it's going to be a long time before I try salsa again..



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I've been eating scrambled eggbeaters for a week, this was the first try at salsa..

I had 1 1/2 oz of tuna two days ago no problems..

I guess we're all different..


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I was still on liquids and soft foods at 3 weeks. I know each program /doctor is different, but it would seem to me that it's a bit early for those things..

I am 10 1/2 months post op and have had eggs 3 times. The first time I just felt "sick " never did throw up. Waited months, tried one egg, scrambled with a little cheese at around 5 months...ate about half and felt that sick feeling coming back. Had my third egg last for some of us, staying away from a Medifast food may help LATER if you try it again then. Then again, some don't have any trouble with eggs..

Tuna is not a problems for me, but I didn't start eating that until I was into my 3rd month...

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I'm almost 2 months out and have been doing eggs and Tuna since about the 4rth week, I have had no problem with either, my doc did say if I do have a dumping problem then go back to soft or liquid depending on where you are, for a day or 2 to let your pouch rest and then pick up trying new foods one at a time again..


This helps, and everyone is really different, good luck :).


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I was on liquids or pureed foods for 6 weeks after.


...every dr. is different, for sure...

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I know there are a lot of differences between programs, but mine told us to go on clear liquids for at least 24 hours after throwing up (lets the pouch settle down)..


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I have had dumping syndrome twice now and have found that the next day I have a hard time getting any Medifast food down without the tightening in the chest, so I go to a clear.

Liquid diet.

From the time of the dumping through the next day. Warm chicken broth seems to sooth my pouch the most. That seems to do it for me..

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I thought dumping only came on from sugars so I"m confused how people are dumping from tuna or eggs. Can someone explain this to me - I'm 3 wks out and would love to understand to be on the look out for my own experience...

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It sounds like what you are seeing happen is not dumping, but more just Medifast food getting stuck..

Dumping is more of an intestinal thing... usually from carbs/sugars/fats and it can cause sweats, racing heart, etc.. but also typically followed up by gas, bloating, even diarrhea..

If you're that close out and pleb said, can do tuna if it's puree'd, that's not dumping, that's getting stuck..

Carbs can also cause your blood sugars to spike, causing light dizziness, hot flashes, etc... (maybe a sort of mini-dump, but without the intestinal issue). For me getting some protein down is the best thing..

It doesn't "fix" the sugar (remember, your body turns simple carbs in to "sugar") rush, only time can do that really), but getting the protein in can help prevent a crash as you come off the sugar high..

Other issues, like someone talked about not being able to eat eggs is just changes in your body... there may be things that you body just doesn't like to deal with... and that can change from month to month or even week to week...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.