Do animated avatars effect my data transfer rate with my iPage site?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Do animated avatars effect my data transfer rate with my iPage site? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Is it worth buying and parking HostGator names which derive from search terms that only return a count of around 2000 and lower?.

For example, would it be worth buying the HostGator name "" (with a search count of around 2000)?.

Do many people enter search terms as a .com in the address bar? (like / etc...)..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I rarely if ever bother with the ext when entering the search term unless it's a HostGator I already know exists. To me, entering the search term with the ext limits the scope of my search and may needlessly hinder what I'm looking for in the first place...

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Thanks for your response. I have been searching all day from a huge range of subjects, but it seems that nearly every single high overture search term (anything over about 5000) is taken! Kind of annoying really. Too many greedy people out there lol...

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Well, with truly high OVT keywords, the extension may not matter as much if you're willing to brand and/or develop for exposure.. consider ext other than .com...

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High ovt keyword combos have worked best for me..

Prior to me buying this way, my earnings parked were like $4.18 per mo =NO JOKE=.

Now with combos and ovt combinations my earning are $300-$1400 per mo. There were days last month that I earned well over $100 parked...

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Do you have any examples of your more successful names? What kind of OVT did they have when you bought them? Are we thinking more like 100k+? Did you get the name/s at regfee or did you have to pay a little extra?..

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No problem, dont want to violate tos terms however. I can pm you list and show you some screenshot with actual rev., however..

One of my faves is Home Colon Cleansing and property for rent. Those 2 alone earn me.

40-60 per mo. Spectacular ovt...NOT. Nicheworthy?...YES....Targeted? YES..

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I have an .AT HostGator with OVT at 6 million + (w/o ext) ... bought at reg fee...

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A PM would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Do you earn much revenue from a .AT domain? Is it google listed or does it receive natural type-in traffic? 6 million sounds pretty impressive!..

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You know, I haven't even bothered with it yet!.


My intention was/is to develop it and haven't gotten around to it yet...

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Even with Ovt. less than 100 (without ext.!) you can get way above 100 uniques daily even, the trick is, many people dont know what exactly they are trying to find. My example is:.

Ryugyong Hotel - Ovt. 233, developed it, got featured by Wikipedia, then by some other pages, were days with over 2000 uniques (.

), high OVT is a very nice thing, especially with ext., but one can have luck without it as well...

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Good stuff tetrapak. Let bump heads and exchange tips sometime...

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Great Thread I think, i've never really understood how best to read overture when thinking about buying domains so it's good to see how some of you guys do it..

Is it really possible to Reg names with high overture or are they all taken?.

Obviously overture is changing all the time so when a new trend pops up then is that the time to go looking for domains is that area..

Im still not sure of best strategy on buying domains, at 1st I really tried to buy domains which I felt were brandable but as they had no real overture then I dont get much traffic on any of them yet (until I develop & get some backlinks).

Anyone else who can share wisdom on buying domains with overture or strategy that has worked then id be really interested in reading..

Thanks Guys, great help to an inexperienced domainer..


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That isn't luck or a parked domain, that's a nicely developed mini-site in a specific niche. They will always do well, keyword being "nicely developed"...

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Specific niches is highly profitable. A HostGator like is more valuable to me than say I know which one I'll have less competition for keywords, which one will give me more leverage to play with an experiment if needed..

By the way had a nice parking receipt in the mail today...Thanks Sedo...

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I agree.. I see more value in the long term for niche domains as well....

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