Do carnival cruises reuse the same Medifast menu cruise after cruise, year after year?

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Quick question: Do carnival cruises reuse the same Medifast menu cruise after cruise, year after year? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... Ok, there are many people here and other places that say you SHOULDN'T or SHOULD snack between meals. I'm confused I guess. Is it ok to snack as long as it's protein based and good for you? I feel hungry between meals. I'm 9 months out, but I've felt this way for a while..

What is the point of NOT snacking between meals? And...if you DON'T snack, how do you get your protein in?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I was told breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack by my team. Of course healthy snacks, like a yogurt, stringcheese, fruit, etc...

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My surgeon has me eating six time a day. Snacking is healthy as long as you don't overdue it and eat healthy. For me eating six times a day curbs the hunger and has been really helpful in maintaining the weight loss. I am two years out. I do protein shake at breakfast, yogurt at 10:00, lunch at noon, fruit at 3:00, dinner at 6:00, and generally graham crackers and peanut butter (measure it!!!) at bedtime. I keep it 1000 calores per instructions by my team..


This helps...

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For the people that snack how do you get all your liquids in if you have to wait 30 minutes before and at least 30 minutes after each meal/snack?..

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I am only 4 weeks out but I have noticed if I wait till my meals, I am eating SO little at my meals anyways that I can't get in close to enough protein.... And I am vowing to not HAVE to drink protein crap it all makes me want to vomit. SO I have started eating about every 3 hours, my meals and snacks are almost the same size... I can really only eat 4-5 bites of just about anything, eating a whole cheese stick is a struggle for me so I am working on it. So thats about 6 times in my day. I probably have accomplished 4-5 each day...

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I have to have snacks. I never had diabetes, but if I don't have something every few hours my blood sugar drops and I start feeling sick and don't want to eat. I would talk it over with the nutritionist and get their opinion...

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I was told by my nutritionist to have 5-6 small meals a day, eating every 2 hours or so. I try to make sure it is something with protein (yogurt, slice of chicken deli meat, cheese stick, etc.)..

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Ideally , I think the idea of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and done is good. But , I was like crystalk1, in that the amounts I ate, up until the last couple months , at a meal, weren't much different than what I ate for a snack. Just couldn't manage more than an ounce or two of protein at a time..

Since we are all "corrected" different amounts, it's hard to have one answer here, but generally, it's the concept of grazing, and eating empty or high carb/fat foods, that has been an issue for us previously, and one we don't want to continue or start up again post.



Choosing a protein based snack, as many have said, is key too. Doesn't take long to add up simple carbs and calories and lbs..


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Shelly, I drink a protein shake as 1 or 2 of my snacks. Here is how I typically break my meals down..

8a - breakfast - protein shake.

10a - greek yogurt.

12p - lunch - fish, chicken, etc.. protein.

2-3p - protein shake.

6-7p - dinner - something with protein.

Maybe a snack, but usually not..

In a typical day I consume 90-100g of protein, per my nutritionist's advice, and try to keep my calorie count between 800 - 1000...

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For pre-bies like me, practicing all this stuff for a few months before.


Is related to quicker stabilization. Make a schedule. It helps a lot of people, making changes and tweaking it until it is comfortable. Also helps your nutritionist track for any problem areas. My doc said forget all the fancy tracking stuff and get a little top spiral notebook and write: time/ input/ liquid or solid. A little code system makes it relatively easy... Definitely a good idea for post surg, I would think...

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Ok, there are many people here and other places that say you SHOULDN'T or SHOULD snack between meals. I'm confused I guess. Is it ok to snack as long as it's protein based and good for you? I feel hungry between meals. I'm 9 months out, but I've felt this way for a while..

What is the point of NOT snacking between meals? And...if you DON'T snack, how do you get your protein in?..

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Absolutely keep a journal. I keep track of my liquid daily, protein levels, calories.. I have a nifty little program on my Palm Pre called Absolute Fitness that allows me to track all of these and a ton more.. definitely get into the habit of keeping track of everything...

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Thanks everyone. I do snack, but one of the postings here had a link to someone who was more than a year post op and it said not to snack between meals. I just don't think it's possible for me. I wish I was one of the "lucky" ones who don't feel

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I don't eat between mealsi have my protein shake at breakfastthen at lunch have to force myself to have a stick of cheese or half a yogurt. then supper a protein shake with fruit in itwater during the daymost mushed stuff I only get 3 table spoons in so shakes are betteri am 7 weeks out ...

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I eat high-protein snacks like yogurt, protein bars, or low-fat string cheese..

Has great hot chocolate, bars, and other snacks that are made for GBS patients...

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I only do the three meals a day - that is what I had to do before.


Too so that had made it easier. My blood sugar is too hard to control if I eat snacks, my body doesn't seem to respond well to it. This is in keeping with my nut so works for me...

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Under the.


Experience, everyone's metabolism is different. I have to eat six meals or I will binge all night. This may well change after.


What other people do has nothing to do with what another should. Like religion is between you and your (concept of) God, your plan is between you and your Dr/ Nutritionist. Keep records of your food, your hunger and moods. The pattern will emerge!..

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Ok... let me start by saying that everyone's posts are fantastic, and giving samples and opinions are great... but ultimately at the end of the day, we have to do what works for us.... Now, that said, people that binge eat or that over eat will justify snacking and grazing, because it is a comfort thing, and we as humans rationalize! I was sticking to the 3 meals a day thing, and I was starving allllll the time! I was 13 months out and still eating 4 oz at a meal! I called my nut and she told me that for the amount of weight I have lost, and the amount I was exercising, I was not getting enough calories, and I truly was starving myself. I had to chuckle at that response! For the first time in my life, I was told to EAT MORE! I increased the portion sizes at my meals and added 2 snacks a day (healthy and protein based) and it has helped with the late night binge eating and the hunger. There is no perfect method for this journey, and we all have to listen to our bodies.


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I totally agree with Kimmie, for the most part! EVERY TEAM is different and has different rules. I've said this many times, I am a Kaiser patient and they are absolute in that they do not want us to "snack" between meals and they don't like us to get our protein from protein shakes. For the most part I do TRY to follow their rules but there are times when I just can't get breakfast in and I resort to a protein shake. In fact right now I'm having a "hot chocolate" protein shake and let me tell you it is sooooo yummy! I was.


And hadn't gotten all my protein in today so a hot chocolate fit the bill! I think to be successful we have to listen to our own team, and then make it "work" for us by tweaking a little here and there. BUT that being said we have to also use common sense and not get back into our old bad habits, our teams have these rules for a reason. They know all our bad habits and this is what this.


"tool" is all about, changing our bad habits into good habits and choices, so I think as long as we.

Stay away.

From "jusifying" things and just "tweak" our plans with our teams/nutr approval we will all do fine!..

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I sometimes grab the wrong thing to snack on at work...I have been trying to make sure I have nuts, cheese or other good proteins available so I'm not tempted by the crackers and pretzels in the vending machines. Snacking is a slippery slope for meas I have a desk job and sit all day. The old bad habit was to sit and graze!!! I know try to walk on my breaks so I'm not sitting here thinking about is all about the right choicesand what Kimmie said is so true, I still think one of the reasons I'm at a standstill with my weight loss is because I'm not eating enough (like she saidhow crazy is it that we can say that???) I don't find myself hungrybut the boredom hunger kicks in!!! :).


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I am on an 8 week plateau and it's all down to snacking... I have to change otherwise whats the point....??? What am I doing....

Stress, boredom it's all the cause of snacking for me.... please try not too, look at foods that will forfill you for longer, but please dont snack if you can help it.....

Thats me done love you.

Buzz xxx..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.